This is a powerful time of recognizing our potent creative abilities.  We have had this lesson all year as the December solstice and eclipses propelled us into a new level of personal responsibility and Creative responsibility.  It is our inner attention and emotional output that emanate a call to Creation.  Our heart is a powerful electromagnetic organ that speaks to us through emotion and communicates to the world around us via the electromagnetic field.  As we feel Love, we are emanating a vibration of Love that magnetizes more Love to us.  As we feel fear, we are emanating a vibration that magnetizes more fear.  Fear becomes a cycle of non-solution, victimhood and overwhelm.  Maintaining a perspective of Love (via F.O.C.U.S. on Gratitude and Trust) is important to your vibrational output.  Our brain is an electromagnetic organ as well, but not nearly as strong as the heart.  The brain is a beautiful machine of focus, categorization, comparison, understanding and choice analysis.  When it is used in response to the heart, it follows a powerful remembrance of our Divinity.  When it dominates the heart, it serves the systems outside of us, the worldly systems of survival and fear, the systems that are taught to us by others.  These systems aren’t all bad or completely wrong, they just tend to be fear-based and lack-based.  The heart has the capability to understand and interact with the systems of the world from a place of empowerment and sovereignty.  When the brain serves the heart, you begin to find solution within circumstances that challenge you.  You begin to find courage where overwhelm used to reside.  You begin to find compassion where anger or avoidance dominated your ability to Love. 
This exciting time of Ascension is all about bringing our Divinity into form.  It is the merging of the human and the Divine, a process of remembering what has been forgotten.  We were never without our Divinity, just distracted from it.  Your Divine Nature is the Source Energy within you that creates.  It is the glue of the universe, Love.  It is Love that unites the unseen building blocks of Life into form.  The gift of your Divine Nature is choice.  You have a choice as to whether or not you enhance your connection with your Divinity.  Your choice to interact with your Divine Love is your choice to Create anew. 
We create all the time.  It’s built-in functionality.  We are constantly receiving vibrational input and emanating vibrational output that interacts with the unseen building blocks of Life.  Choose your vibration and you have chosen to Create instead of re-create or re-act to what has already been.  This moment of now is as it is.  Your choice to find the thread of Love within it, the Power of Divinity, is your active interaction with change, with Creation.  That situation that is challenging you?  It is offering you the gift of choice to Create with Love.  Feel the anger, the frustration, the possibility, the relief, the hope, the Trust, the Gratitude…  When the mind serves the heart, it has access to a perspective of Love that sees the possibility of solution.  In this way, you allow your mind to serve your expansion via the powerful electromagnetic capacity of the heart as it seeks more Love, more joy, more excitement.  Challenge can either inspire change for the better or propagate more fear, disillusionment and disempowerment.  Choose Love and you’ve chosen to Create new form.  Choose Love and you’ve chosen to heal instead of repress or continue a destructive pattern.  Your choice to Love changes how you deal with everything around you, as the vibrations you receive have less fearful or disruptive energy to you and the vibration you emit magnetizes more Love.  That’s using the heart/mind connection to improve your life and the life of others you may or may not come into contact with.
As we sit to Blast Creation Within, we are allowing our mind to serve our improvement rather than being dominated by outside stimulation and demands.  We are opening our heart to lead us to greater Love and using our brilliant mind to determine a path.  We are feeding the world around us with the vibration of Love, the energy of Source, The Great Unifier.  We are remembering that we are powerful electromagnetic Beings that magnetize and emanate out via a field of unseen energy.  We are beginning to Love exactly where we are because it is leading us to exactly where we will be.  We are fulfilling our Soul Path to Remember Love, the powerful unseen building block of form.  We are remembering that Choice is our inner sanctum of Divine Creativity and the world is asking us to remember so we can shine forth a beacon of Love.  We are going within our powerful heart to teach ourselves and others that Love is the quest, the answer, the Creator of form.  Creation begins Within.  Blast on!

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