Expectation is another theme (just like last week’s Freedom) that resurfaces intermittently.  As I have watched surprising manifestations and changes over the years, I’ve noticed that expectations within fear will often limit the manifestation.  Certainly not all expectations come from fear, nor am I one who thinks we should have no expectations.  On the contrary, I expect improvement all the time!  But expectation out-of-balance is commensurate with limitation.  It signifies a lack of Trust in your capability, whether that is your capability to create, to transform or even to have patience, to name a few.  There is a time for specificity with expectation and there is a time for openness.  This speaks to the times of openness, where expectation nurtures improvement and fear and lack become obsolete.  There are three areas that we are guided to ponder, but they need not be your only focus.
The first area requiring openness is time itself.  This is a challenging one.  There are some things we expect, particularly around money and also relationship, in a certain period of time.  I know it feels like you need them in a certain period of time, it’s not just a selfish expectation!  But the truth is, with exception that is more rare than not, there is always an answer that comes within the time of necessity.  It may not be the most awesome answer ever (i.e. ‘I finally got enough to pay this bill this month’), but there’s always an answer for those that will hear it and heed it.  Most people don’t end up involuntarily out on the street.  Usually, time is something that takes care of itself, as the system of life (not the system of man – we’re creating a new one!) was made to continue flow toward improvement.  It is definitely a balance of focus on a positive and realistic perspective, inspired action and trust.  Trusting time and yet using time to your advantage is a vital point of balance as we deal with so much going on in our lives and really owning the power to create what we want to live.  Patience is helpful to living a peaceful, balanced and creative life. 
Also requiring openness are the ‘burdens’ of life.  As we participate in life on earth, there are some general items that can not be avoided.  Taxes are certainly one of them.  Death, too (Damn, that adage is correct!)  Challenging emotions.  Errands.  Bills.  House cleaning.  Preparing food that’s healthy.  The list is endless.  What is important is that your perspective of them is a healthy mix of understanding that there are times of participating in life that means you might not be doing exactly what you want in every moment, but that you do have the option to enjoy most moments.  I used to vaguely punish myself for a ‘to do’ list that was never-ending.  I had an unwritten list of things that needed to be perfect before I was ‘off duty’ and able to relax.  That kind of pressure doesn’t help maintain a joyful present moment.  It’s important to deal realistically with the things that must be done, progress towards completing projects and reward yourself by enjoying the moments along the way.  I’m now rather organized in a way that really suits ease and responsibility.  When I find that something is becoming overwhelming or I’m dreading it, I look at what’s behind the feeling.  I then find a perspective that I believe that will help me enjoy a little more (i.e. not ‘I LOVE doing my taxes SOOOO much!!!’ but ‘I appreciate my easy system and my tax preparer’).  We must take responsibility for our enjoyment, not wait for it to be presented.  Expecting ease and enjoyment in most moments of life is realistic, positive and focused toward improvement while being grounded in reality. 
Part of Releasing Expectation is releasing manipulation.  Manipulation comes in many forms and it always comes from a perspective of fear or lack.  As Lightworkers on the quest of Ascension, our work is finding the areas where we are not in complete integrity and authenticity.  This is not an indication of failure or being a bad person, just an area that is now coming up for clearing (or additional clearing).  Manipulation can be subtle or it can be obvious deception or coercion.  You can’t pick and choose based on the magnanimity of the outcome (i.e. it’s bad for the oil companies to manipulate emotions, but it’s ok for Greenpeace to manipulate emotions).  You can’t justify manipulation for any reason.  You can inform, you can want, you can prefer – but to manipulate indicates that there is a desired outcome that is not being presented honestly or is being presented to persuade.  Manipulation plays on the emotions (often to touch on the insecurities, but not always) and gives the manipulator some sort of benefit.  It could be financial, sexual or egoic, among others.  To manipulate is not to trust the force of Love to be enough to magnetize the life you want to live.  No matter what you want, you have potential to create it with full disclosure.  
As we sit to Blast Releasing Expectation, we are opening to the Free Flow of expecting improvement while being open to the path it presents.  We are no longer resistance to What Is, but appreciative of the opportunity to navigate change with greater ease.  We are remembering that the subatomic world, the unseen, is building anew upon the magnetic vortex of Love.  We are observing our blessed lessons of release as we seek to interact with this beautiful world through Love, where we once felt fear, blame, resentment, lack or shame.  We are opening our second chakra to create with Love, to forgive with ease, to heal with Joy.  We are aligning our heart and our mind as we no longer need to figure out how to get what we want, we just need to Love our moments, our selves, our life, our world.  We are detached and compassionate when the world around us still feels compelled to manipulate as we hold a space of Empowerment to Light the way to Divine Creation in human form.  We are strong in the Knowing that Truth is the answer spoken in the language of Love.  Blast on!

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