Resistance speaks to you with deep love and admiration.  Resistance serves your Empowerment when you listen to it with a courageous heart and a wise mind.  As you observe it, allow it to teach you and follow its gift of information.   You will find yourself presented with choice, for each moment is about choice.  How you deal with Resistance is your choice.  When you listen carefully and wisely, it will yield great benefit, no matter what the situation.  Resistance can be emotionally based and physically based.  Emotional resistance is often teaching you something about your present that may be influenced by your past and/or perception of the future.  Physical resistance is often showing you something about your past that can be shifted by your present.  It is for you to unfold the information and readjust accordingly.  Sit quietly and listen to your internal dialogue.  If the answer doesn’t come immediately, patiently remain aware, for when the time is ripe or the messenger arrives, you will be informed.  This could be through another person or something you read or hear.  The Field is always speaking to you.
Emotional Resistance in a moment is part of your innate intelligence that is cluing you into imbalance.  Are you doing something but feeling Resistance?  You may be out of integrity with energy exchange or boundaries.  You notice the subtle feelings of Resistance by lack of excitement about something, a ‘gut’ feeling or the lack of easy flow with it.  Energy exchange is everything from money to respect.  Honestly evaluating where you are in the scale of energy exchange is the work of a Lightworker that is living Compassion and Empowerment.  Giving away too much or too little is as imbalanced as receiving too much or too little.  Boundaries work the same way.  When people are looking to take energy from you, you know it.  They want attention and energy, but not personal Empowerment.  Within the scope of sharing with friends, family and even clients you balance give and take overall, not in each moment.  When someone has a moment of need, you will begin to naturally balance that in your life as you focus on your empowerment. You don’t need to figure out the energetic exchange of each moment.  Your body and your emotions will speak it to you.
Physical Resistance manifests as fatigue, inability to concentrate or disease.  Every single physical symptom in life has an energetic cause, whether it’s congenital or even caused by physical exposure to something.  That’s a bold statement.  Feeling Resistance to it? ;o)  Understood.  We’re taught to feel victimized by the world around us, it makes us more controllable because then we need something outside of us to save us.  In last week’s Quality of Life, we recognized that life is a balance of sharing, choosing and holding boundaries.  Here we do more of the same as we understand that we are capable of transmuting anything within a suitable time frame. and we will be presented with the information and resources to attain homeostasis.  It’s a balance of Allowing and directing.  It requires courage to keep moving forward and patience to do so with Grace rather than Resistance.  Physical symptoms can be frustrating and even scary.  And yet as you relax into healing, your body responds.   Note that Resistance is often teaching you to slow down, so it is not bad in and of itself, it is just a clue for your awareness.
As we sit to Blast Resistance, we are opening to change with Grace, Lighting the way for others to follow.  We are listening to the subtle information, the obvious information and the obscured information.  We are aligning with our path of Empowerment and Love as we maintain focus on improvement with patience.  We are reminding others that Life is a beautiful experience of expansion that is fueled by contraction.  We are going with the flow of Love; nurturing growth, eroding resistance and shaping our world to accommodate creative sharing and joy.  We are boldly observing Resistance as the internal mechanism of information that it is – guiding us toward more flow, more ease, more Joy with all aspects of Life.  Blast on!

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