Complete Knowing is a state of Allowance.  It is an active observant state, which is a state of awareness and active participation, without the need to force outcome – for within Complete Knowing is the understanding that All Is Well.  Complete Knowing is the formula of Free Choice, for in the interactive design of life on earth is the Knowledge that All Life returns to its Source of Love, so time and pathway are of no consequence in the larger scheme of Life.  Human perspective differs here. 
Within our human perspective, we have experiences that we enjoy and experiences that we don’t.  We tend to want the enjoyable ones and try to avoid the negative ones.  We could even look at the past and determine which path led to what negative experience, or better stated, which mistake or trauma.  There is nothing wrong with wanting good experiences, the Inherent Pull of Life is Improvement, we are wired for pleasure and improvement.  But as we embark upon Ascension and incorporate more of our Divine Nature with our Human Nature, we recognize the challenges and undesired experiences as a point of focus instead of a point of failure. 
Life has challenge, that is a fact today.  Whether or not you choose to view challenge as an opportunity for improvement is a choice.  It is our choice that sets us free.  As we choose to embrace What Is with an understanding of its point of focus towards improvement, we are empowered to create a Life of positive experience without resistance to the negative (neutrality). 
An important component of Complete Knowing is living life without regret.  This means no evaluating where mistakes were made, because there are none.  Each path leads to wonderful growth and it is a matter of understanding the power of your choice and even the power of patience as you deal with challenging change.  Choice is viewing a challenge as beneficial because you grew in strength, knowledge and capability.  Regret is a feeling of failure that is still influencing your now.  Patience is viewing a challenge as moving along at the perfect pace as new solution is brewing in the unseen until it is ripe enough for harvest. 
As we sit to Blast Complete Knowing, we are opening to healing the past and releasing fear of the future.  We are Allowing the now moment to focus us toward improvement while appreciating the path of life.  We are remembering that All Is Well, the Inherent Pull of Life is Improvement.  We are neutral within the active choice of creating a better life for ourselves and the world.  We are freeing ourselves from worry, regret and control as we understand that Life is constantly changing, constantly improving and constantly offering opportunity for sharing Love.  We are opening to our Divine Nature as we choose an improved perspective and interact from that point of focus.  Complete Knowing is your relaxed state of inspiration to dream, then bring, New Life into Being.  Blast on!

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