Truth is relative and ever changing.  Truth is true from a perspective.  Your perspective changes along with you.  What you believed to be true in childhood does not remain true to you throughout your life.  Truth can seem one way with near vision and another with the vast perspective that distance provides.  Your clarity depends upon your ability to encompass both spectrums into your understanding and allow Truth to morph and move along with you.  As you become clear on the vague truths you stashed away into your subconscious mind, you reveal a clarity that permeates your past and future with your current wisdom of Love.

Your perspective is unique to you.  Though you may find agreement with others, there is only you within the Self.  Your unique Self is an aspect of The One and here you see the beauty of compassion, the power of empathy and the strength of vulnerability.  Your perspective is exclusive and so valuable to the expanding universe that each view point is cherished as you realize (real eyes) that you are grace in form and forming grace with every breath.  The truth of peace becomes exciting.  The truth of joy becomes momentary.  The truth of anger becomes empowerment.  The truth of freedom becomes new limitations to perceive past.  (wow!).  The truth of you becomes so vast that this universe is a mere dot in the Wholeness of You.  Truth, blessed being, is yours to reign in, yours to rearrange and yours to release.  What truth inspires you?  What truth feels so good that it inspires you to growth?  What earthly truth hurts so much that it inspires you to a new Divine path?  What truth about YourSelf do you share or hide?

Truth is valuable because it provides a framework and this framework is your structure upon which to build your life.  Allow it to grow along with you and you find a foundation that supports such Life that structure provides new freedom.  Truth is for you.  (in truth, of you, for you, by you and with you) Truth has no need to hold back your Divine creative nature.  It is merely a perspective, a dimensional containment that is meant to be moved past as your ability allows.  Seek the perspective that suits you and set upon your journey of transformation.  Your empowerment is revealed.

As we sit to Blast Revealing Truth, we are recognizing that nothing was really hidden when we choose to see a new way.  We are remembering that our vision is within and the reflection of Light creates what is outside of us.  We are allowing our focus to direct our energy to a new path, enjoying the experiences along the way.  We are strengthening with the risk of vulnerability to grow.  We are renewed within the Truth of our Love, as we see Life reflecting the Divinity in All.  Blast on!

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