How bright is the Light Within you?  Are you feeling its warmth, the glow of excitement and the electricity of expansion?  This is Love.  Love is Freedom Aligned.  Love is the reason, the rhyme, the elixir and the flavor.  It brings each moment to Glory, it brings polarity to understanding, it brings release to fear, it brings Creation to your physicality.  Within Freedom Aligned, there is only Love.  Not just one feeling – All is Love.
What keeps you from Freedom?  Each day it may be a different focus that comes forward for your understanding.  I watch myself as I resist fears, resist emotions and resist movement forward so I can be assured of…what?  Acceptance?  Lack of failure?  Less negative emotions?  And yet courageously, I move beyond them at my own pace because I choose to move beyond them.  Some of them known and consciously avoided, some of them yet unknown – or at least undefined enough to remain unaware for a bit longer.  But through my choice to expand and improve they are eventually revealed.  Longing for the release as a lover longs for the beloved.  I learn over and over again to allow myself and others to each have a different pace, a different focus, a different choice.  With that, a taste of Freedom Aligned. 
Freedom is a moment, Aligned until the next moment of resistance, the next moment of withholding full Love for what is.  Freedom is a feeling, Aligned until the next moment of fear – realized, avoided or unaware, but still infecting the moment.  Freedom is the release from fear, the release from resisting even vaguely fearful experiences, like the unspoken judgment of another. 
Fear is a potent method of paralyzing Love Flow.  Fear in and of itself is not all bad, sometimes it results in Flow.  For instance, anger is an emotional response that masks fear.  It may be anger at someone that has wronged you, it may be anger at a situation like poverty, it may be anger at yourself for avoiding your fears (heehee).  Underneath the aforementioned anger may be fear of abandonment, fear of survival and fear of worthlessness, respectively (among other nuances).  Anger can move you to action.  Many people actually need it for movement because they can’t initiate through Love or receiving.  Sometimes, that’s where I am (anger need not manifest loudly – rage is a different story!).  Anger will allow you access to movement, even improvement, because you break past a wall that was holding you in.  Ever get so angry at a boss that you finally get another job?  Ever get so angry at yourself for not taking a chance that you take one next time?  Anger is like a wild wind, while understanding is like a gentle breeze.  They each have their benefits; sometimes it takes a wild wind to really clear the air, other times wild wind can be destructive.  Sometimes a gentle breeze is just enough to cool you off on a spring day.  Summer might require something stronger.  Eventually, you become accustomed to your new empowerment and you move gracefully past the types of issues that would have caused anger before.  For instance, you realize that the boss is acting out insecurities and fears and you need not plug into the emotions of it.  The gentle breeze becomes a way of life with no resistance to anger when it surfaces for resolution.
So much of our fear is fear of the future.  We fear for financial safety, emotional safety, physical safety (health and otherwise).  These can be easily understood.  In looking at life in society today, it’s easy to understand how they have solidified.  They are further perpetuated by a cycle of greed that relies on fear to make money or hording to ensure safety in an unsafe and supply-limited world (lack).  The only way to move past these fears is to find the perspective of Love, of ease or sometimes of anger that moves you to change.  When I can find a perspective of the benefits of things that I fear, then I can embrace them.  Some are easier than others, so I recognize some and work on them, I recognize some and put them away for another day, and others I ignorantly avoid or don’t define until later.  But I choose to move past them eventually and Love is the only bridge to new land.  A bridge to Freedom Aligned. 
As we sit to Blast Freedom Aligned, we are seeking a new perspective past the fears that keep us bound.  We are opening to Love where Love was denied and embracing a new path.  We are recognizing that fear is money for many and we can stay grounded in reality and safety at the same time.  We are becoming sovereign in our emotions and our reactions.   We are becoming empowered within all interaction in life, even as others perpetuate habits of avoidance or lack.  We are crossing the bridge to our new Divine Beingness that Knows us as Creators of a Love-based world.  We are recognizing the beauty in the journey and the value of diversity and challenge as each moment offers new understanding of our capability.  We are releasing the fears of the future, the resentments of the past and allowing our ability to Love become the magnet for Freedom Aligned.  Blast on!

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