Blessed Being, you are a wonder of ability blooming. Your heart and mind are beginning to connect in ways that grow the collective of humanity rapidly. As your heart opens, you are feeling more Love, wonderment and bliss.

As your mind opens you are seeking, understanding and applying the new to the now.

As you find the deeper truth of who you are, you are discovering the bliss and the pain that flavors your perceptions. It can be confusing, at times. For it would seem that bliss would lead only to good and pain should be abolished.

Yet as you open, you discover that they are not so different, they are both beautiful teachers; both question and answer.

The open mind seeks to discover. Everything has its newness, its information, its sharing.

The open mind understands its ability and limitations and embraces both while stretching beyond. Your heart, the great powerhouse of connection, leads the mind to ever greater heights of Love.

As you release thoughts of limitation, and shift them into thoughts of discovery; you expand.

As you release thoughts of anger, and release them into thoughts of strength growing; you expand.

As you release thoughts of wrong, and shift them into thoughts of opportunity; you expand.

Release the frustration, and the mental clouds clear. Know that Time is supporting your transformation.

As we sit to Blast Freeing the Mind, we are opening to our brilliance and discovering the Truth of our Divine Nature. We are fine tuning our invisible emanation into a deluge of Loving the moment.

We are finding our capability in challenge and creating new win/win solutions that elevate Life. We are holding healthy boundaries as we assist through exemplifying the strength that is possible with Love.

We are the bold and the believers, that foresee potentials and trust our ability to create a new world.

Blast on!

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Jamye Price is an author, energy healer, channel, and teacher. Her unique energy healing modality, Crystalline Soul Healing, along with Light Language—are a powerful transformational experience.

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