Both Teleclasses – Annual Subscription

$300.00 / year

Save 38% off the regular price when you subscribe to both classes annually!

This Annual Subscription includes access to a monthly channeling and Light Language healing with Areon, the Lyran Council of Time. It also includes the Monthly Energies Teleclass – profound enhancement for the current energies that Lightworkers are dealing with.

Each month will be a deeper journey into your inner Love and freedom to create more creativity in your life, as guided by Areon, the Lyran Council of Time. The Lyrans, our ancientfuture forebearers are here to support us through our natural and exciting Ascension. They work directly with you during the channelings to lovingly assist your inner growth and clearing. Your Higher Self is always the conduit of your perfect healing for the moment, and your human self has conscious choice.

These teleclasses will offer you amazing support and progress as you change your life into a creative flow that is more interactive with the subtle realms integrating with the human experience. This changes your life and offers a path of understanding to those around you, just by your example. These are powerful times that are calling you to your empowerment. These classes will offer speed and ease to your progress.

You can listen live or to the replay, which is available for one month after each class. With this subscription, you will be charged once for a year’s worth of access. No refunds will be given if you choose to cancel within the year.

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This is a membership product for the Lyran Perspective and Monthly Energies Tele-classes Annually

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