Light Language Practitioners Online Course


Class is closed until 2020. 

Prerequisite: This class is for those who have taken Learning Light Language with Jamye. If you have not taken that prerequisite, click here to find an available class.

Light Language for Practitioners is an online class for practicing Light Language within a session structure; Whether you are working on yourself or on clients.

When you enroll, you will have lifetime access to this class. The class is 6 weeks of weekly lessons, exercises and support with Jamye (plus bonus lessons!). After the 6 weeks of lessons, the Practitioner Forum and lesson recordings will remain available to you anytime.

Each weekly module contains: 

  • Video lessons
  • Questions and Answers (live with Jamye)
  • Homework Exercises with your In-Class and In-Person Practice Buddy
  • Practitioner Forum Access to classmates and Jamye

After this class, you will have lots of ideas and experiences of how to integrate Light Language into your healing practice—whether you’re working on yourself or with clients. You’ll have more practice and confidence to do Light Language effectively for yourself and others. You’ll have a support team with Jamye and classmates that are integrating Light Language along with you!

The live Question and Answer sessions are on your calendar (Sundays at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern). You can participate through video, phone, skype or mobile. If you can’t attend the live class, you’ll be able to watch the replay. 

Preparing for Class Module – Your Responsibility as a Practitioner, Speaking About and Translating Light Language

In this lesson, which is available as soon as you register, we clarify the core responsibilities of a practitioner, moving through a lot of baggage and opening to a freer relationship with helping others balance through healing work. This balancing helps you draw clients and opportunities aligned with your unique path. You’ll learn some new ways of speaking about Light Language to others and during a session, as well as translating the Light Language during sessions.

Module 1 – Structuring a Session

This module will overview how to structure sessions so that your flow is balanced between your discovery and universal support.

Module 2 – Working with Each Form 

We’ll cover the details of working directly with Light Language in it’s different forms in various ways so that you can find your easiest flow.

Module 3 – Combining Forms of Light Language

We’ll cover the details of combining forms of Light Language if you choose to work with multiple forms.

Module 4 – Animals Nature Locations

We’ll cover how to work with animals, Earth healing and locations for clients. All of these become new ways of expanding your experience and clientele, and/or additional ways of working on yourself and your own healing.

Module 5 – Structuring Sessions with Groups

This module details additional ways to structure sessions, and covers ways of working with groups. Even if you don’t feel drawn to speaking or working in front of groups, this is helpful if you want to work on couples or with other healers.

Module 6 – Detailed Session Structure

We bring together the lessons into clearer ability to structure sessions so that you are prepared for clients and offering a stable environment for expansion.

Bonus Modules

You’ll receive bonus materials, including working with children, dealing with challenging clients and more!

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