Is there any better way to release than with joy? Well, people release in harsh ways often, but we do have a choice. It gets easier and easier. I see a pattern with the LightBlasts forming over these next few months. Since October I have been seeing the energy overviews through April. It has been shown to me that March will become a time of movement and April continuing to bring pathways and manifestations into form and progress. I haven’t seen anything beyond that, which isn’t scary, it just tells me that we are in such a time of forming and preparing that what follows depends on our focus in these times. February was definitely a marked time of healing and clearing as we continued integrating the powerful surges of the eclipse series and some other energies that have been percolating within and astrologically for many months. Ascension symptoms abounded.
These energies are preparing and calling forth our Mastery. I say preparing because to a certain extent you are subject to the tides of collective earthly life, I say calling forth because these tides only ever assist your choice toward new creation, it is you that chooses and then participates in your choice. The pattern that I see forming in the LightBlasts is one of focus and release, focus and release. This is actually nothing new to us, it is the process of ascension. Energies surge, the body adjusts – it’s getting easier to handle in some ways and yet it is greatly increased in speed and intensity.
The most important factor in these times is your Flow. Is your heart open so that Love Flows in your life, is your mind clear and calm enough to allow change to form from the unseen to the seen, is your physical body supported enough to handle these upgrades –resting when you need rest, doing when you have energy and inspiration, eating healthier, drinking water and exercising? You need not have perfection in all things, this is a process.
Look for stringencies in your mind that don’t allow transformation. For instance, thoughts about how wrong it was that you got upset at someone, or how bad that you didn’t have the will power to eat a healthy meal this time, or fear about how you’re going to support yourself financially over time because you’re currently at a limiting job. Thoughts that don’t allow progress towards improvement are out of alignment with the natural quantum laws of the earth. F.O.C.U.S. yourself as soon as you can (Forced Outlook Creating Unlimited Success – don’t resist The Force!). If you’re feeling scared or dejected, acknowledge that. You get to feel that way. Are you going to let a moment in time hold sway over your future, or are you going to find the thread of progress that the Universe not only extends to you unconditionally, but that was built into All Creation? When you realize there is nothing that you have ever done to deserve limiting Flow, you eventually realize nor has anyone else. That person that wronged you or many, that situation that doesn’t seem fair because of disease, death or injustice – Forgiveness is not only available unconditionally from your Source perspective, but serves you physically and emotionally in your life. Forgive and Forget. Move forward and create better with the lessons learned of the past, not continuing to mourn forever and fear that which is no more. Freedom. That is what we are creating. Sometimes you have to F.O.C.U.S on it.
Releasing with Joy. Fabulous. Ultimately in life, does it really matter if release comes in the form of orgasm or vomiting? There really is a season for all things and when you’re nauseous, only vomiting will help! Embrace it all, for you can handle it, you can heal it, you can herald a new world with your continued focus on All Is Well.
It’s not denial, it’s perspective. It’s the perspective of I can handle anything and focus towards improvement. It’s the perspective of change for the better is forthcoming, even though I don’t see it right now. It’s the perspective of the time for appropriate action will be recognized because I am in alignment with the Flow of Good. I release that which blocks my flow – rocks of fear, anger, disappointment that I previously housed in my River of Life.
How to Release with Joy in day to day life? Find the perspective of Forgiveness (Source perspective) that opens your heart. Find the perspective of Forgetting that frees your mind. Find the perspective of Fun that moves you to action. Find the perspective of Freedom Within that becomes far more important than ‘justice’ or ‘I must have it now.’ What is just is your Divinity shining forth into your world so brightly that flowers turn toward your Light, the power of the Sun’s sustenance so bright within your heart that the world blooms anew.
As we sit to Blast Release With Joy, we are releasing past pain that kept us lethargic and afraid. We are Allowing Joy to nurture us to grander heights. We are remembering that a perspective of Freedom is available, just waiting quietly for our attention. We are accepting all that has come before as a beautiful gift of learning, appreciative of the lesson and proud of our strength. We are following the joy of our heart’s flow instead of limited supply and demand. We are teaching our mind to focus toward the Flow of Good that the world naturally builds one atom at a time. We are understanding our sovereignty as the Power of our Love to create the new world one flow-er at a time! Blast on!

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