Mean What You Say
April is about heart energy in action, so we begin with how we create with word.  Word is a directed energy stream that carries much energy because we take in the Breath of Life (from All Life), mix it within the full scope of our Beingness (which contains all information of our intention and resistance) and we propel it out in focused intent for new creation.  This is internal creation directed into the etheric field of response – the world around us.  To Mean What You Say is to be responsible for your creation and your complete vibration so that your intention is clear and your resistance is minimal or nill. 
To Mean What You Say may sometimes result in more silence.  This is necessary when to speak would add force to what you do not want to create.  Unconsciously talking about the state of politics, other people, what’s wrong in your life or the world can be counter-productive.  Are you aware of when you’re working something out for more clarity and healing for yourself?  Sometimes it’s helpful to discuss a personal situation with a perspective of support and healing.  Sometimes you can discuss governmental or world situations and feed solution rather than disempowerment.  Sometimes you can discuss something that seems spiritual, correct or beneficial and still be steeped in control, separation and right vs. wrong.  Observe your intent with clarity and non-judgment and readjust if needed.  March’s mental focus was to help with your awareness of your thoughts and intentions.  April’s action is about living that heart energy that always/all ways serves Love’s propagation in your world. 
As we sit to Blast Mean What You Say, we are blending our internal and external worlds into words of creative clarity and creative power.  We are releasing separation of right versus wrong and creating what is nurturing to All Life as we serve Self and All equally.  We are allowing the words of our intent to inform the field of response we live within.  We are bringing Love into action, words into focus and creation into the world around us.  We are sovereign, powerful creators that recognize the effect of our focus.  We are empowering the words we speak to create the world we experience.  We are the poets of creation, releasing the Breath of Life into a world that awaits our direction to form.  Blast on!

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