It’s been two weeks and I already see the changes.  I feel my back is healing.  Now that I am aware of who I truly am and see things from another perspective I am in the process of healing, and I am feeling very tired at the end of the days and rest profoundly at night and feel physically better in a slow pace.  I feel more confident and unconsciously I’m aware of my self worth.  I also feel my English is getting better as I feel more confident.

I had another date on Friday. He is not only amazing but we liked each other very much! This is a miracle!  I am convinced that this shift was because of you. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I have been feeling much better these last two weeks. Besides, this week I also had a beautiful experience with nature. I am now seeing the real change you were talking about! Thank you for helping me in this process. You did show me how to let go and it finally clicked!

For a long time I would have these random very negative thoughts which I never could truly relate to. Usually they were worse in the middle of the night. After our session the thoughts are gone. I notice my mind is quiet. Really really quiet. I had not realized how much I had gotten use to ignoring the negative thoughts until they are not there anymore. The feeling of something stuck in the back of my throat is completely gone. It was bruised feeling for a few days but now totally gone.

Thank you SO much for the session the other day.  You are amazing and it helped me so much!  I’ve been saying my affirmations.  They resonate!  (Of course!) :)  I am grateful to have you in my life.

I wanted to share with you that the energy work is AWESOME! I shed some tears last night (a nice clearing), and can feel everything opening and expanding…what an awesome ride it is!

I now realize that sometimes the simplest lessons are the hardest and you are encouraging me not to give up and truly learn.  I have been doing the exercises and in just a day I have realized beautiful messages.

Hi Jamye, I just wanted to tell you that I truly believe the last session we had together was the start of the change for everything for me. The month of March has been full of synchronicities and Magic. Thank you so much.

I AM ON FIRE. Things are moving quickly now and I am front and center and wide awake! With the current momentum, many loose ends will be tied by the end of the month and new, great things have begun to cook! I am blessed to have you. You got me through the dark days last weekend.

Hi Jamye, my session with you today felt like I was in contact with someone I’ve known all my life…felt like coming home…thank you for a profound experience.

I just wanted to tell you that as I’m progressing through my divorce, your work has been something that has sustained me and encouraged me to rise up and be a stronger more loving person, and it has really called me out on standing up for my beliefs, even though sometimes people around me can’t comprehend how I think.

Jamye, since our sessions I’ve had some amazing transformation.  I don’t use the word amazing lightly.  I have lost 13.8 lbs in 14 days (normally fast loss not healthy, in this case very healthy), I have more real energy (not adrenal driven) and am sleeping better than I have in 20 years. My work in the world is transforming in unexpected ways.  My marriage has had a break-through in a wonderful way.  Most important I am absolutely well – happy, filled with a clarity and peace that I have not felt in my being since, well, I do not remember…added to this truly grounded state is a wisdom that I know derives not only from historical lessons (finally learned!) but also from a true connection with my Higher Self.

I feel so much better! Been saying my mantras often and enjoying them tremendously, so excited to see some more light in me.

You were able to help me make leaps in growth in the one session. You present knowledge that I have known for a while and your explanation expands the knowledge even further.  I am so pleased to have found you (thank you Universe) and this healing.


I have seen amazing results already.  My psoriasis has been flaring up for the last few years.  I have tried everything.   My friend suggested this.  It is working.  The red scaly patches are lighter and smoother.  I wish I had taken before and after pictures.

My son has had really bad allergies in the Spring every year, this year included. Every morning during allergy season, he’s had to take one over-the-counter drugstore allergy pill that’s suppose to cover 24 hours of symptoms. By dinner time, his allergy symptoms would always come back, this year included.  I can’t give him another pill till the next morning due to side effects, nor do I want to give him more drugs. The homeopathic pills have worked to a limit. Over the years, I’ve tried to find other natural remedies and other mp3s for his allergies, none have been as effective as your Releasing Allergies mp3. I purchased it 2 weeks ago and had him listen to it 3 times, looped it a few times each of the 3 times. Yesterday was the first day he didn’t have to take any allergy pills/remedies and today too!  I checked online, the pollen count is high right now in our area, including yesterday.  I know every year his symptoms are over by May and we haven’t gone through April yet.  He’s been biking outside each day, including today. Thank you sooo much for making this mp3! And it’s sooo affordable, has no negative side effects and doesn’t mask his symptoms…healing from the source to the source.

After I listened to your recording a few times, I noticedmy eyes were letting more light in, everything looked brighter which helped me to see more! Then, I listened to your mp3 many more times and a month later from the start of listening, I noticed I can finally see the TV clearly, the writings and the faces with my weaker prescription glasses. I haven’t had vision this good since decades ago.

Thank you Jamye, for sharing your healing knowledge so generously.  Several issues have improved for me since I found your website.  Also, thank you for the golden ball of light I received @ 2AM on April 23rd that made me smile and feel very happy. Clear Vision Light Language is a delight and I listen often.  The Sacred Relationship guided meditation is one of the best I’ve encountered in 25 years.  It helps me clear my chakras and release stress.

I began listening to the Light Language Healing audios last night, that I had downloaded. I listened to the  ear,nose and throat healing audio and almost immediately I felt a popping, and clearing in my left ear. The space inside my head felt clearer, and this morning I woke up feeling happy!

I’ve been following you and focusing on Light Language for nearly a year. With the aid of your audio tracks and weekly LightBlasts, I’ve overcome many emotional and spiritual obstacles, and all of my senses have really opened up. This has changed my life! It feels awesome to feel whole.

I had to let you know the Light Language MP3 I purchased from you, are the best thing ever! Since I have been listening to them my sinus and allergy of sneezing, runny nose and blocked ears has virtually cleared up (ears, nose and throat MP3). Usually in the morning I get a runny nose, sore ears and sneezing for half hour or more. Now it hardly happens!! It is amazing! Also my skin is looking better I’m prone to acne break out on my face, when I do get one it goes away or becomes smaller instead of becoming full blown acne (Radiant Skin MP3). So I want to let you know it truly is working!! Still working on the insomnia though…

How amazing it is.  I alternated days between the meditation and the light language.  The meditation really got me thinking and I felt a new sense of calm I had not felt before.  It was like I understood better certain things about the Universe. The light language, sticks with me. Its like a dream that stays with you all day.  It fades as the day goes but the feelings are there.

I love your work, although sometimes, I have to stop because the shifts are too much!  Not a complaint, just an observation.  I’ve also found that you can direction your intention, so if you listen to the abundance mp3, you can ask for only a specific X project be worked on, and NOT to work on Y topic at all because it would not benefit at this time to be shifted.

I just did the [Abundance] healing…….. it was so powerful as I’m sure you know.  Today a lot of emotions were rising to the surface around fear of lack and feeling I have to compromise myself for money, which is the deepest thing I’m working on healing now. I did this meditation and it brought me much deeper into authenticity to my true self and helped me make some grounded life choices for my path right now.   This was very therapeutic and I look forward to repeating it often.

I wanted to report some progress.  All finger nails but one have been left alone.  Yea.  I find myself playing with the nail but no desire to bite it–I guess since it is filed and smooth.

Thank you so much Jamye, I cannot express how much I love the Elven Codes and Faerie Light recording, I have listened to it already a few times. I have such a strong connection to their realm and appreciate the work you do to keep their magic and light here upon this Earth.

Thank you, Jamye!  I was at a healing night with my Reiki teacher last night and listened to this CD while she did healing treatments on us.  WOW.  That’s why I have to have it for listening again and again.  I have my joy back now.  THANKS

I wanted to express my gratitude for all I received from you.  I’m working with your Healing recordings, and it’s so wonderful to see certain things are no longer in my space; I feel more and more free and empowered. Thank you so much!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I started listening through all your programs once again. I noticed that new layers are releasing, and they get much deeper this time around. I love the energy!


I just wanted to thank you for putting the “Trusting Yourself” class together.  It is by far the best money I’ve ever spent in my life.  I’ve listened to the class 3 times now over the past 5 weeks or so.  It has been exactly what I needed to learn at this point in my life.

I have Spent a Great deal of Money on different People and their Products, During Your Last Heart Clarity Teleclass Had More Shifts than Have Had in Years.

Thank you so much for such a beautiful and powerful class!  I am so grateful because as we were moving through the class, I could feel myself becoming even more open, and understanding some of the Light Language that was being transmitted.  I thank you for that, because at that moment I needed the confirmation that I received from your “translations”, shall we say.  I have been doing the Pineal exercise and finding that I am feeling different.  It’s a good thing!  Thank you again for your efforts, your Love and Light.  It really does come through!  I can feel it!

Thank you for a WONDERFUL November tele-seminar.  There was SO much power and healing & understanding that came thru.

I must say it was the perfect timing for me. It worked well and the energy transmissions pushed me in a very interesting state. I think I’ll work with Holographic Imaging in the future and I’ll see what there will be created. ;-) Thank you for this class.

The year 2013 is coming to a close-up and we are glad that it transformed us through such deep alchemical process of spiritual ascension. I have attended all your tele-sessions this year and they were such a powerful tool to get through the waves of these powerful and imminent changes. The timing of your themes (tele-sessions, newsletters and weekly light-blasts) that you have presented and interpreted during the past months, is almost mind boggling in its precision and accuracy. I am therefore looking so much forward for the future events to be occurred and thus continuing on our path to personal growth and spiritual expansion.

During the 2nd light language session my body was twitching and moving around a lot.  I knew I was safe and allowed, just different.

Thank you so much for your such a transformative, beautiful class last night! The truth is, I have been feeling completely at the bottom of everything in my life lately.  All started in mid December with an incident, and I just went downhill from there. I thought I was doing “okay”, but then my body decided to react and I’ve been quite sick like I’ve never been before. In the midst of this, I saw the information about your class, and could not get rid of it from my mind. So I registered, and that was the best idea ever!  This morning, I woke up completely feeling different.  I feel my life is fine. I feel I am fine. I feel I can move and do things right. The strongest experience for me last night was, during the second (I think) light language transmission, I literally felt a blockage was shot out of my heart. I felt/saw an arrow coming in, and piercing this “stone” in my heart. During all the transmissions, I was feeling physical pain in my heart/chest area as well.

Wow!!! Pretty intense clearings. I listened to the call this morning, and have been processing the whole day. Luckily, I had a day off today :) Thank you so much for your great work!

Yes, last night was very powerful.  The first LL I didn’t feel a whole lot.  The second LL was all sorts of stuff running through the body from cramps to tears to expansion.  When I ask how much has changed for me from last night, it get a feeling of something huge, more than I can comprehend.

I really enjoyed and appreciated the class/transmission.  I noticed shortly afterwards that several of my [psychic] senses seemed to have become more acute — particularly smell, but also hearing and “noticing”.  As example a few days ago someone I didn’t know threw me a glance from across a large room, and within a fraction of a second I picked up an unexpected sense of love in the glance.  And a few moments later that person came over and spoke to me about some plans I had been speaking of, still with that same sense of connection/love in her voice and manner.  It’s not surprising for me to become quickly aware of such feelings when I’m actually talking to someone, but the nearly instant nature of the awareness this time, and the distance over which I felt it, were new and almost startling to me.  So beautiful!   Other things have been happening too, such as that I’ve been connecting more deeply than ever in recent weeks to feelings.

Again and again, this lecture was JUST AMAZING!  It was exactly what I needed at this moment as well. And yes, I am so HOPENED now! (boy, it made me laugh out loud!)

Oh yeah, those psychic senses seem to be really coming alive. Have been seeing golden orbs, hearing whispers in my ear (left ear). One was so loud my cat heard it, we both turned around at the same time. My chest around the heart chakra again seems to be expanding.

I have been listening to the Psychic portal recordings and just wanted to share 2 experiences with you – the first one was when you did the light language for the psychic trauma release. One minute I was listening to your beautiful voice and the next, my eyes were tearing up. It wasn’t overwhelming or anything but just a sign for me when energy is moving and although I didn’t feel emotional, I knew sadness and pain were being shifted.  The second one was when we were focusing on the crown chakra, and had just said “I open to channel my higher self” suddenly I was very aware of my heartbeat – this may sound funny, but I never ever hear or feel my heart beating, not until I’ve been running. But during this exercise, it was like having someone knocking or playing drums right in the middle of my chest. Then a few minutes later, you said to visualize the light flowing into the crown and in the heart. It was a beautiful confirmation for me.

I am not sure of all the processes.  I felt numb at the beginning.  I knew I was getting what I needed.  During the second to last transmission, tears were just flowing down my cheeks.  Yea.  I am not sure how exactly I came across your website.  I am very grateful for that.

Yow, that was wonderful!  Today the gift of clearing and activation is expanding.  My useless spare parts, ego issues, human condition issues; gone last night. Feels like someone drilled out my crown chakra, and pineal, and replaced it with a resonant, vibrating membrane. This is a peaceful place to be! Thank you.

My dearest Jamye, I wasn’t able to listen to this until Saturday and need to say Thank you,before another minute passes. I am so grateful I followed my heart and signed up..you are awesome and this helped me so much I have been seeing, detaching and I LOVE.


I heard you mention Centauri and also read it in your blog post re: [Comet] Ison; and I wanted to mention, in case you hadn’t heard — there was a supernova explosion in the Centauri galaxy which was seen here on earth on Dec 3, 2013.http://www.skyandtelescope.com/community/skyblog/observingblog/Naked-Eve-Nova-in-Centaurus-234293341.html The light from the explosion left Centauri 15,800 years ago. The timing with ISON is synchronistic, because scientists estimate that ISON left the Oort cloud at the edge of the solar system about 10,000 years ago. I wanted to let you know that your channeled information dovetailed with this event. Blessings and please do keep up the good work:)

WOW! this one really blasted me! i listened twice, the second time i felt my physical body dispersing into the air! i had to lay down. powerful! NAMASTE!!!

I just think the light blasts are amazing and I thank God every day for them because I don’t know if I could have gotten through some days without them. Whenever I’m having a hard day, or really need an answer for something weighing on my mind, I just randomly pick one of the archives and I ALWAYS feel better.

I am at a point in life needing some clarification and guidance. This did a powerful job of both! Thank-you so much, Jamye.

Breathtakingly awesome Jamye!!! Thank you for reminding me how disagreements allow for “…bolder choice.” I love seeing it that way. And how “a rule calls you to find freedom within it” Perfect. You have helped prepare me for my day with a loving family member who will disagree with everything I believe. I know It’s All Good

Perfect Jamye, once again! Your weekly LightBlasts make me feel so supported, reassuring me that I’m progressing on my Ascension/Spiritual path.   As you wrote, I do already see how my actions are freeing everyone: “You are utilizing your free will and it will free others too”…and this is fantastic.  Your teaching, spiritual guidance and intuitive wisdom have brought me to this truly wonderful place.   Thank you Jamye.

I’ve been listening to your YouTube videos and you speak with such clarity that I just had to write and thank you. I’m familiar with many of the concepts that you speak about. For example I know about remaining detached and having no expectations which I learned from listening to Bashar and Abraham but I never knew why so it just never took hold.  So thanks so much. I feel as though I’m finally moving from learning to applying what I’ve learned. I finally realize that my higher self and guides have been speaking to me all along synchronistically but I just wasn’t getting it. Its finally sinking in so thanks so much.

I also wanted to let you know that the last three light blasts rang very deep for me and also many friends who are dating and learning what we want in a relationship, but also allowing others to be where they are at with Grace.  Your works have really gotten me through the last year and given my heart a lift when I didn’t think I could lift it.

I am awestruck by this LightBlast! it is right on & very potent! ALL WILL BE BLESSED BY YOU! thank you!

I have been watching your light messages for quite awhile, but right now I feel like thanking you out loud and letting you know that your light language always touches me deeply, enters my system deeply, and more and more it gets easier to interpret what it means to me, and the way you explain it feels close to my experience.  Also, you as a person touch me deeply emotionally, I feel a connection from far away in another realm/timeline, and I’m happy you’re back in my life in a way, teaching and facilitating spiritual growth again…Thank you!

Thank you again Jamye, I am in sincere appreciation of your talents and gifts you share. I cannot even get close to summarizing the beauty of the message holds, only to say I understand and am experiencing much the same in my life.

So glad I found u and your valuable work.  This week’s reading is truly a gift to us, a blessing and also an expression in the spirit a work of art.

Thank you for doing what you’re doing providing others with your genuine connection and channeling. It is so good to see you and others like us thrive. Such an inspiration. Thank you so much. Thank you for sharing with such confidence, light, integrity and truth.

I must tell you Jamye, these weekly LightBlasts are an invaluable tool that I use for recharging and gaining a new wave of clarity. Thank you!

Dear Jamye, I have been listening to your weekly lightblasts for sometime and am so grateful for you and your work.  This week’s message brought me to tears. Thank you.

Jamye, I love your posts. They are subtle yet profound when one reads them closely. They always hit the mark on the attribute being highlighted. Thank you!

Thank you for offering your blog and the work you. I love the light language activations, i cry every time I listen, something resonates deeply in my heart and I feel like bursting wide open!

Hi, I just wanted to write and thank you for such great, inspiring articles;-). They have served as a support and guiding light for me.

I counted my first WOW of the day while reading your article as per subject. Very well written and  such a soft, gentle reminder of unity consciousness.

Thank you so much for your most recent weekly light blast.  It has struck some deep areas within me, areas that I’ve been unable to “see” but knew were there.  Although not wholly clear on a conscious level, the message has nevertheless opened a door that I’ve been wanting to access.

Today when I read your post I cried, as if I had an epiphany.  I just had to say thank you because I was feeling down and all alone, and somehow your post kinda lifted me out of my funk. THANK YOU for that.

I have just heard your 2nd  radio show and it was amazing because in both your shows that I have heard I had healing which I needed at that point of hour. The most interesting thing is that you have risen to such a level that your mere presence is healing. Once again thank you for the healing.

Ok, I felt my throat expand when I listened to that video!

holy cow she has amazing energy!! You can totally see her heart chakra colors coming out on her chest, and her throat chakra yellow, and her aura around her amazing!!  don’t know what she did or said in the second half but it was powerful!

Jamye I want to tell you somethings that have happened to me during light language videos. 1 my eyes start to flicker back and forth. 2 I feel a buzzing in the center of my brain this has been described to me as my Pineal gland going to work, 3 My 3rd eye opens, 4 I feel an energy that I describe as love light energy, 5 during this time I still have thought in my mind but I feel like I’m going into some kind of trance but I am aware.

Just want you to know how incredibly powerful your light language messages are for me…they bring to me tears…the truth, the essence of the messages obviously connect deeply to my soul, to my I am essence.

I just want to thank you so very much, for your generosity of spirit, to share these beautiful, powerful, messages through light language. I am so very grateful to you!


“The ease and grace in which it flowed was amazing. No gaps in the presentation for us to get confused or feel lost AT ALL. The material effortlessly built upon itself to give us a full comprehensive experience in all ways. I loved your humor and willingness to address questions with such patience, love and WISDOM!!”

“This retreat was one of the best workshops I have ever done. The experiential aspect of this retreat made a big difference. It was interactive and more of a sharing than a traditional teaching. Jamye was authentic and true in her presentation. Her natural ability to express this information in a way that reached everyone where they were was amazing!”

“This is one of the most intense retreats I have ever done. I know that I will be feeling the effects for a long time. There were so many times that I just knew this was going to shift something in my life. I don’t know exactly what I will do with Light Language and that’s not necessarily important. What is important is being able to understand how to access an expanded awareness and harness that energy. I can feel the lessons in my cells and in the very core of my beingness.”

“Such a glorious environment of trust, respect, support and openness was created that allowed the Light Beings to transmit and present through you and through us. Much gratitude and appreciation to you and your team for all the efforts to make the weekend an outstanding success. Much healing occurred and will continue.”

“I was so drawn to Jamye’s grounded presence, her authenticity and her way of bringing to us such sacred and important learning in a way that is accessible. She uses humor and shares her own experiences to help us realize the light language is accessible to all of us who are willing to open our hearts, receive and transmit. Jamye is the most genuine, real and truly gifted teacher I’ve encountered in a long while. It is a rare thing to see a teacher balance humility and purity of message. ”

“Overall this was an amazing class filled with love, healing, learning; blessings beyond my understanding at this time. I am so very grateful for Jamye as a teacher and channel. I am so grateful for her true heart and sharing from a place that will help me release my reluctance to share this beautiful gift with the world.”

“I’ve taken many other courses and yours has been the best so far!! you were meant to teach this. I got a lot more than what I was expecting (downloads, activations, soul integration and more!!!)”

“Each exercise allowed my experience with Light Language to expand and become easier transmitting. Jamye created a safe, nurturing space to explore and stretch healthy boundaries, learning a new modality of healing.”

“I feel like this helped me to understand intellectually what I’ve been doing for the past 20 years privately, and it provided me an opening to now practice this intentionally rather than only spontaneously.”

“Tremendous personal healing through your transmissions as well as healing through meeting and congregating with all of the students. Your ability to connect on a deep level with everyone was inspirational!”

“Jamye- I AM on F I R E!!!  The confidence is such a welcome and new experience!”

“I loved that you shared your personal stories and journey and you are so funny and real and grounded. It was so awesome to see such an otherwise ‘normal’ person in touch with this ability and gift – Everything you taught and talked about was fascinating and engaging.”

“It was such a beautiful and inspiring weekend with you. And the group of people that were there were such gentle and loving souls. It felt so good!”

“I’ve felt estranged in my spiritual walk and meeting others with similar interests and gifts is empowering. Focus and being grounded have been a challenge to me but I feel that has changed a lot through this class. It was unifying and a safe space to be in. Very constructive, as we were all supportive of each other.”

“I had no expectations about the content of the retreat, but I received way more information than I was expecting. The most amazing thing I received from this workshop was Jamye’s gift to listen to and to connect with each of the participants. For me, it was such a unique and warm experience.”

“I bullet point here:

  • Physical cleansing / detox after the workshops (had cold-like symptoms and mild diarrhea)
  • Became able to speak and write LL immediately with easy and grace  😉
  • Re-gained a connection w/ my higher self and spirit guides (this was such a big relief as I’d been feeling I had lost the ability to connect w/ them. I got a new tool now!) Now I feel ‘guided’ and ‘supported’.
  • Became more sensitive to energies. Became able to read energies (information) thru my palms (particularly my dominant hand) Perhaps you could say hand chakras are activated?
  • Have started to access more information on various levels – I guess more multi-dimensionally?
  • Increasing my intuitions and making more realizations (in a time released manner) about life in general. I’m excited about my new ‘tool’. Feels like my OS is upgraded! 🙂
  • Re the actual teaching, I see that you are an experienced teacher. The presentation was great. I felt contained in the workshops.
  • I have been in contact with another participant, [*****]. I got her permission to share her progress with you.  She is grateful to you for running the LL workshops. She has told me she feels now connected strongly with her higher self and no longer has any doubt about information she receives from other realms. (previously she hadn’t been confident.) She uses LL daily to heal herself and receive information. (She has shown me a few LL writings she has done since the workshops. They all contain layers and layers of information.)”

“Jamye’s work is quite easy to understand and filled with lots of love. She leads us well. This is such a high-quality workshop. It was a lesson to teach me confidence, perseverance and love.”

“I am following my heart and sending you much love and gratitude for your beautiful book, the downloads from your teleclasses  and for the wonderful wisdom that you possess and share with so many. You have helped me to expand my perspective on life and all that surrounds me. I have opened so much since I attended your workshop in October and I must tell you that on the first day of the workshop my friends and I found a praying mantis on the hood of our car. It was bringing forth your powerful energy for all of us attending that day. The first time that I heard light language I felt I was home. It is a lullaby for my soul. I listen to it every day. I do not know life without it anymore and I thank you with all my heart for the knowledge and wisdom that you so loving share with so many.”


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