Fire Empath Continued Strengthening

Fire Empaths Continue Strengthening by Jamye PriceIt’s important to take small, consistent steps toward change. The simple, but profound exercise you were given a few days ago can begin to create deep and lasting transformation in how you deal with life. And it only takes a few moments a day!

Fire Empath, as you soothe your nervous system, you are beginning create a structure of flow that keeps you balanced and strong. It has the effect of empowering  others, just like our electrical systems warm, nurture and inspire communities. This effects your life, and it has an impact on the human experience. It takes some time, but you’re worth it!

Amplifying Your Luminosity

I want to offer a refinement to the exercise you were given. You can continue to use it in the original way, or add this small change as needed.

The original exercise was intentionally broad instead of specific. This helps to establish a new foundation of your deep intent (loving empowerment) with life as you learn to soothe yourself when needed.

I recommend you continue to use the broad exercise from time to time (or do both!). But it’s also helpful to work with specifics so you are reinforcing your capability to create and change your experience.

Before You Begin

Bring to mind a specific challenge (like with a person, your health, or a situation like your creativity, abundance or work) you are experiencing. It is best to start with one that is a bit more minor, but allow what feels most appropriate to you.

  • Let yourself FEEL the emotions like resistance, frustration or resentment that may arise.
  • Notice any positive emotions like hopefulness, excitement or peace that may arise as well. Sometimes we have conflicting perceptions within.
  • If you feel nothing, put your hands on your heart and tell yourself, “I am safe to feel my emotions.”
  • Notice any tendency to seek solution at this point and brush it aside for the moment.
  • If needed, remind yourself that you will pursue solution after you’ve allowed any negative emotions to surface and begin to transform. The next part of the exercise will continue resolving emotions.

The Original Exercise with Minor Adjustment

    1. Find time to soak in a tub, take a long shower or at least visualize yourself in water, like sitting by a stream with your feet in the water.
    2. Put your hands on your heart to stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system and activate your hand/heart chakra feedback loop.
    3. Take a deep relaxing breath of air.
    4. Repeat to yourself (silently or aloud), “All is Well and improving in this moment. I am naturally creating solution as my emotions transform.”
    5. Imagine your issues floating away or cleansing in the water.

Small Steps Create the Journey

Air Empath Journey by Jamye PriceIt is easy to overlook the power of simple changes. You are beginning to shift within your energetic structure, the invisible information that creates your physical experience. Have patience (ugh!), even though you may feel some frustrations like:

  • I’ve already done so much healing! When will it actually work?
  • I have a unique situation, I need something more drastic!
  • Why can’t someone just zap it out of me!?
  • It’s not me, it’s them! If only…

Keep Improving

I’ve helped empaths all over the world (and myself) become more empowered and sustain profound changes. But what I’ve found is that no one can truly do it for you, even though you can receive help, guidance and support. Your willingness to make some simple shifts is what creates real empowerment within you, not dependency on something outside of yourself to create inner peace and courage.

Keep working with these simple intents and you will notice some changes over time. If you feel you may be interested in additional support, please get on the waiting list to learn when my upcoming book and online class are available.

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