I Am That I Am.  Truth.  It transcends right or wrong, it begets choice.  Choice is freedom in every moment.  This resides within you.  Being your Truth is honoring your uniqueness, the breath of Life instilled within you.  You are sacred, beloved, revered and special; as is All Life.  You are the Truth of Life.  You may disagree with the truth of another, yet their truth is valid for them.  To expand, one must embrace all facets of Life while choosing experience for oneself.  It is the paradox of The One.  You are One, both a sovereign, separate being in a physical body with an identity and a united being that is one with All Life, all time, All.  Embrace it All and become Whole.  Lean into that which you resist and allow.  Allow it to Be.  Allow your resistance to Be.  The mystery unfolds within you as to the perfection, the Truth, of All things – the subtle, the formed, the fractal, the whole.  Be it All.
To walk the mundance (typo’d that again!) with sacred view is Being.  Being is a state of connection, a state of awareness and as all life, can not be fully separated.  You can compare it to ‘doing’ from a state of disconnection, but you can not separate it from ‘doing,’ for it is ‘doing’ with connection and awareness.  The mundane becomes the mundance, a creative flow of movement of the body – living Life.  Whether one sits in deep meditation and the subtle body dances, or one gardens or cleans house and the physical body dances; the Truth of ‘doing’ is deep.  Let Life fascinate you and you are Being a sacred Truth.  You recognize the awareness in all things, even the beauty of greed has a poignancy to one that is deeply in Love with Life and embracing the potential of connection that the separation of greed ignites.  Are you that beacon of Love, the powerful Tiny Tim that holds redemption in your heart and emits it through your very Being of the Truth of Love?  You, blessed Being, are alchemy in form.  You take it with you every where you go – to work, to church, to a rock concert, to yoga, to the grocery store – everywhere, every moment.  You need not broadcast it with your words, for it is transmitted in all it’s Truth from your very Being.  Words are not always a match with the truth of vibration.  This often tests the patience of those seeking results that ‘doing’ produces!

As we sit to Blast Being Truth, we are honoring the natural flow of Love as the vehicle of change that it is.  We are strong in our unique essence, diverse in our collective connection with All Life.  We are sure of ourselves, open to others and patient with the pace of creation.  We are excited, peaceful and deeply in Love with Life, for all facets are the sacred elixir that feed progress.  We are the blessing and the blessed, recognizing the spark of Love in all we meet.  Blast on!

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