We are continuing on last week’s theme of releasing beliefs that no longer serve our Empowerment (Joyful, Creative, Love-based living and more ease with challenge).  Last week we worked on Allowing Access to Core Beliefs.  With that process we began to observe more of life from a perspective of new possibility, new solution, Exciting Peace and Freedom as we align with our Divine Nature. 
Free And Open Believing is living in the Now.  Living in the Now means being well with the past, for it grew you to the strong, capable and compassionate Being you are Now.  Living in the Now means being well with the future, for you are Divinely capable and creating is best served when you are in Joy and Flow.  A Now moment that isn’t ideal?  It is a great teacher, a great platform for choice, an exercise to strengthen patience, Trust and new-perspective-seeking.  Living in the Now is an ease with the moment and also an ease with the past and the future.  This is different than living in the past or the future.  You ‘live’ in the past or future when the emotional charge of it taints your Now.  This doesn’t even mean that you are thinking of the past or future.  If your choice in the Now is lacking Freedom to create because of resentment of the past or fear of the future, then you are not freely living in the Now. 
Free And Open Believing is still grounded in reality.  You are able to participate fully in life; running errands, working a less than ideal job at the moment, aligning with increased money flow in the future, dealing positively with family members, forgiving past hurts.  With Free And Open Believing, you access Source Perspective in everyday life.  Sometimes it may come after the fact, but when you are Open, it always comes.  It often requires diligent awareness to the subtleties of life, as it can be habitual to expect the same.  Your Openness to change offers you the gradual growth that is evident in nature, while still being open to miraculous shift.  This is equivalent to Being rather than Doing.  There is action when you are Being, but it is inspired rather than forced.  Forced action may produce some result in the physical, but inspired action creates a strong foundation that will sustain expansion.  The unseen Love that permeates inspired action enhances the magnetic Pull toward improvement. 
As we sit to Blast Free And Open Believing, we are continuing our quest for inspiration and Creative Living through releasing outdated, limiting beliefs.  We are open to the Divine Guidance that resides within our sacred heart and utilizing our magnificent brains to create within Joy.  We are becoming the Divine Creators we were meant to Be.  We are allowing others to choose their path as we choose our own.  We are bringing hope to the world through our ability to Love when Love is not obvious.  We are F.O.C.U.S.ed on the new possibility that Free And Open Believing is able to create.  Love and Compassion are the way to healing, and healing brings new solution, new community, new interaction to Life.  Blast on!

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