Realizing Greatness
This is our second go ‘round with Realizing Greatness.  We focused on it last Julyduring a phase of LightBlasts that were about balancing the ego – or getting out of the mental and into the heart and allowing the mind to then serve Love’s Flow.  As you live life from the current of Love, you are aligning with the innate cosmic power that builds worlds.  The atomic structure shows you that the positive proton, when sufficiently supported by the neutral neutron, is the magnetism that brings the negative electron into form and structure begins.  This same energy applies to the draw of Love.  As you are neutral to circumstances and allowing the flow of Life to in-form your choice (direction) toward Love, you are creating in alignment with the natural laws of form.  As you experience the manifestation of the power of your Love within, you are given the keys to the kingdom and Life yields, for even the formless electron cedes to form in the wake of the positive pull.  The clue of Love in form.  As we enhanced in last week’s Physical Embodiment, we are here to live Love in form.  This week, we take that to a new level of LOVE.
In the mirror of Life, you see the reflection of vast beauty and ugliness.  Have you not seen that which is perceived as ugly be a great gift of beauty and vice-versa?  If this is so, then the Whole Truth indicates the Unification of the two, for there is no true separation of one or the other, the potential resides within both and is determined by your perception.  If you perceive through Love, you see the grace of what would be deemed ‘ugly’ as a mirror image (seemingly opposite, but just a reflection of the same) of beauty.  That is hatred awaiting the grace of understanding to unite instead of separate.  Degradation awaiting the grace of forgiveness to teach compassion instead of aggression.  Fear awaiting the grace of valor to ignite rather than decay.  Love awaiting the grace of surrender to be vulnerable enough to open the heart with such courage that every fiber of your being Knows All is Well.  There is no suffering that can remain in the embrace of Love.  This is the seed within All of Life that compels you toward creation, toward your Divine Nature.  You are here in human form because you are already capable.  Let the remembering seep deeper into your Knowing as you open to such colossal Love that Life around you responds with the reflection of Love. 
As we sit to Blast Realizing Greatness, we are embodying our Whole Truth as Divinity in form.  We are seeing that Divinity within All Life, all experience and seeking the perception of Timeless Love beyond the moment of form.  We are accessing more Truth as we allow Love to in-form through our physical body/mind/spirit.  We are Being Love, the Great force that compels, and the world forms in response.  We are the beginning, the foundation, the axis of Love.  The wheel of Life is then changed.  Blast on!

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