This is a time of great empowerment if we are well with change.  Change is best served by listening to our heart and Trusting Love to Create.  It takes great empowerment because the world does not automatically reflect Love to you at this time.  It has been reflecting traumatic natural disasters, greed, abuse, lies, war, lack, blame.  Not easy stuff to Love.  You don’t have to Love it, your job is to Love Life.  Love the process that is before you; find the thread of Love, the thread of possibility for Love within it and loom a new fabric of Life.   This takes a courageous honesty that is not as common as you may think.  To admit to yourself that you are afraid, insecure, resentful, annoyed, confused, avoiding – these are courageous acts.  So many numb to them, deny them, avoid them or  mask them with ‘feeling only love.’  The inner work, the inner experience is something that takes great courage because our societies  mostly teach repression and avoidance of emotion, (often unless to use them for financial gain).  It’s a courageous person that unplugs from the machine.  The confusing part is we’re still living in the world.  This is ‘being in the world, but not of it.’
So here we are then at Allowing Another Within.  We did Another Within about a month ago.  It was about our connection to All, to our Source Energy, to each other.  Here we take it to a new level of courage.  It is time.  How powerful are you to let Life live through you?  How powerful are you to embrace Life as perfect in each painful or joyful moment and Allow it, Release it, Improve it?  How powerful are you to not just tolerate others, but to Love them as they are? (Dang that’s a toughie sometimes!)  How powerful are you to maintain focus on the thread of Love in a situation that doesn’t inspire it?  How powerful are you to empathize with others, help them as appropriate and yet not take responsibility for them or feel guilty for not being as challenged as they are?   Are you courageous enough to maintain boundaries that support your wellbeing and empowerment?  How powerful are you to engage this worldly life fully and maintain your Divine Connection?  How much Divinity can you bring into each moment of your life?  It won’t all be rainbows.  Sometimes it’s the storm before the rainbow.  But storms always pass and rainbows always come, even if we don’t see them.  Can you endure?
What if it wasn’t about endurance?  The real question is can you enjoy it?  It’s not a matter of ‘yay, someone is suffering!’ enjoyment, it’s a deep appreciation for the process of Life and the transformation that results from the challenges.  It’s the understanding that the experience of Life is going through death and birth, and appreciating both for what they are.   Renewing, progressing, learning, improving.  This is the middle road, not the center of two extremes that are avoided, the all-encompassing understanding that embraces All for its unique perspective and finding Love within that.  That Another may choose differently, even if that choice is to suffer, hate or avoid – is the gift of empowerment that each has Within.  Can you Love them, even if it’s from a distance, for their possibility to find Love within the challenge or the choice of today?  It takes a courageous person to Love in the face of disdain.  Can you enjoy that?  You may be in a moment of storm with it – enjoy that, too.  It isn’t the fun part, it’s the part you appreciate for the cleansing, the release, the focus toward improvement.  And I don’t mean release as in, ‘I’ll be happy when…,’ I mean release as in letting go, even if that situation remains in your life. 
Allowing Another Within takes the great courage that Allowing entails, for it is not a space of control, it is the unknown.  It takes the great courage of recognizing that difference is a gift of each human, even if you disagree with their choices.  It takes the great courage of looking Within during a moment of storm and appreciating the benefits of challenge; the I/eye of the storm!  Look for that place of calm/neutrality Within.  It takes great courage to share in Another’s pain, release it and see them as empowered to do the same, even if they can’t find the courage yet.  It also takes courage to share in Another’s joy and embrace any feelings of lack or jealousy that come up Within you, so that your courage to Love heals pain instead of numbing to it.  This is a time of courage.  It’s a time of focusing the mind to serve the heart.  It’s a time of living your Divinity in a world that doesn’t just reflect it easily. 
As we sit to Blast Allowing Another Within, we are activating our courageous Divine Nature that Knows Love as a way of Life, a way of Expansion and a way of Healing.  We are recognizing the Divinity in All, not just the nice ones we agree with.  We are remembering that it is our powerful Love that changes the world, magnetizing new form based in Love that is building over time from the unseen to the seen.  We are embracing the Knowing that we are courageous enough to welcome the entirety of Life, Knowing our limit of the moment (Allow the storm to pass) and expanding through increased focus on the thread of Love.  We are opening our Sacred Heart to the Creative moment of Now.  We are Changing.  Ourselves, others, our World.  Blast on!

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