The Whole Truth of human being is that we are separate and united.  One individual, unique in form and perspective.  There is no other like you in the entire universe, for you are the singularity in form, distinctive in All Time.  And yet like a drop of water in the ocean, you are interconnected with the vastness that is all around you.  Not just the ocean, but all the life within it, the soil that supports it, the air that beckons evaporation and renewal, etc. etc. etc.  You are intimately interconnected with All Life, even that which is unseen around you, that which is non-local to you and that which resided (or will reside) in another reference of Time.  Unseen, unprovable, yet the Whole Truth.
Sharing is inbuilt into the system of Life, it is necessary for the continuance of Life.  You see it all around you in nature as the systems interact and flow well together.  Even death results in nurturing renewal and new growth.  Sharing is an indicator of your Flow with Life.  As you share your Love freely, you open your Flow in all areas.  As you restrict your sharing, you restrict your own Flow.  That doesn’t mean that you must share everything to be in Flow.  True sharing is balanced in give/receive.  If you give to the point of detriment, Life is ceased, not served.  If you give to the point of depletion, that which you give to does not learn self-sufficiency, healthy boundaries or sustainment.  Sharing is just that, give/receive.  It has the energy of both, for All Life needs both for survival. 
Sharing is expansion.  There is that which you share within yourself, and Life expands through your individuality and there is that which you share with others, and Life expands through your unity.  As you share, you imbue the system of Life with your unique Light and others (All Life) respond and expand in turn.  When you participate with the Flow of Life, the system naturally supports your expansion and expression.  It is the way of Life.  Love responds and expands.  You, Creative Divine Being, are the impetus for Love expansion.  That which seems opposite of Love is a call to sharing Love.  That which seems lacking Love is a call to creating Love.  That which seems destructive to Love is a call to empowering Love.  Know your power.  Know your ability.  Know the Truth of who you are.
As we sit to Blast Sharing, we are opening the flood gates of our True connection with Life.  We are universal, we are timeless, we are Love in form, forming anew.  We are recognizing interaction with each moment and finding the wisdom solution that creates new Life in all that we see, hear, feel, taste and touch.  We are releasing that which no longer serves Love expansion, and as we release, we are sharing empowerment with the world.  Become the system of Life that you may not see before you, but that you perceive so clearly that the unseen becomes Truth in form.  You are the alchemical gateway.  You share, you create.  You share, you shift.  You share, and the Universal Flow of Life responds.  Blast on!

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