In 2011, we haven’t gone a full 2 months without some Freedom focus and here it comes again.  Freedom is a big one, it requires individual thinking in a world of suppression and marketing savvy.  I notice as all the bad news (or ‘good’ news?) goes on in the world around me and sometimes specific to my own life, I react and spin in my feelings about it.  It’s not that I desire to have no emotions about the things that go on around me, I welcome the emotions.  It’s that I desire not to be controlled by the circumstances around me.  This is where we find Freedom Is Mine.  Not everyone is going to have the same reaction or expectations from life.  Not everyone is going to choose honesty, altruism or even equality for themselves or others.  It’s fascinating to watch as we each make choices about life, about the world, about a situation; at times surprised by our courage or our vulnerability, maybe even some ignorance, too. 
Freedom Is Mine reminds us that we aren’t here to live cookie-cutter lives that are just like those that we feel we want to emulate, or that our parents, parishioners or peers tell us to emulate.  We are here to discover our uniqueness and continue the Flow of Life through our joy of living it to the fullest available in the moment.  That means listening to our heart when it tells us something different from another.  Most importantly, it means listening to our heart when it tells us something different than what we think we want.  That’s a hard one.  Sometimes we want something to fill a void that we have trouble admitting to ourselves, so we are essentially deluding ourselves.  Other times, it’s hard to differentiate between living for others – either through martyrdom or trying to impress them.  This is why looking at our motivations is an important exercise in life.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to be respected for what you do, but doing it for respect is a dead end street of looking for approval outside of yourself.  Freedom Is Mine is about finding that balance of giving/receiving with others, giving/receiving with earth, action/rest, yes/no, etc.  It is important to be Free within yourself and interacting compassionately with others.  If you are dependent on others to behave a certain way to please you, then you are not Free with them.   This is a fine line of setting boundaries and allowing others to be who they are.  Not allowing a friend to be emotionally abusive is a good boundary to set.  Not allowing a friend to believe differently than you is too dependent on the behaviors of others for your happiness. 
Freedom Is Mine is about living sovereignty.  As we live and breathe sovereignty, we teach it to children from a place of great love.  We teach it to business with an understanding of value.  We teach it to relationship with the ease of equality.  We teach it to money with the simplicity of joy.  We teach it to the systems that don’t work with our focus on Truth and Compassion.  Freedom Is Mine points to the knowledge that Freedom must be lived from within before it truly manifests out in the world.  As you are living it, you are teaching others to access it as well.  In my opinion, this is the greatest gift you can give another – access to their own self-respect, their own choices and their own understanding of their immense value.
As we sit to Blast Freedom Is Mine, we are remembering that the beauty of separation is the focus that it provides our uniqueness.  We are understanding that all paths have potential to lead to a wonderful life, no matter how winding, long or bumpy at times.  We are allowing Flow to show us that all change is good change as we move constantly along the river of life.  We are accessing our courage to value ourselves, our wisdom to trust ourselves and our vulnerability to push ourselves to greater heights.  We are recognizing the beauty in others as they choose and prioritize differently than we do, and as we recognize their inherent Freedom as well.  We are understanding that we are Free to feel each moment as we do and choose anew.  We are remembering that our grace is inborn and our action is a choice, starting from within.  Freedom Is Mine means Freedom for all.  Blast on!

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