How Free are you within the systems of earth around you?  This moment you are called to Allow it to be, and choose your direction. Limitation is a perspective and it will not go away because it is inbuilt into the functionality of life on Earth – form.  Form itself is a limitation, but there is great Freedom within that construct, for it compels expansion beyond the current limits; new form is formed, ever forming.  Here you stretch your Freedom, you Progress it through time and you choose your direction of expansion through your perception.  Love is experienced through choice.  Love does not need, therefore, Love does not limit.  While form has needs, it gives form to Love, which is limitless, thus even form is infinite in nature through the Grace of Love.  This is the beauty of Time.  As one perceives a limit in form and chooses a direction of change (moving ‘past’ limit), Love begins to form the new.  Form is the inspiration for Love expansion, Time is the marker for Progress and Love is the building block of new form.  The cycle begins again and you, Creative One, are called into Being again and again and again. 
That is how Free you are.  You are Love in form.  You are Love expressing through Time.  You are Love, observing through your unique singularity, choosing through your innate empowerment and Being/Allowing the moment of form, forming anew.  Be the change?  Such wisdom.  It is Allowing the Self to Flow Love.  If you aren’t ‘being the change,’ you are merely being the limit, but do not despair.  The Whole Truth is the Universal System of Life is such that Love Flow does not stop.  It continues within you and around you, for Life Loves even those that can not Love in each moment.  You can not get it wrong, you can not disrupt the True system.  That is the cosmic joke.  All those that seem to be influencing negatively are merely calling forth more expansion, more empowerment, more Love, and therefore, more Freedom.  Do not resist, for that is just lack limiting Flow.  Allow from a place of powerful Love and wisdom, and you will be supported by the full force of the Universal Flow of Love.  You will innately understand when a boundary serves you, you will Know when changing direction serves you, you will know the ease of peaceful patience.  One open to expansion and wise to empowerment.
Freedom, Powerful Ones, is not only your birthright, but your destiny, for there is no force that can stop it.  Suppression?  Control?  Manipulation?  Death?  Observe the Truth of the system of Life and you will see that compression feeds the expansion.  You will see that strength is enhanced through these forces, for even the creation of your planetary bodies are the result of compression.  Does it need it?  Love has no need.  Opposition is mere focus.  Your Light, when focused, is a powerful form of compression.  Allow Life to be, for you need not mold the physicality of it into what is pleasing for your eye.  Focus.  Envision.  Allow the natural Flow of your Love to build form, you are the new planet awaiting birth.  Prepare your foundation with the wisdom and peace of One that Knows expansion is the way of Life and Love is the seed of Life.  Nurture your garden thusly.
As we sit to Blast Freedom, on the cusp of 2012, we are moving past the limit of form into limitless Love in form, continually forming.  We are focusing our powerful beam of Love to support growth into Freedom expressing.  We are Being receptive to the Flow of Love, observant of the compression of Love, and peaceful in the knowledge of the unseen System of Life.  We are fearless and aware of the power of our choice, the power of our focus, the power of Progress.  We are the embodiment of the unstoppable Flow of Life, directing, allowing and expanding.  We are no longer waiting, we are rejoicing, for Time is Now.  Blast on!

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