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Welcome! Here you’ll find the resources for Learning Light Language. Remember to save them to your device. These resources are only available during the live class.

Speaking About Light Language

Remember that MOST people want to have a  nice conversation and learn. Don’t take anything personally!

Resource: Simple Sentences  Download Now

Resource: Audience Appropriate Download Now

Intention for Channeling Safely

Your intention is powerful, yet much of our agreements are co-created with the Higher Self. Your Higher Self knows (is) your infinite nature and capability, and it is always compelling you to evolve.

When you focus your intention toward your positive evolution, you are supported to expand in healthy ways. It doesn’t mean all of it will be easy, but it does create more ease through the growth process.

It is also important to honor the releasing phase of growth and continue to balance your ego, which is just the mechanism of understanding and surviving the physical realm of separation. Continually observing yourself to be sure you aren’t avoiding your power or inflating your power is important, and Light Language is a loving support of your continued expansion.

This resource can be used until you feel that it is consistently neutral and empowering as you slowly repeat it. You can do a Light Language transmission afterwards to deepen your healing. I recommend using this consistently until you feel very comfortable that you are co-creating a loving experience with your Higher Self and a loving flow of Life.

Resource: Download Now

Intention to Transmit Light Language

This intention is not required to be able to transmit Light Language, but it is helpful to focus yourself as you are beginning to grow your confidence and clarity to transmit. We will use it throughout class, even the Light Language Accelerator so that you are feeling comfortable that whenever you desire to transmit Light Language, it is available to you.

Resource: Download Now

Foundation for Translating Light Language

Many people get caught up in trying to define the “words.” It is more effective to learn to “feel into” the deeper meaning using your whole sensory system and observance. Some Light Language translates well into words, some does not. Sometimes it is a matter of capability of being able to translate, but that skill grows with experience. Always.

Relax into improving your sensory skills, using your strongest senses to build on. Have fun and keep an open mind—enjoy practicing sensing into subtleties more deeply and consistently.

Resource: Download Now

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