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Introducing an In-depth Study of Light Language

Opening to Light Language Book by Jamye PriceHumanity is changing. Intuition and spiritual growth are escalating within many. Light Language is a natural part of this evolution, though it is such a different type of communication that it is often misunderstood.

It represents an advancement into heart-centered, conceptual and connective language that elevates you through healing, and activates deep cellular knowledge about the innate flow of Love within you.

Light Language opens you to communication and connection with the Divine, helping you to anchor powerful healing, profound advancement, and an expansion of the human experience into Divine Human Being.

In Opening to Light Language, Jamye takes readers through the newest scientific theories that are beginning to substantiate humanity’s connection to the subtle realms. She details the impact of Light Language with your multidimensional nature.

As the book takes a deeper dive into the esoteric details of Light Language, you are offered an opportunity to begin to open your own ability to channel the Language of Light.

Jamye’s connection and courage that grew from Light Language has changed her life in magical ways. Will it change your life, too?

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“Finally – a demystification of channeling! Jamye Price has pegged it! A person who is in channel is simply a person who has expanded consciousness. Within that expansion is art, music, sculpture… and an elegant “Light Language.” Opening to Light Language is a full explanation of how we can open up to our spiritual nature, and let go of old paradigms that say it can’t be happening. This truly is the next step, and a new piece of a profound multi-dimensional puzzle, which Kryon has predicted would be taught in the new energy past 2012. Congratulations Jamye, for being in the right place at the right time with this book!”

Lee Carroll Ph.D, original Channel for KRYON

“Jamye is a beautiful teacher and leader in the field of sound and light language. She reminds us that we are all capable of speaking this language. Articulate and insightful, she shares her multidimensional abilities in a spirit of true humility and respect. I adore reading and listening to her, she is a true evolutionary!”

Peggy Phoenix Dubro, originator of the EMF Balancing Technique, International teacher recognized in the field of energy psychology worldwide.

“For all those seeking personal empowerment, and overcoming the limitations of the mind, a transcendent roadmap has been offered.  In Opening to Light Language, Jamye Price provides the background and method to dive within and hear and see the light of the divine that radiates naturally from you. Whether it is Einstein taking an imaginary ride on a light beam to plumb the mysteries of space and time, or the illuminating dreams and visions of inventors, inspiration can be enhanced by the will to move to the next level of knowing. Intentionally pursuing the Language of Light can be viewed as a perceptual accelerator. For those who are ready to immerse themselves in the experience, a world of intuition and inspiration can be opened and revealed.”

Todd Ovokaitys, MD, founder of Gematria Products, Inc., combining advanced nutritional formulas with a patented, time-reversed laser technology proven to improve the condition of many previously irreversible diseases. Dr. Todd Ovokaitys’ work has been recognized worldwide as his products have reduced the effects of HIV, heart disease, aging, and more.

“Opening to Light Language offers excellent information about the quantum telepathic Language of Light. Jamye helps us understand this important gift, which communicates high-frequency information at a deeper level than can be conveyed by our linear language based upon externally agreed-upon concepts. A highly recommended read for anyone who wants more knowledge of an intuitive heart and soul experience that is difficult to explain.”

Yvonne Perry, author of Light Language Emerging ~ Activating Ascension Codes & Integrating Body, Soul, & Spirit Http://

“Jamye Price shares within the pages of this book knowledge, wisdom and practical applications that are valuable and very much needed as we each evolve during these ever elusive and fascinating times. Over the years I’ve watched her facilitate and share her innate knowingness with grace — enhancing the lives of those who are willing and ready. Jamye is the real deal. Yes, that sounds so clichéd, but it’s the truth! She shows up to Life very human and completely grounded to earth, yet she’s connected to the multi-dimensional galaxies in a way that’s mystifying and so compelling. As you read Opening to Light Language, you’ll inevitably feel your own inherent connections enhanced, and gain greater insights and aptitudes to assist in your evolution.”

Rebecca Joy, speaker, creator of the Simple Awareness Method (S.A.M.) and author of Classic Tales from the Firehouse: Firefighters’ Stories of Calamity, Courage, and Caring.

Light Language has been a profound journey of expansion and courage for Jamye. You can experience it on her video page or monthly newsletter, through her classes, private sessions, products or learn it for yourself.


Chapter Three (partial excerpt)

Overview of Light Language

There are many answers to the questions about what the Language of Light is and what it does. Light Language is a broad concept and a varied experience. It is a richly layered form of communication within the subtle realms of existence. To understand it, one must comprehend some basic principles of the quantum nature of life, which this section will cover.

Underneath all of the information about Light Language, is a resonance of Love that is palpable to the many people who are open to it. It often inspires tears, a knowing, or a longing for “home.” This response is an unconscious recognition of the Languages and an indication of healing. It is an experience of great release and shift in emotions as one interacts with the vibrational frequency of Love—the connective language of the heart. Much of the clarity of Light Language is within the trust of the unknown; this trust heals mental barriers by dissolving heart barriers.

The Language of Light in its purest sense is information. It can be written, spoken, sung or signed as it moves through your voice, hands and body. This Language, the information, is transmitted via Light. The information is much more than what is visible or audible; it is the information of loving intent and thus it is deeply layered. It is composed of audible and inaudible instructions that shift your vibration and improve your experience. It is a pure transmission of Love, which is a higher-frequency (less dense) communication than just words.

Much of the clarity of Light Language is within the trust of the unknown; this trust heals mental barriers by dissolving heart barriers.

Light Language is like a library condensed into sound, symbol and/or movement. It is actual language that is being transmitted, but it is not typically as linear as human languages. It is a multidimensional communication form with many layers of information that your biomechanism can utilize for healing and learning. It can be transmitted and received through direct telepathic transference, without hearing or seeing it. In short it can operate at levels beyond your conscious mind, though it is always your Higher Self utilizing the encodements, the information, as appropriate for each moment.

Why Now?

Light Language is merely a unique form of channeling. Since every human is a biomechanism that is constantly receiving and emitting frequencies, it is simply a matter of attuning yourself to consciously receive and emit the unique frequencies of the Language of Light.

Light Language is not new to Earth. Its origin is known as “speaking in tongues” to some religions and shamanistic practices throughout the world. The technical terms for these abilities are glossolalia (speaking languages of unknown origin) and xenoglossia (speaking a language unknown to the speaker, but common to other humans—as in the example Lee Carroll heard at the Pentecostal church). Based on my channeled information, there are frequencies of it now consciously available that were not previously viable for assisting humanity. There is a new accessibility, variety, intensity, and interest in Light Language. It is ultimately the same thing as speaking in tongues, but with an expanded nomenclature that reflects a blend of quantum science and spirituality.

Light Language is an expression of the higher-frequency information of Love.

Light Language is varied because each human carries a unique signature of angelic, galactic, elemental, and ancestral energies—a unique cosmic heritage. This broad availability of many types of cosmic Languages is perhaps the greatest difference between the Language of Light and speaking in tongues. Comparing Light Language and speaking in tongues is the equivalent of comparing modern dance to ballet. Modern dance has its origins in ballet; some of it is similar in appearance, while some of it appears quite different, yet both are dance.

The Language of Light is coming forth increasingly at this time because it is a powerful catalyst for the Ascension of humanity—our natural evolution into a higher frequency, a higher resonance of Love. We are beginning to open to additional aspects of our innate divine nature. As humanity evolves into a deeper awareness of the connected nature of all of Life, it begins to open to communication that enhances this connection and understanding. As your personal vibrational frequency calibrates faster (higher), you are more consciously aware of higher-frequency information—Love. Light Language is an expression of the higher-frequency information of Love.

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