Fortitude And Focus
Following your year 2012 is a review of your experiences.  With your clear perspective, many of you will find much release of the binds that restricted you and an opening to your own courage and fortitude.  Your abilities have always been in connection with your environment, as there is an interactivity that can not be separated, though it can be ignored.  With your new level of fortitude, you are able to interact with greater capacity and create as the powerful One that you are. 
Your creative abilities require your Fortitude And Focus.  Those that create war, suppression and distraction around you are utilizing that which is available to them.  You have the choice to utilize your creative abilities as well.  What do you choose?  When opportunity for Focus is presented, do you have the Fortitude to go against the norm of your societies and Love where Love has not been nurtured?  Do you look past propaganda, conspiracy theories and explanations and find the thread of Love and loom large with unwavering, courageous Love?  Not avoidance of the difficult, but deep awareness of the pain and disease within the scope of humanity through the lens of solution. 
Hold your nurturance of self to the standard of only the self, for each is at a different place of Fortitude and Focus, and that varies by moment and circumstance.  Yet with that, stretch the self, strengthen the self and allow the reflection of self to emanate out. 
Love is connective and nurturing by nature.  With it you heal that which can not yet be seen.  Those that separate and dominate seek Love through the disguise of power, for they do not yet know another way.  It is called service to self because it takes from another to serve the self, while service to others always serves the self as well. 
There is a fail-safe built into the system of Life that you need only have the Fortitude to Focus upon in times of challenge.  The fail-safe is Life continues.  All Life is connected.  Therefore all that seems separate or separative is merely part of the story, or illusion.  Even that which is service to self cedes to the continuance of Life.  Perhaps not in your lifetime, perhaps not in your dimensional limitation, but Life continues.  The system consumes Life for Life.  It is not for mere consumption, it is for renewal.  That which was one form, transforms.  Life continues.  You see finality, yet there is a larger truth beyond form.  Do you have the Fortitude And Focus to look beyond the loss of form and find the transformation?  Liberation and expansion are reached through the subtle until the focus of material is formed.  You know this as thought creating form, yet it also applies to form creating new form.  Find the Love and you find the connection, therein is the service to others. 

As we sit to Blast Fortitude And Focus, we are aligning our connection with the power of those that fear no sorrow and fear no change.  We are becoming the creative force that allows progress that serves All.  We are looking past the obvious into the unseen and recognizing all change as benevolent.  We are holding the vision of connection becoming visible in a world that serves Life.  We are the powerful force of Love Lighting the way.  Blast on!

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