Empaths Ascending - Jamye Price

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Build Your Empathic Armor of Light

Stop Feeling Drained

Stop Hiding

Start Transforming Yourself and Others

Finally, Empath!

You can end confusion and overwhelm with this powerful online course—even if you’ve tried healing and protecting yourself before.

It’s time for you to feel fulfilled and supported.

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Empaths Ascending can help you:

Master Your Greatest Service:

Discover your past life connection to why you are an empath (even if your family isn’t) and how to activate your natural healing potential into ever-increasing flow.

Maintain Your High Vibes:

Stay in YOUR power in any environment—even if people dump negativity on you or mock  your positivity—you can become the beacon of Light you were meant to be.

Have the Courage to Live Your Truth:

OWN your sacredness and your path of service (even if you don’t know what it is yet) so you can feel safe and free to create your divine path.

Finally Let Go of Your Old Habits:

Ignite the courage to honor yourself—even if it means separating from harmful people and saying goodbye to your old self. Your life is meant to be magnificent. Claim it. 

Feel More Relaxed:

Take charge of your energy and health so you can sleep better, feel more energized, fuel your creativity, and enjoy your life.

Here’s what you’ll get with Empaths Ascending

6 Weekly Modules

Video teachings to give clarity and context to your powerful sensitivity

Exercises and Healing Tools

Downloadable processes and Light Language healing to continue your growth

Full Year of Access

Connect with the community and receive updates throughout the year

 Learning Your Empathic Language
  • Identify your body’s natural empathic signals
  • Discover what’s yours and what’s someone else’s—and what to do with that information
  • Let go of unconscious martyrdom or unhealthy enabling
Healing the Sacred Wound of the Empath
  • Find out how to stop leaking your energy so you can enjoy life and help others (just by being you)
  • Release tons of baggage and fear that has been weighing you down and holding you back—without having to wallow in suffering
  • Discover the core flow of your divine service, which has always been your destiny
Boundaries are Awesome
  • Learn the actual, real science to this (and some metaphysics) which shifts your protection to love instead of fear
  • Transform the energy of manipulation, greed or deception so they no longer effect you the same way
  • Share more of your love and creative passion
 Clarity and Vitality
  • Learn the “missing piece” that many overlook or don’t do because they think it will be too hard
  • Discover the power behind your intent
  • Create powerful connections (no more unhealthy sacrifice)
Strength Training That Transforms the Body of Humanity
  • Discover clear steps to releasing narcissists and their power over you
  • Learn to relate to others through compassionate power
  • Teach others to treat you as you treat yourself
 Using Your Empathic Gift to Help and Heal
  • Find out when helping is actually saying no (with no guilt!)
  • Let go of depleting, hiding or sacrificing yourself.
  • Learn to share your Light boldly, in ways that are perfect for your path

The world needs empowered sensitives and empaths leading their lives with Love!

That is what truly changes the world. Yes, it takes a little effort—but it’s fun.
And most importantly – you’re worth it.

Yes! I’m Ready to Join the Class!

After doing the exercises in the class, my bad feelings to my mom melted away and felt very clear. Then after the class, I could take a walk with her. It’s amazing.  

I felt safety within my existence strongly affirmed. I could receive the transmissions comfortably. Exercises are so nice because they are simple but profound.

Thanks to Jamye’s great love, I could participate in the class with a feeling of safety. Jamye’s explanation was easy to understand because it was based on her experience.

I’ve been amazed by the fact that my relationships with my family and partners have become really comfortable over the last four days!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve already done empath classes, how is this different?

Jamye has taught this class for many years, distilling detailed information from her non-physical guides into a clear and easy format. She does energy healing within each module that you can download for continued benefit.

What if I live with a narcissist, will this help me?

This class is designed to help you change within so that the wounding that compels your strengthening is transformed. This changes how narcissists interact with you and creates a different relationship dynamic, whether it’s family, co-workers, strangers or friends.

How can I get help with my specific situation?

Doing the simple but powerful consistent inner work from class is the most important part. However, sometimes outside assistance is helpful, so please join the group calls, book a private session, or seek other assistance as necessary.

What is the refund policy?

A 95% refund is available within the first 7 days of purchase. After that, no refunds will be given.

Can I go through the course at my own pace?

This course releases a lesson every week for 6 weeks to build a necessary progression of change. After you complete the 6 modules, you are eligible to attend the group calls to support your continued growth. You can return to the lessons anytime during your year of access, and some audios are available to download so you can listen on your own device. Videos are not downloadable.

You, empath, are humanity’s evolution.

Doing these easy steps consistently helps your clarity and strengthening. You will change.

Let’s rise together with Love.

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