Being and Doing

Being and Doing LightBlast by Jamye Price

Blessed Being, your interaction with Life is determined by your balance of Being and Doing. As we define the two, Being is your inner action, Doing is your outer action.

Doing is natural to you. Movement and change are constant in Life—even from the subatomic and the largest of scales, where movement isn’t visible from your perspective. You are physical to interact with the physical realm. This is Doing, and it is a constant part of life on Earth.

You are aware that Doing can become a trap of physical focus, an endless cycle of action without fulfillment. This can create an energy of greed, harming others, or numerous experiences of lack that causes a human to seek distraction or fulfillment with a focus on the external, material world.

Yet this “trap” of Doing is the perfect catalyst to direct a being inward. As fulfillment is lost again and again, the being begins to seek a deeper connection, an inner experience. Doing does not go away, it becomes intertwined with Being. The infinite movement connected. The two becoming one, duality transformed from the separation of two into the diverse connection of one.

Being is Your Inner Action by Jamye Price

Being is a peace within. Being is Knowing All is Well, even in a moment of unknown change. Being is a strength within that connects deeply with Life. Being is your inner action of connection with your self, with the flow of Life, Time, potential, and the catalyst of the present moment. Being is an inner awareness, your full self anchored in the present moment, even while you are “Doing.”

External action becomes deeply connected to your inner Knowing.

Being and Doing flowing infinitely as you shift your polarity instantaneously between inner and outer, giving and receiving; creating from the reflection of your inner Love and peace.

To connect Being and Doing, breathe easily in the moment. Find an inner focus of All is Well and changing, for you are capable and supported by Life in ways that may not be obvious yet.

As an exercise, breathe in with the intent, “All is Well,” and exhale with the intent, “I am capable.” Repeat and reverse this. Practice a longer version of this in your quiet moments. Throughout your day, practice a single breath in and out, for quick access to your inner peace. Your effort to nurture yourself is vital in these times of change. Your inner strength and empowerment will create a profound inner connection with your life, amplifying your Being into a powerful catalyst of Love.

As we sit to Blast Being and Doing, we are nurturing our inner world into a peaceful flow of Knowing All is Well. We are embracing change, for all that is occurring is the perfect culmination in the moment to stir desire for new creation. We are unwavering in our Love of Life, for the tide of humanity awakening is rising in a powerful wave. We are swimming deep to find the still waters that propel change with a graceful swell, honing our inner peace within chaos. We are the chorus, reminding others what is available within each Being, as we are Doing our best to Love the ride of life on Earth. Blast on!

Knowing My Worth
November Ascension Energies - 2016

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