Blessed Beings, with great affection we ask the question: Is your Freedom Bound or are you Freedom Bound?

As you hear the question in your mind, sense what your physical body says to you, what your emotional body says to you, what your mental body says to you, and what your spirit says to you.

They speak in various ways, but they are communicating with you constantly. Allow their impulses of wisdom to penetrate your consciousness, for they are ushering you to Freedom in all moments.

Freedom Expanding

Freedom is an expanse, it is potential available. Feel the depth of your potential, human Angel, for you are potential in human form.

You have potential of heart and mind that you are learning to utilize for your expansion, for your Freedom. You also have limits of physicality.

You are tasked to perceive the unseen potential within any restriction, for limitation is just a current boundary of form calling you to expansion.

Boundaries are important for your expansion. They allow you to refine your focus, your strength, and your sovereign power.

Love Unbound

When you are sufficiently empowered, expansion calls. As you direct your focus and open your heart, you are piercing the current boundaries of your Freedom with your power.

As we sit to Blast Freedom Bound, we are appreciating our current restrictions as we nurture growth through empowered Love and fierce determination.

We are maintaining our focus on the potential of Love within each challenge as humanity rises into the grace of Divinity in human form.

We are courageously anchoring the Freedom of Love into the boundaries of physical form. We are taking responsibility for our focus on potential seeking form, as we hold the vision of Love’s grace leading the expansion of humanity.

We are living Love as we appreciate the present moment’s challenge and support leading us into a glorious future of empowerment for All Life. We are Freedom Bound.

Blast on!

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