Your words are a small part of your story – important for telling it, but a small part indeed.  Beneath the ripples of your words is a vast ocean of intent.  It contains the shells of the past discarded and disregarded, but yet still contained within.  The past and the present are one within your vibration, what ‘words’ does your past speak?  Does it tell a story of fear suppressing or does it tell a story of fear transformed into wisdom?  Do you speak of it with salt in the wound or do you speak solution into your powerful now?  It’s not just the words, though they do matter.  Yet the ocean underneath is vaster than any wave.  Your ocean of intent, your unseen vibration, is the whole story.   

Your subconscious mind is the ocean that contains your intent, it then speaks to you through your emotions.  Have you noticed that when you see a person who reminds you of another, your feelings stir from the container of the past?  If you have a good memory, positive emotions stir for a stranger.  Your subconscious mind contains the information of the facial patterns and all the experiences with that person of the past, and your feelings (information) are triggered into your conscious mind, into your present moment.  Awareness has intervened and pulled information from your subconscious mind.  Immediately you have feelings that show you what resides in the ocean of you.  What shell is contained within?  Joy at seeing this shadow of the past?  Regret?  Resentment?  Tell it like it is, for here is your doorway to the vast ocean within.  Don’t negate your true feelings, let them speak truth to you.  Their flow in another direction is for you to navigate.

It can seem as if emotions don’t matter, for matter is so solid and emotions are so nebulous.  We are aware that they can hurt or feel good, but humanity is only beginning to come into the awareness of the true connection of emotions.  They are subtle in form, informing life, and forming your future.  The subtle vibrational emanation of joy emits information into your auric field, into the energy field of earth and attracts like vibration.  It is the same process of taking a step forward and your body is moved.  You have moved energy in a direction.  The effect of joy is invisible in the moment, the effect of the step is visible.  It’s easy to track the cause and effect of, “I take a step and my body moves forward.”  However, it requires focus on the invisible, on the vast depths, to track the cause and effect of, “I emanate supportive thoughts and feelings and…” Yet as you tell the story of the positive effect, you are causing it.  As you view the past as the beneficial cause, you are effecting your present and your future.

Look at your emotions (the motion of your ocean!), honor them as they are and find the perspective of Love that nurtures your future.  This is Telling It Like It Is Love, not telling it like it was.  This is Telling It Like It has helped you grow, not avoiding pain.  This is Telling It Like It Is part of the solution, not part of the problem.  This is Telling the whole story, not just the visible part.  This is honoring the unseen power of Love.  It is the truth of 5th dimensional living.  Everything is connected – through the invisible.  Your past has invisible connections to your present and your future.  Observe and Love your present, accept and appreciate your past, choose and change your future.

As we sit to Blast Telling It Like It Is, we are choosing our words wisely after examining our intent clearly.  We are foreseeing the future of Love with the presence of our Knowing minds.  We are weaving the story of Life with Love through forgiveness, empowerment and new solution.  We are excited about the future, grateful for the past and presently aware of Love’s influence.  The flow of Life is boundless and free in the vast space of our loving hearts.  We are loudly loving in the silence of Knowing, seeing change as the benevolent gift it is.  Blast on!

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