September Ascension Energies – Polarity Perspective

September Ascension Energies by Jamye Price

August Review

August was a culmination of 3 months (June/July/August) of focus amplifying our connection (family). Ascension is a natural evolution into more conscious connection with the subtle, invisible energetic that has always been working with us (ie our thoughts/emotions), but now we are using/mastering that connection more consciously.

August brought the final of 3 eclipses (those were easy ;o) that stirred up a lot of change. Ultimately it was the continual leveling up the spiral. The energy of 3 is represented by the triangle. August brought a new clarity and empowerment to the Merkaba (our vehicle of progression) which is the static, 2D representation of the spiral.

Mer=Light, Ka=Spirit, Ba=Body. It is the resonance/shape/geometry, form/formless bridge between subtle and physical. Light is the result of that movement/shape. It is the information of that resonance.

Heart Family was the focus of August, and it pointed out the importance of emotions, which connect and move/transform things. This is constant in physical form. Ma’at asks, how Light is your heart? When it is weighed against a feather, is it heavier (you sink) or lighter (you rise)? See how this metaphor has written our history? What writes our future?

September Energies

For the energies of September I was shown 2 paths diverging. Polarization, separation—but not desolation! Some would say this is the timeline shift, where the good go in one direction, and the bad in the other (do you sink or rise, think or surmise?).

Areon, the Lyran Council of Time, has been talking about our polarization for quite awhile, that we would be seeing it increase, even among Lightworkers. Polarization is a natural form of new creation. It gets people off the fence, making decisions, forming opinions and (oh no!) judgments.

Using your discernment (the less judged form of judgment) is important. You are in physical to experience and choose. When you do that with less polarity and more neutrality, you are following the rules of creation that determines form. You’re writing the future.

This is the physical realm. We move through change based on rules of the physical realm. We transcend that by integrating the “higher” resonance (the subtle, unseen) of the heart—love. (Make that heart rise!) But those 2, the physical and non-physical, are connected. It’s your light, your information connects them. Are you light as a feather?

Polarity Perspective

The benefit of polarity in the physical realm, is it clarifies your perspective. What couldn’t be identified when you were too close to it, becomes clear with some perspective through distance. Too often we have been entrained to focus on problems that stimulate polarizing fear [new(s) is really old]. Yet progress is calling you toward neutralizing the polarity.

An open mind creates a path for the Heart by Jamye Price

August showed us the power of the heart to forgive (neutralize) and create the new in Love. September teaches us to neutral-eyes and see a new future. See beyond polarization as separation and embrace the clarification that the spiral always creates.

Allow it to spin off the weak bonds of fear, pain and resentment, enlightening your load. Allow it to strengthen your strong bonds of love, compassion and creative courage, illuminating your road.

Compassion Connects

The energy of Mother Mary, representing unconditional Love and nurturing compassion has been strong recently. You may resonate with a similar energy other than Mother Mary, but that energy of nurturing Love is key to the diverging roads finding new direction.


Because it is the pull of the positive, compelling Love that the fear/pain/resentment seeks to soothe its spin into flow again. New form. Is the bond written with the light of heart or the plight of density? The 2 aren’t so separate when you see 3 through them. Duality is transcended with Love. Creative courage will say no, it will push/pull into new form—but through the Light of Love instead of the fear of separation.

This is where the linearity, the lines diverging, are swept into resonant spiral. Where deconstruction and reconstruction submit to the forces around them. Love is a passive force, it compels new form. It does that with a deep inner knowing that the rules of nature “right” (write) themselves through Time.

Writing the Future

These months have called us to amplify our creative flow by owning our lives. Be the dominant flow in your own life, it is the creative gift of free will that Life has bestowed upon you by nature, not by nurture. The nurturing is your work. What are you nurturing in your life? Are you feeding your fear or feeding your Love?

September is a time of perceiving a new potential. It follows an amplification of the heart/love so that the brilliant mind is focusing on the linear path and steps that help manifest the heart’s desires. It is a powerful time of being the change you want to see in the world!

Your inner actions create beneficial interactions by Jamye Price

Your inner perspective is your first action, how you allow the building/amplification of a resonance to create new form. September may not feel as action-focused as you may like—but go back to that powerful knowing that you are creating from a new foundation of love. Look for the clues of form building and you will find more neutrality as you connect to the new.

In Summary

This equinox brings us to a new balance between 2 worlds, where we see the potential of the connection of equality enhancing life, rather than the separation of inequality dominating the landscape. How is the scene influencing your flow? Or are you influencing it? Perhaps in ways unseen, but sensed by those with eyes to see, and lived by those with the courage to be. The change.

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  • Lyn Taryn
    Posted at 19:09h, 31 August Reply

    I would be interested in how you erceive the lightworker polarisation. I have observed quite a gew areas lightworkers are taking different emphases in. Not just two poles but quite a few areas of difference sharpening.
    We have always been a diverse group in many ways, and new people are joining the ranks as well. I know I am reading few messages these days as so many dont seem to be speaking to where I am these days. It is nice to read something and feel more part of the larger ascension movement though when you are living a very stripped down life by now.
    Thanks for you thought’s though and love from me too.

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 14:15h, 23 September Reply

      Hi Lyn, I think there are many different ways things are polarizing (and it doesn’t mean that is a bad thing). Some are moving deeper into empowerment and no longer resonating with the same energies or people. I’m glad you’re finding the support when appropriate and clear when things don’t resonate for you. Much Love!

  • Kristi Borst
    Posted at 15:16h, 28 August Reply

    I love this, Jayme … “neutral eyes”. For too long, humanity has lost “sight” of a balanced yin/yang view of our world, literally seeing only black or white, love or fear, acceptance or condemnation … through our judgment, we essentially create what we think we see. I love the

    We are a work-in-progress and inner peace is the place of power. One of our greatest powers may be that we choose where we live in terms of vibration, and the neutrality choice is so clear once we see it (or at least know what we’re looking for)!

    Thank you for linking to Reading the Cue of Life (“clues of form building”, text link above); it’s is wonderful. I strive to be childlike because as children we knew the subtle senses were “real”. The more I claim my ability to see the unseen, the more shows up!

    Love, Kristi

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 13:58h, 23 September Reply

      Thank you, Kristi! I’m so glad you’re feeling the progress!

  • Nicholette Pavlevsky thetruthbus@gmail
    Posted at 08:47h, 28 August Reply

    Wow, been reading ur posts for a few months now, since I was so impressed with u at the conference. And wow so accurate, so right on to what is happening. To me and I think the world to! This past 3 eclipse thing was really tough on me, but in these last couple days I feel like I’ve finnally stepped through the “threshold ” to the me I finnally can be and have wanted to be for

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 14:17h, 23 September Reply

      Excellent, Nicholette! I’m glad you’re feeling the benefit of moving through them!

  • Gina Rodriguez
    Posted at 06:42h, 28 August Reply

    Good morning my teacher well said yes yes yes a few lingering uncomfortable one roomate.. but I fo see dispersing of a lot of people going away in my life does not serve my highest good .. I am spending time with family members who are very happy with me.. staying in compassion. Feel a little displaced but I keep focus.. have safe wonderful trip.. God bless you for all you do for all of humanity.. Much Love..

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