[As always with Ascension symptoms, if they are too intense or go on too long, seek the appropriate assistance.]

What a powerful time it has been! There is DEEP transformation occurring that may be affecting Lightworkers in different ways, but not much about it is surface level! These collective shifts can be especially intense for the sensitives. July has really amped up the release and activation that began intensifying in June.

The two opposites of release and activation always occur simultaneously, it’s just a matter of what is dominant in your conscious experience. So if you’re feeling great right now, go with that flow! If you’re feeling a lot of shift and release, observe yourself for resistance to it so you can allow the change as easily as possible.

First, let’s cover what is coming up for release, then I’ll talk about the activation. Areon’s channeling for this month’s energy of Sacred Self spoke of these opposites through construction and deconstruction, while of course pointing out the need to neutralize and relax into change more (always!). That means shifting your resonance into a more stable state of flow so that you can navigate the changes with greater ease.

Release Phase

Dreams are intensified lately! For some they are bringing up deeply suppressed emotion, anger or rage and showing a need for healthier boundaries. If you’re noticing more dreams, appreciate the lessons and the release that is occurring so that your waking state is less chaotic. I also recommend doing some work around what you’re noticing coming up in your dreams if they are persistent.

Collectively there is a lot of fear, hopelessness, anxiety and anger surfacing that is stirring up quite a bit of emotion for the sensitives that tune into collective energies (even unconsciously) more strongly. We all do to a certain extent—we are part of a connected collective. But certain empaths are more affected by the collective emotional flow. Observe your emotional flow so that you are letting energy release in healthier ways.

We continue to have to hold boundaries from too much disempowerment narrative that is outside of your control. How do you know it’s too much? You start to feel hopeless, distracted, emotionally raw or easily triggered. People are on edge right now, so be aware that you need better boundaries of where you are placing your powerful focus.

Because of the anger surfacing, you may have heat surges, rash/skin indicators, extra energy or an internal buzzing, in addition to intensified dreams. Eye sight has also been going through a lot of shift, so some may notice blurry vision, overly-tired eyes, or lights/movement in your peripheral vision.

Activation Phase

For quite awhile now Lightworkers have been going through readjustments that have called for changes to what used to work, with greater calling into more emotional and mental balance. This balance is always core to Ascension, for it is the inner work that creates the sustainable DNA activations and ability to tune into the subtle throughout change and use the momentum of the subtle unformed.

Meditation practices have changed for some, becoming more of an integrated movement and nature connection with shorter spurts of pure sitting meditation. This assists more of an active alpha state (into active theta) so that you’re bridging into more of a constant creative state. This can be showing up in deeper listening, deeper observing and essentially calming the mind to go further into the subtle communication that is constant. In essence, it is an increased Awareness, the first pillar of Ascension.

For some there may be an itch or buzz in the head, brain and pineal gland (not just limited to the pineal gland, sometimes frontal lobe, etc.). This may be accompanied by quick dizziness that is related to sun activity, and even cause some throat buzzing or dryness. These changes are increasing the subtle flow of communication so that your Awareness is more conscious, less subconscious.

We are constantly increasing the intuitive senses and natural forms of channeling like creativity, Light Language, inspiring ideas and solutions. However it’s occurring for you (ie if you don’t feel psychic enough), look for the subtle clues and your Awareness will continue to increase.

Sacred Phase Shift

These are such powerful times of change! I hope you’re riding the waves well and swimming deep when needed. I have been surprised at some of the depths of healing unfolding that feels almost too far away to understand, but the puzzle pieces arise and unfold as necessary, with friends and animals framing the edges.

Your Sacred Self is emerging to ever greater degrees within the human experience. We are rooting deeper now to reach higher states of coherence and creative flow. As the old transforms from stress to strength, we are preparing for expansive creative flow. Root deep, powerful Light. The seasons always turn.

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