February Embracing

February had some interesting shifts as the deepening of the sacred space within was offered a strengthening and clarifying courage to Embrace Your Uniqueness. Now, as one plus two weaves into the month of three, your Patient Heart is magnifying change.

Like a slo-mo flow, detail dives deep and expands the silence. It magnifies the moment and the imprint of the invisible becomes obvious, except to the oblivious. Don’t resent the unaware, for much happens beneath the objectified that disrupts the surface flow.

Time Stands Still

There was something that I began experiencing in February that I didn’t cover in the March video. In late February, I began having brief flashes of an intensified timeless, zero point state. This felt very visceral and somewhat head/heart-focused, and also different than some similar experiences I’ve had of neutrality or void space.

There was an intensification of the amplification state that I would describe as buzzing, excited energy without the emotional attachment. Again, similar to things I’ve experienced before and also somewhat different. The body beginning to deepen the reflection of opposites.

From Inner to Outer

There was a lot shifting in February, most intensely on the inner plane, and I expect the winds of change to increase in March, yet with an interesting twist as the slow-motion moment stretches into a potent deepening.

What began hinting in February and will continue increasing: the counterpoints experienced simultaneously as the spiral comes to a collision of opposites that were always connected, though the journey seemed so separate.

Collisions aren’t always violent, you the peacemaker hold the space of pre-form. When eyes meet and hearts collide, the moment is magnified and new direction implied.

The vision explained in the video reinforces the Patient Heart to observe the outer chaos and hold the space, the subtle, the timeless future in now. To foresee and hold strong as the spin blends fast and slow (how mo can you go ;o) where eyes can’t detail, the heart will define.

Eye See

The eye of the storm, though still, is storm. It holds strong and centered, unmoved by the turmoiled and tormented.

As the chaos spins and spoils, change changing the soils solid footing, direction twirls the confused into mental labyrinths that even the winds can’t prove. It’s a longer time of waiting and wondering, as a moment that would pass unnoticed, builds momentum to last.

You, powerful peace maker, are at life’s molten core. Knowing the what you see in the eye touches the heart of passion’s fire ever more. From solid to seething, to the winds of change breathing a whisper of peace for the willing to ignore.

What of will when the winds whip connections apart? What is weak breaks easily as the spiral spins the blending of time in the heart. Where is your will when the wind rushes by? You won’t find it with the eye that can’t focus beyond time’s lie.

Be the eye of the storm that foresees the change.

There are seas of change coming in with the tide. Left to your mind’s devices fear will preside, for the unknown is time’s lie as the forgetting derides. Truth has no proof to blurry eyes trying to focus too fast to see spinning lies.

To learn to discern is the heart’s power earned.

It has no merit to mirrors that reflect to confuse, creating chaos within as distraction feeds the narcissist muse. Where to look, what to feel, as the storms spins to real. What the eyes won’t perceive knots the mind’s course to feel.

Patient Heart

What you feel moves you deeper to match your power. Look closely with your heart as the chaos lies waste, for your power is calling you forth to the gates. Be it wisdom or lie, your resonance decides. For the answer is the mind’s valiant attempt to apply the past to the future as you await an event.

To be within the center you see, you hold stillness, observing the slowing, knowing the pace is a lie. The gravity of change feels too heavy to move, as the push and the pull seems to oppose what you would choose.

It’s this gravity that gives, even as it takes away. The breath, so sacred, carries power to sway.

The spin seems the victor as it touches with such force, explosive reactions prevail and the gateway gives forth. When the door is forced open, wisdom’s courage is bleak. What’s inside continues access to the reflection that breeched.

For the limber limbic, your response is measured. The quiet stillness and strength, the eye of the storm, holds vast movement together. It is the core that creates with wisdom’s spinning force. The patience of allowing as the re-forming takes course.

It moves so fast the mind can’t keep pace. It is the heart that allows an instant of grace to ripple through time hidden beneath the face of change heralding the future that is resonant with the power of stillness in place.

Movement always happens, even within the eye of the storm. For what is still is just a pause as the heart breathes anew trace of the elements that feed a future divine. It is this patience that focuses the mind to the heart’s speed of All and none. When a moment is infinite and within it love breeds the braids of 3 into one.

Love’s Patient Grace

Time marches on and the heart’s patience holds peace. It’s the eye of storm, where love’s grace gardens the meek. They blossom into beauty that beckons the heart to see a new reflection. It’s deeper, almost hidden, not marred by surface projections. It’s patient and aware of true power within; the eye of the storm, so quiet, it’s meek, but it hold the storm’s spin.

As you slow your focus to allow the heart’s grace, you, meek warrior, give Love’s power a face. With eyes to see the ripples effecting. You are the molten core, unseen, but the fields are projecting.

It’s the patient heart that allows movement to flow. Slow or fast, it knows time doesn’t last. But the timeless heart follows infinity’s path. No beginning or end, confusing the mind, but Love always knows what patience will find.

You, meek warrior, are Love’s molten mined. Don’t confuse the Times, let the heart unwind as the eye of the storm signals patience of the powerfully kind.

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