This week’s Progress is about having patience and yet remaining focused.  It’s about relaxing into life and playing more by creating through joy rather than just destination.   As we balance what we want and what is, we are practicing staying focused even though we may not have the proof that makes life so easy.  We are moving into even more rapid manifestation, but we are also reminded that time is still part of our experience.  As we honor the natural cycle of Progress and remain focused on creating the new, we really are altering time and creating at a faster pace (alchemy).  Patience, oddly enough, speeds up the process.  It is a reminder of first things first, and at the beginning of any creation is Love, the infinite well-spring that seeds All Life.  Here we BEgin. 
Within all aspects of life we are moving into balance with our Masculine/Feminine energy (not having anything to do with gender).  We could call that many things as it is the dual nature of life, give/receive, the polarity that provides continual movement, the reflection of self and All, the integration that expands, etc.  This particular time is about activating more of our feminine energy which is about receiving, nurturing, caring for the Whole, intuition, the unseen.   For most, this time is about learning to receive more rather than pushing hard to create.  We are moving past the manipulative energy of depletion from ‘it is better to give than receive,’ and moving into the understanding that it is best to give and receive equally so that All Life is served well into the future.  As we balance into True Give/Receive, the line of when one is giving orreceiving becomes blurred and life expands to encompass both. 
Progress then, in this new paradigm of creating, necessitates an empowered Knowing of the truth of your ability to create.  When we balance between give/receive, it can seem as if leaving ourselves open to receive is kind of like not creating or creating by default.  On the contrary, you are open to improvement because it is expected and known as the natural flow of life.  As you astutely observe the signals and synchronicities occurring in your life, you refine and expand your creation that is building.  This is quite the opposite of head in the sand creating!  This is the work in Lightwork – fascinating and fulfilling work, as you recognize that the support of an entire galaxy is co-creating with you in deep love and appreciation of your unique perspective and choice.  Progress is Time expressing through you and to you.  Progress is refining the foundation of Love and expanding the structure such that it supports more than you first imagined.  Progress is the discovery in form of the unseen response available to you at each moment.  Progress is focusing on the fullness of Love, that which you are.   
As we sit to Blast Progress, both the verb and the noun, we are refining our relationship with Time and our experience of its willingness to bend to the will of our creative nature.  We are journeying through Life with the surety and Joy of one who Knows Love is infinite, yet forming finitely at our desire, only to form and reform again through eternity.  We are expectant that Life responds to our creative impulse, for the rhythm of expansion is constant and awaiting our unique perspective to flow from sound to dance to memory engrained.  We are Living Light, reflecting creative power through the Joy of authentic FOCUS; courageous, exciting, graceful focus building a new world.  Blast on, Beloved One!

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