These energies are intense! I have been hearing from quite a few people about the intensity of release that is going on, or the intensity of the collective energies. I even mentioned when Areon showed me September energies were Joyful Heart, my initial reaction wasn’t joyful. :o)

But this is the work.

What has been surfacing recently is a review of the year’s vision and a merging with the energy of Ophiuchus/Asclepius. First a review: 2020 was the year of Following Your Heart, where we had to learn to protect the inner realm with wisdom and courage (not fear) so that our unique focus is supported.

Otherwise, your powerful Light is dispersed because of other people’s agendas.

We’ve Been Preparing

This preparation began so long ago, but it has been culminating lately. The 2021 energies of Freeing Your Heart move that powerful Love that was nurtured within the self, out into this changing world. It’s the work in Lightwork; maintaining a counterpoint to the rampant fear and control.

For 2021 I was shown a dragon on Earth erupting fire upwards. Then a dragon in the sky erupting clouds outwards. I heard “release the poison” and I knew the sacral, heart and throat chakras were especially important.

Fire and water. Earth and Air. The dragon represents integration of all the elements, including ether. We could call that our consciousness, and focus is the vehicle of movement for our consciousness. Areon said the January energies represent an important energy throughout the year. Ugh. So true.

We are constantly in a duality-transforming phase of release or activation. They occur simultaneously, it’s just a matter of what is manifest or visible in your experience.

Change is Here

Now to the recent message of, “now we can return to the lady moon,” connected with Ophiuchus, the serpent-bearer. There is more brewing about this, but the basis of scorpion/snake energy is transformation (rebirth, deep change, initiation) and wisdom.

I found this at my house a few days ago.

Snake Shed its Skin by Jamye Price

It’s time to shed your skin.

What “skin” (outer-focus, old idea, expectation, presentation) do you need to release (remember that directive in the 2021 vision) so that your Joyful Heart can abide your power to transform this world. You don’t control the outer world, only how your focus within. Unless YOU focus your energy, someone else will.

News, advertisers, click-baiters (they are one and many) will.

Free your Joyful Heart

It’s not because everything here is already joyful. It’s because (being the cause) YOU know that Life is Love. It comes from Love and returns to Love. This dissonance is a compelling to more harmony. For the bold dragons.

Sometimes I don’t feel that. But this universe is that. And you are part of that broader flow of Life. Focus your heart/mind on the transformation that you want to experience here.

Don’t give your power away, dragon. Change is here.

Movement, sound, creative expression. Buzz like a bee. Twist like a snake. Release the poison that creates dissonance within so that healing occurs more easily.

Let go of the old skin, powerful one. You’ve outgrown it.

They won’t tell you that. You have to follow YOUR instincts. What do you know deep within?

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