It is easy to perceive or feel that life should be a different way.  It is one facet of the grand paradox of Life.  All is Well in this moment, yet all is changing in this moment.  If all is well, why is there change?  In these moments of paradox, you find new space.  When there is no definitive answer or direction, there is the void of potential.  Here you release your definitions and you find your dispersed, subtle nature that has not one answer, but multiple perspectives of Truth.  It is the way of Truth, it changes with you.  Within paradox, your truth expands; first undefined, then refined, then released again for the next wave of expansion.  This expansion is a result of you releasing your preconceived notions and definitions, opening your heart and mind and finding your new, expanded Self in the quiet moment of paradox.  The noise is the internal and external chatter that tries to define or hold stagnant the inevitable expansion.
To release the noise, you find the Self within the collective symphony of Life.  The two are not separate, and yet you are in a separate body having unique feelings, thoughts and experiences.  You are the instrument of Life and you are capable of utilizing the power of your heart and mind to release that which disturbs your empowered quiet.  There is no disturbance that is more powerful than you, even if it has domain for a moment.  You are capable of finding your path to empowerment, be it focus on the breath, a walk in nature or interaction with a loved one.  There are innumerable ways to connect with the self, and even at times to disconnect with the chatter around you.  There is yet another paradox.  How do you connect and disconnect at the same time?  No matter what the noise, there is quiet underneath.  As you seek it, like the treasure hunt that it is, your new Truth is revealed in the silence of discovery.

As we sit to Blast Releasing the Noise, we are going within to reach the outer expanse, universal in our pursuit of happiness.  We remember the One and the many are Truth, occupying the same space.  We are letting go and reaching in, for the Truth is out there within.  We are opposite and same, depending on the perspective, for All Truth is as relative as we are.  Blast on!

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