Package of Three Healing Sessions


Save 33% – 3 sessions for the price of 2!*

During each one hour phone or skype session, we talk about what you would like to work on (as vague or specific as you like) and I work as guided by Source.

The Crystalline Soul Healing Template that I developed creates rapid change that integrates smoothly. Sometimes I will ask you questions, sometimes we will go right into work or I will give you information coming through.

As I channel the Crystalline Soul Healing frequencies, you may hear me speaking Light Language, toning or emoting. I will continue until I am guided it is finished for that time period. When I finish, we will discuss what happened and any guidance that is appropriate for implementing your changes.

I am an energy healer with a focus on empowering you to create your best life. I am not a psychic reader, I do not predict futures. Energy healing and guidance helps progress that faster and easier, but your active participation is necessary.

If you would like to combine one Axiotonal Alignment and two Crystalline Soul Healing sessions, you may let me know. If you’ve had an Axiotonal Alignment before, you do not need it again. Terms and Conditions*

After you purchase the session, I will email you to schedule. Please note I am currently booking about eight to ten weeks in advance.

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