Understanding Self
All relationship is the Self reflected.  Relationship is connection.  The original connection is Self with Source, the separation from Unity into unique self.  From this creational point, All Life responds.  We are creative beings because we are connected to All Life, it is in-built into humanity and Life itself always continues.  To Understand the Self, you merely observe the reflection around you, for Creation merely Responds.  No judgment, only Love so complete that all is allowed.  Relationship will be a prevalent theme in May because how you relate to the world around you and the feedback you get from it is the story of Self.  It’s up to you to change your story. 
Understanding the Self begins with clear observance of your intentions.  Your intentions are the WHOLE story.  Your words can be just what you choose to allow others to hear.  Your actions can be just what you choose to allow others to see.  Your intention is for you to know (and perhaps some astute people).  Fear has been propagated in this world which keeps us from showing our true selves.  If you don’t look good enough, earn good enough or do good enough, you will be exposed as not being good enough.  So says the media/marketing machine that would disempower another for personal gain.  When you Understand the Self, that doesn’t effect you.  When you Understand the Self, you realize that you can gain while another does, too; there need not be any lack.  That is relationship – sharing instead of taking from or pushing upon.  When you Understand the Self through an open heart of Love, you see the reflection of Love in All Life around you.  You may observe the choice of another to denigrate life, but you also see the power of your own choice to enhance Life.  Love is far more magnetic and creative than fear, though fear has its ability to create. 
When you become clear with your pain, your fear and your shame; you come to Understand the Self as a perfect imperfect journey towards more Love actualized in form.  It’s easy to love a pretty flower, but can you love yourself (or another) after an argument?  Your pain that you hold within is merely a call for love.  As you Love it, appreciate its lesson and embrace it with courage, you are Melting a Wall that separates you from your Power (Love), from another and from the world around you.  True courage is compassion when pain is present.  If you can do that for yourself, you’ll find that Creation Responds with relief and support, for it is merely reflecting You – the compassionate one. 
As we sit to Blast Understanding Self, we are opening to the reflection of beauty that we are.  We are finding wisdom in pain, allowing All Life to benefit from the struggle of freedom achieved.  We are complete in our Love of Self because we understand that All Life is connected and cherished.  We appreciate the reflection that shows us our strength and our weakness, for both create more Love.  We are the Lightbearers, that bare the truth of our souls and shine the way for others to find their own Light.  Blast on!

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