Peace Is Possible
The spring equinox is days away, the reminder that night and day are in a constant dance of give and take, always resting in equilibrium as one leads and the other follows for a time.  Day and night do not fight the seasons, they support them; each with a beautiful purpose and gift to Life.  This is Peace.  It is available to you in every season of your life, every season of your day.  Until you actually have consistent access into peace, you must practice awareness and focus, for Peace is not nearly as loud and aggressive as the rest of life.  It will not force itself upon you. 
The LightBlasts through the month of March have been predominantly about focusing your mental awareness in order to create.  We use our mind to categorize, analyze, discern and choose.  This is a beautiful and powerful gift when used properly.  Most societies only value the (limited) mental; banishing the emotional as weak, problematic and not valuable in business – unless you are manipulating emotions to sell product or services.  Your mental acuity is directly related to your emotional intelligence.  Are you saying Love but actualizing right vs wrong?  Are you aware of separation in the name of what is right?  You see this exemplified in the political arena to the extreme.  Are you seeing those extremes of emotion/right vs wrong/control/mental chatter in your own life? 
We can’t truly separate the mental and emotional, as we are one being with an emotional and mental state (physical & spiritual, too!).  Your emotional focus leads to your mental focus and vice versa.  Cultivating the patience and awareness required to manage your emotions or your mental state is what aligns you with Peace within any situation.  This is the work in Lightwork.  Your Lightness of Being is your indicator that your work is helping you to attain a peaceful state, which then becomes your natural state.  When you are peaceful you are able to hear the whispers of the formless, you have Access Into Information, you are open to new solution in Love.  At times I find myself in emotional states that are less than peaceful.  Yet I also find a quiet knowing that, ‘This, too, shall pass, and I will be stronger and freer because of the experience.’ In this way, I feel at least a hint of gratitude within a moment of pain.  That is peace in a different form than silent meditating in a beautiful garden.  Both are valuable. 
As we sit to Blast Peace is Possible, we are anchoring our mental clarity to feel peace even through the chaos of change.  We are the beacons of the new way of Being Light.  We have the audacity to find a positive perspective from challenge and nurture it into form over time.  We are using our mind to achieve an emotional state of peace when others may not see the possibility.  We are the wayshowers exemplifying that Peace Is Possible, even when war, greed and fear have led humanity into a state of confusion.  We are beckoning Freedom into form through the power of Love.  Blast on!

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