The energy of Beingness has been a welcome focus. It is calling us into a greater awareness of our human and higher self blending.

From that deep state of Being, all that you do has greater connection to your wholeness.

It is an expanded state of self.

I always recommend that you repeat these intentions slowly a few times and feel into any subtle feedback from your body, thoughts, emotions or intuitive impressions. You can do this aloud or silently, but doing both is best.

Here is the healing intention:

I open my mind and heart to divine will.

You can certainly reverse mind and heart, but I found this order brought it deeper into opening and soothing the mind into following the heart—an important part of our Ascension.

The Truth of Divine Will

Divine will has been misunderstood.

Through teachings that placed humans as sinful creatures that must obey a judgmental god, we lost the truth of the Love of God and evolution of all creation.

As part of God (you could say Love, universe, Life, creation, etc.), you are the image of God, or a reflection (fractal, offspring, aspect, etc.) of God.

You are divine, as is All Life. You are a creator, as is All Life.

Divine will is the flow of the divine aspect of you. It’s the part of you (99% of you) that is connected, that has not passed through the veil of separation and forgetting that comes with linear expression.

Divine will is part of you as a unique, valuable aspect of Life.

If you feel resistance to “divine will”, then say “my divine will.” It means the same thing because that aspect of you has no forgetting of the truth of who you really are and what Life truly is.

Heart Mind Connection

If you want deeper feedback, separate “mind and heart” into two sentences. “I open my mind to divine will.” “I open my heart to divine will.”

That may help you sense some mind-patterning or emotional resistance that can be benefited by some conscious focus and Light. It may help you sense the areas where you are already aligned with divine will.

As you evolve through the natural progression of Ascension, your brilliant mind follows your wise heart more and more.

They work in concert (your Creative Harmonic) rather than over-reliance on figuring things out, unifying your two most powerful electromagnetic fields.

You are divine. You are Life.


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