Sweet Blessed Being, you have within the information around you, the core truths of your experience.  You have written them, remembered them, forgotten them and are rewriting them.  You are created in the image of God because that is what a Creator does, create within the scope of creation itself, expanding.  That is you.  You see this truth in the stars around you, for you are elementally same though your form and function are different.  You see this truth within the reactions around you for you respond with gravity and resistance, shaping movement.  You see around you Life in all forms; from other people, to animals, to plants, to planets and you assume the separation to be real.  And it is.  What is real?  What is true to you and your biological creative mechanism is real.  The now moment is ‘real.’  Your biomechanism touches form, sees form and it becomes real.  You think form and it also becomes real, as when you think the past or future, your body has a chemical response.  What has been forgotten is the forming.  What has been forgotten is the formless form.  The Asking For Answers begins again.  And you create anew.

Separation in your human form, on your earth plane is real, for it is real to this plane of form.  You know there is more to the story – the unity, but you must connect through the separation that is real to your form.  Asking begins inside the self.  There is an observance of the outer, an unknown or ‘disconnect’ on the inner and the connection, the Answer is sought.  The question?  It is you, Creator, connecting the separation.  How deep is your willingness to connect?  Surrender the question to the depths of your core, and your truth responds.  Surrender your truth to the core of Life and the yet unknown, invisible truth responds.  The truth beyond what is known.  The surrender is the Asking, Answer yet unknown.  How often do you Ask, expecting that you already know the answer?  In these instances, you do not fully Ask, nor do you fully open to the Answer.  You merely challenge Life to meet you in the same place.  Your surrender, your openness is part of connecting to the invisible, the unknown, the Answer.  That is moving beyond the circle, spiraling to ever greater expansion.

Connection, or Answer, or form, is invisible at first.  It is unknown.  Its infinitesimal form speaks to the particles in you that are congruent with its size.  It speaks with your emotions, for they are as minute in form and vast in function as the answer itself.  It speaks to your thoughts, standing just outside the reach of what has already been.  As you open the heart and mind, you expand into new answers.  You create new solution.  You expand Life into brilliant Love.

As we sit to Blast Asking for Answers, we are aligning our hearts with the pulse of the universe, racing to the passion of creation and the stillness of embrace.  We are freeing our minds of the burdens of the past and opening to the presence of mind that connects Self with Source.  We are reaching beyond the moment into the form of the future as it spins into the catalyst of our Light.  We are the bright beacons of remembrance that uphold grace in the reflection of humanity learning to thrive.  We are the future in the now, evolving past into present creativity, realizing the beauty in the challenges and delights, as we shine ever brighter in Love.  Blast on!

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