As we move from last week’s Resisting Change, we are called to Allowing Grace.  Given that the natural flow of life is toward improvement, it stands to reason that Grace follows change.  Change is constant.  It can be resisted or allowed, but change is a fact of life.  It’s built into the Universal System of Life.  Polarity is an engine that serves expansion, thus even resistance will eventually yield to change.  This is the beauty of Ascension.  As we each become the empowered Divine humans we are meant to be, we utilize our creative capabilities to facilitate change within the experience of more ease, flow and joy.  It may not be that each moment is joyful, it is that each moment is purposeful, appreciated and nurtured into Flow.  Change then becomes grace-full. 
Grace is flow with ease.  When movement is graceful, it is known within the heart.  The swell of the wave and the crashing of the wave are both eloquent.  This is Grace.  It does not matter if the change seems tranquil or turbulent, there is a perspective of the beauty within the movement and there is an understanding of the necessity and perfection of the form.  The storm and the gentle rain are appreciated and enjoyed.  Grace need not be meek.  It can be just as beneficial and benevolent as a storm or a crashing wave.  Allowing Grace is an openness to the flow of life from compassionate strength.  Your dance through the ebb and flow of life is your conscious interaction with the tides of change.  Your creative choice is what determines your experience, for the tides have no judgment or favor. 
As we sit to Blast Allowing Grace, we are choosing peace regardless of circumstance, giving peace solid rooting to grow.  We are directing flow with the choice of Love, as all that occurs leads to improvement.  We are following the truth of our heart, rather than the sway of the crowd, for Grace is empowered and supportive.  We are opening to more of our Divinity, perspective by perspective, as we observe the world, choose wisely and focus our powerful Love; Allowing Grace to lead.  Blast on!

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