Blessed Being, your biomechanism is completely interactive with the physical and non-physical structure around you.

Time of Empowerment

Your evolution, your Ascension, is at a point of interaction with the subtle realms that is opening you to more creative empowerment within your self first, then your life, then your connected collective of humanity and Life on Earth.

It is a natural process.

Your inner world; your thoughts, feelings, perspectives, beliefs, desires, and choices—are the first and broadest interaction with life.

This interaction is invisible.

It is often unknown or unclear because it is shrouded in disbelief, focusing on lack, or devaluing its power to create.

Your inner world is the passive force in action. 

It Compels Form into creation through your physical experience. It offers resonance into the electromagnetic information saturating Life, and Life responds.

As you strengthen the clarity of your inner world, you are clarifying and amplifying the vibrational information you emanate into Life.

Form in Time

Time is one such invisible aspect of Life that responds to your inner world.

As you stagnate, Time reflects stagnation.

As you enjoy, Time reflects the excitation of Love.

When you manipulate with fear or aggression, you are using the active force. Time responds with resonant active force, the visible flow of time being your only access.

There is no judgment in this—good is not rewarded while bad is punished, it is mere resonance.

As you learn to create with the open inner flow of your Compelling (passive) Force of Love, you learn to build new form through time.

Empowering Time

Time Forms in direct response to your passive force of Love, the invisible resonance with which you create.

Invisible speaks to invisible.

You create from vast invisible information, not just words. You create from a totality of electromagnetic vibration that speaks to the invisible aspects of Life.

Time responds to your invisible intent.

Time Forms a flow of speed based on your invisible intent. As you attempt to control it, you are met with the active force of Time flowing around you.

As you open to working with it, you see the reflection of your peace, your Love of Life.

Your presence in a moment is a gift to Time.

Time responds according to your resonance.

Time Empowered

As we sit to Blast Forming Time, we are opening to the beauty of Life, finding Love and potential in every experience.

We are peaceful within, knowing all is well, even when circumstances are not ideal.

We are holding a powerful resonance of Love for change to form, remaining balanced for humanity to learn a new way of being.

We are strong enough to illuminate Love in a storm, lighting safe shores for those still learning the power of their Light.

We are Love in action, creating a new resonance on Earth, fearlessly Loving Life to new heights.

Blast on!

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