Blessed Being, you are a reflection of unconditional Love in human form. The world of form has conditions. So how do you reconcile the unconditionality that feels so right in your heart, with the conditional reality in which you live? Your path of Ascension is a natural evolution into a greater connection with Life. This connection is at first, invisible. The obvious world of form has separation—you have a separate body, thoughts, desires, and experiences than any other. You are unique. Yet you are connected as well. Your heart knows this.

As you learn the language of the heart, you learn your magnificence.

You learn that you and All Life, no matter its outer appearance or behavior, are sacred. You learn to balance the conditionality of the physical world with the unconditionality of the subtle, invisible world. As you become clear with the language of your heart, you become a powerful creator on Earth.

Language of the Heart by Jamye Price

The language of the heart is easy—I love. But often it gets clouded with, “I loved and lost. I loved and was rejected. I loved and failed.” “I love” becomes confused with, “I want.” In the physical world, the pain of the heart can be just as real as the love of the heart.

Here is where you balance the conditional physical world and the unconditional subtle world. As you look beyond the physical, you find the unconditionality, the infinite, the connection. As you observe the physical, you find your ability to co-create with form which is ever-changing. Honor the ever-changing nature of form—it is its clue to the infinite, but it will not stay the same.

To balance the conditional and unconditional, you choose with the Love of your heart. Your ability to Love your self is your ability to magnetize Love to you. As you Love your self, you are allowing Love to flow through you, out into the world. Release the fear of selfishness. Life is always self-correcting and fail-safed toward Love.

Your love, your heart, magnetizes Life to you based on your electromagnetic emanation. How boldly are you Loving into Life?

As we sit to Blast The Heart’s Magnificence, we are trumpeting a new era of joy for the world to choose. We are feeling the physical reality with a strength that never fails to find Love’s potential in any situation. We are bold enough to Love in the face of adversity and in the heart of creative endeavor. We are the strongest link connecting humanity to the future of Love’s grace. We are remembering that sacred is within All Life, and we are touching the heart of all with our awareness of their blessing. Blast on!

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