Blessed Being, you are unique in form, unique in thought, unique in feelings, and therefore; unique in perspective. All of these are created by your individual experiences throughout your life and your pre-disposition prior to this human incarnation.

Free Will is a universal experience on your Earth plane, yet it operates within the physical limitations of your current Earth experience. Within those physical conditions, your internal unconditional nature shapes the physical form of your experiences.

Your pre-disposition is a foundation that you established in other incarnations, yet it also may concede to your environment until certain points of awareness in your lifetime. Even your awareness progresses beyond its own limitations, as your awareness as a young child, a teenager, or an adult are very different indeed. Therefore, it is a dance between your inner and external that create your perspectives and your experiences.

We say that your internal realm is unconditional, but in truth, it merely has that potential. Your Free Will, your choice, determines your level of internal unconditionality. Your internal world, your thoughts and feelings—are your Free Will. As you maintain the integrity of your internal world, you become a powerful being.

Maintain Your Inner World to be a Powerful Creator by Jamye Price

Your path of Ascension is about becoming a conscious, connected, and Loving Being. All of this is innate, but was generally thwarted through the teachings and experiences of the Earth plane. The perfection of this is that it brings you to an internal choice and power. Now you are bringing more awareness (consciousness) into all of your interactions. This naturally leads to more connection, as well as more Loving choices and actions.

We ask you then—how entitled do you feel to be able to Love boldly? How entitled do you feel to the freedom of your own thoughts and perceptions? Do you doubt your perfection, your value in this big world? Take a moment and observe your innocence when you were born. Blessed Being, we see this in you still. Pure innocence, pure Love, pure potential. In Time, it was never lost. In form, it may have been forgotten.

Now observe yourself in your current form. How innocent, how pure, how perfect do you feel? Dear one, we bring this into your awareness, so that you may meet our awareness of yourself, if you choose. You are pure innocence, pure Love, pure perfection. In form, this may have been forgotten. From a non-physical perspective, your unconditional perfection and potential is known clearly.

As you embrace your perfection, your pure potential—you are holding and amplifying your power.


Are you embracing your Loving nature? Then a powerful force and focus of Love becomes incarnate here on Earth. Are you allowing your fear or resentment to dominate you? Then a powerful force and focus of fear or resentment becomes incarnate here on Earth.

We often speak to the importance of authenticity. That means that when you have an authentic feeling of fear or resentment, you and All of Life is well-served for you to ‘embrace’ it into your Loving nature. See the difference of Loving yourself in a moment of fear and soothing your innocence into a new potential—versus avoiding the fear or using it to justify your separation or lack of empowerment.

As you choose to Love yourself in these moments, you are embracing your innocence and allowing resolution and transformation to occur. You are holding and amplifying your power of Love. This is the passive, invisible work that begins a true change within the building blocks of form. You are changing yourself and changing your world. That is great power.

We bring this forth in this way and at this time to support you in recognizing that it is time for you to Love yourself boldly.


It is time for you to put your Loving vibration into your world and transform it. As you become clear about maintaining the integrity of your inner world, you hold a great Loving power that builds form at the foundation, not the façade. You begin to filter your experiences through your powerful, connective Love. All that you meet will feel that vibration. Even if they resist it, it will teach them. That is great power indeed, and it is within you. Hold it. And consequently, emanate it into Life.

As we sit to Blast Holding My Power, we are recognizing the powerful Love that is within and nurturing that innocence into great strength of Self. We are maintaining our integrity within the earthly systems of lack, and teaching through example—even if we change in the future. We are recognizing that all beings have the same potential to Love, and each is unique in expression. We embrace our talents and our weaknesses, for both show us avenues to more Love. We are viewing the world as perfect in its current state, and electrifying it with our power of Love. Blast on!

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