Light Language Accelerator


PRICE INCLUDES Learning Light Language Online + Light Language Accelerator (Save $240! Price increases on February 5, 2021)

In addition to the 2 weeks of Learning Light Language Online, join Jamye for an online class to deepen and expand your Light Language! (This class is only available to students that have taken Learning Light Language with Jamye.)

Each of the 6 Weekly Modules Contain: 

  • Video Lessons
  • Practical Exercises
  • Live Group Call with Jamye (teaching, activation, Q & A)
  • Forum Access for Sharing and Expanding
  • Bonus Lessons, too!

This class takes you to the next level of confidence and capability with your Light Language.

The LIVE 1-hour Zoom calls are Saturdays at 12:30pm AZ time. If you can’t attend the live class, you’ll be able to watch the replay. Calls are Saturday, March 13th – April 17th. 

Module 1 – Your Responsibility as a Light Language Channel

In this lesson we refine the core responsibilities of a Light Language channel, moving through a lot of fear and baggage. This opens you to a freer relationship with your expansion through Light Language.

Module 2 – Structuring a Session

This module will overview how to structure sessions so that your flow is balanced between your discovery and universal support. You’ll learn some new ways of speaking about Light Language to others, as well as translating Light Language.

Module 3 – Working with Each Form 

We’ll cover the details of working with Light Language in its different forms. This will give you a strong foundation of different ways to express your Light Language.

Module 4 – Combining Forms of Light Language

In this lesson you’ll practice combining forms of Light Language to expand your capability. Even if you only choose to work with a single form moving forward, this helps detail your focus and channel strength.

Module 5 – Animals Nature Locations

We’ll cover how to work with animals, Earth healing and locations. This naturally deepens your understanding of the connective nature of Life and the profound impact of your Love through the Language of Light.

Module 6 – Working with Groups

This module details ways of working with groups. Even if you don’t feel drawn to speaking or working in front of groups, this is helpful if you want to work on couples or with other healers.

Bonus Lessons

You’ll receive bonus materials, including working with children, combining Light Language with other modalities and more!

“Now I feel the light language is so much more a part of me than before attending your class.”

“I can never completely express how deeply I was moved by the overall class design and experience, it was more than I ever expected.”

NOTE: Price includes both classes – 2 weeks of Learning Light Language + 6 weeks of Light Language Accelerator! Please don’t purchase both!

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This class combines the 2 weeks of Learning Light Language Online + 6 weeks of Light Language Accelerator


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