Life is always calling each being to an improved experience.  As you observe, at times it is obvious, though at a slightly different angle, it seems destructive or harsh.  In these times of great change, when your empowerment is beckoning you to a creative flow, what do you see?  Have you noticed that even through pain or challenge, the potential is loving improvement?  That improvement sometimes requires the courage of forgiveness or risk of rejection.  Typically you must stand up, step forward and embrace your improvement.  When you do, you begin to realize the truth that forgiveness is easier than the consequence of holding onto pain.  You realize that the risk of rejection is an illusion of a finality that does not exist.  You realize that you are capable beyond measure and supported in ways undetected by the human eye.  Most do not know the value of the unseen energy flow that choice brings.  That is empowerment.  It flows through you.

There isn’t a formula that works for every situation.  You assess and choose each time.  Each triumph and each challenge strengthens your ability to discern and choose.   It strengthens your ability to let go or hold on as appropriate for your benefit.  It strengthens your ability to foresee the new – what rests in potential.  The Available Resources are your stepping stones to that empowerment and improvement.  Your empowerment brings the improvement that benefits All Life.  It manifests through you.

Life is meant to be joyful.  In all of nature there is a beauty.  The stark desert, the crashing storm or the gentle breeze of spring each have a unique and powerful splendor.  What is available in each of these is for the observer and chooser to discover.  In the desert you attain a skill of preparation and planning prior to action.  In the storm you increase your ability to respond quickly or retreat.  In the breeze of spring you practice receiving the grace of rest and enjoyment.  All of these actions can be states of being when you allow the flow of Life to enliven and expand your experience of Life.  Your Available Resources are within as you receive the support of the structure of Life.  Breathe in the quick storm of oxygen readily available, plan the sharing of food sustainment and savor the refreshment of the waters that nourish and cleanse.   The resourceful one embraces the unseen flow and manifests it into Life – enjoyed and improved.

As we sit to Blast Available Resources, we are rejoicing in the beauty of all aspects of life and glorifying the integration of Love into all experience.  We are strengthening our inner ability and appreciating the outer challenge of expansion.  We are allowing and directing, strong enough to open to the new and wise enough to honor the unknown.  We are following our connective heart that Knows All is Well, and electrifying the brilliant mind that Knows All is changing.  We are open, receiving the genius of Life and manifesting the new Light of being human.  Blast on!

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