The 11/11/11 frequency upgrade continues as we adjust to the new vibration that offers us the exalted resonance of our True Divinity.  This time is culminating as our doorway into balance of Self and All, the truth of Unity Consciousness.  Strong and supported individuality balanced with the wisdom of One that operates in conscious harmony with the Whole.  We will be integrating, many with greater ease than before, as we begin the force of living from the heart with the wisdom and courage of a peaceful warrior.  You are the Wayshower.  Your work now is to fully activate Love in your life, inthe world.  As you become Free within yourself, fully Free, you are flowing in your innate magnificence (magnetics) and therefore enhancing Earth’s energetics with each choice.  What will begin to become clearer as this integration continues is that you are supported as you align with the full force of Love.  It will not be a space of viewing only love happening around you, it will be your work to integrate Love into all you experience, even internally.
Love is a force, a magnetic force.  When you choose Love, it becomes directed into an electric force.  Electric and magnetic flow are so cooperative that they can not truly be separated, they actually create each other, thus whether you are giving or receiving Love becomes moot because they are so reciprocative that they can not be separated.  Where people get confused is mistaking manipulation, need or control for Love.  This is how people replace Love with avoidance or discernment with righteousness.  This is how energy gets out of balance within the human system, how sharing becomes servitude and how relationship becomes bondage.  Luckily, the brilliant Universal system of Life, though unseen, is built to self-correct.  Ultimately, so are we.  We are designed for balance, though our societies and earthly systems are not necessarily structured for our highest good.  This is what you are seeing around you, the restructuring.  It won’t always seem like Love, that is your work.  To view change and possibility through the perspective of Love and magnetize that into Being.  Your Freedom is in the Whole Truth of Love.
Love is the binding force of physicality.  It compels people to great sharing and lack of it compels people to great separation, pain and confusion.  Love is a spectrum of many qualities and no matter how opposite a quality may seem from Love, there is still a thread of Love available within all experience.  It is for you to find that thread and loom the fabric of Life into the Loving support that it was always meant to be. You can never force Love, only compliance and submission.  In the energetic of forcing compliance or submission, the Universal system self-corrects and the rebellion begins.  First subdued, then somewhat forgotten; until what becomes forgotten is the fear that first allowed submission.  As you focus your powerful creativity toward building Love, what was once rebellion becomes inspiration.  What seems like a battle becomes an artful expression of new solution.  That is the power of Love, that is what sets you Free. 
Freedom is a manifestation of Love.  When you observe your surroundings and authentically feel Love and appreciation even in the midst of challenge, you are Free.  It is that Freedom that then permeates the situation.  Have you ever had an experience where there was an emergency and one trained in emergency response arrived at the scene?  Everything changes.  They aren’t there to take your power and control you, they are there to quickly establish safety and balance so that sovereignty is again restored.  This is what you do when you maintain your powerful Love in a situation that doesn’t seem like Love at first glance.  You establish a foundation of safety and balance that may not have the lights and sirens announcing it, but the balancing phase of the unseen Universal system of Life begins to flow with the force of Love.  It is Freedom that sustains Love rather than control.
Freedom for the Self is you focusing on your path of Love in your Life.  This has an effect on the Whole whether you are aware of it or not because you are maintaining a vibrational resonance that influences the world around you.  When you focus on Freedom for the Self, you are not enforcing your choice on others.  Your interaction will reflect your vibration and it will also beckon your vibration.  Part of your focus will be to find that thread of Love in all interaction rather than trying to find the thread of explanation.  In this sense the ‘why’ becomes the ‘how can I share Love here, even if I’m the only one that is aware of it and partaking?’ See how Free you are within that?  Forgiveness is for you and may or may not involve another.  Solution is for you and may or may not appeal to another.  Silence or speaking is for you and may or may not appease another.  Love can be the truth that hurts if one is unable to hear improvement.  Love can be the silence that allows another to purge or have a moment of expression, even if you would disagree.  Love can be the patience that is required to allow another to learn at a pace that is different from yours.
As we sit to Blast Freedom For The Self, we are enhancing the sovereignty of humanity.  We are remembering that as we emanate Freedom, Self-Love and Compassion, we are flowing with the Universal system of Life and opening doorways for others to choose.  We are building the new structures that will allow the Flow of Love to flourish and nurture the new solution.  We are changing from the unseen inner world into the scene of Freedom for All as we interact with others from an empowered stance of not needing to control or manipulate response.   We are Lighting the way and showing by example that Love is the question and Freedom is the answer.   We are Allowing Grace to seed the Earth as the Power of Love is returned to Full Flow within.  Blast on!

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