Build Your Empathic Armor of Light

Stop Feeling Drained      Stop Hiding      Start Transforming Yourself and Others

Discover Jamye Price’s step by step processes she’s used to help hundreds of empaths:

Finally Empath, you have a way to end confusion and overwhelm when you join this powerful online course—Empathic Armor of Light—
even if you’ve tried healing and protecting yourself before!


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel fulfilled and supported in life?

Online course Empathic Armor of Light can help you:


  • Master Your Greatest Service: Discover your past life connection to why you are an empath (even if your family isn’t) and how to activate your natural healing potential into ever-increasing flow.
  • Maintain Your High Vibes: Stay in YOUR Power in any environment—even if people are constantly dumping negativity on you, dismissing you, mocking your positivity, or you don’t feel like you fit in. Become the beacon of Light you were meant to be!
  • Have the Courage to Live Your Truth: OWN your sacredness and your path of service (even if you don’t know what your path is yet!) so you can stop feeling hopeless or like you don’t matter, and that the strong and loud ones are more qualified to lead. HINT: You’re actually the stronger one!
  • Finally Let Go of Your Old Habits: (and your old self) Stop betraying your true nature (it’s so painful) and doesn’t end up helping anyone. You’ll ignite your courage to honor yourself—even if it means separating from harmful people—so that life becomes magnificent for all involved!
  • Feel More Relaxed: Take charge of your energy and health (even if you’ve felt too squirrely to meditate!) so you can sleep better, enjoy more, feel more energized and create more!

Here’s what you’ll get access to with Empathic Armor of Light Online

  • 6 Weekly Modules of Video Teachings and Healings from Jamye (Accessible Any Time that Works for You)
  • Downloadable Exercises and Healing Tools
  • Online Forum
  • A Full Year of Access to the Class and Community with Updates from Jamye Throughout the Year

Module 1 – Learning Your Empathic Language

        • Identify your body’s natural empathic signals
        • Discover what’s yours and what’s someone else’s—and what to do with that information
        • Let go of unconscious martydom or unhealthy enabling

Module 2 – Healing the Sacred Wound of the Empath

  • Find out how to stop leaking your energy so you can enjoy life and help others (just by being you!)
  • Release tons of baggage and fear that has been weighing you down and holding you back—without having to wallow in suffering!
  • Discover the core flow of your divine service, which has always been within your destiny.

Boundaries for Empaths by Jamye Price

Module 3 – Boundaries are Awesome

  • Learn the actual, real science to this (and some metaphysics) which shifts your protection to love instead of fear.
  • Shift the energy of manipulation, greed or deception so they no longer effect you the same way.
  • Share more of your love and creative passion.

Clarity for Empaths by Jamye Price

Module 4 – Clarity and Vitality

  • Learn the “missing piece” that many overlook or don’t do because they think it will be awful.
  • Discover the power behind your intent
  • Create powerful connections rather than desperation or unconscious sacrifice

Strengthen your Empathy by Jamye Price

Module 5 – Strength Training that Transforms the Body of Humanity

  • Discover clear steps to releasing narcissists and their power over you and healing your relationships with people and life.
  • Learn to relate to people through compassionate power
  • Teach others to treat you as you treat yourself

Using your empathic Gifts by jamye Price

Module 6 – Starting to Use Your Empathic Gift to Help and Heal

  • Find out when helping is saying no
  • Let go of depleting yourself, hiding yourself or sacrificing yourself.
  • Learn to share your Light boldly, in the ways that are perfect for your path.

Plus, when you join Empathic Armor of Light, you’ll get these three bonuses:

Bonus 1 – Why You’re an Empath

This bonus—available immediately—will activate your latent past and future potentials in ways that will unfold through your empowered Love and sharing.

  • Why your energy field is different than non-empaths
  • The current challenges that humanity is evolving through (Ascension)
  • Enhance your gifts as a healer

You’ll be able to return to this powerful catalyst as you up-level your service progressively along with your empowerment.

Bonus 2 – Your Empathic Ratio Assessment

This bonus—available immediately—will help you learn some simple ways to focus your body’s natural empathic language.

  • Discover the four types of empaths
  • Your dominant empathic sense and your ratio of each

With such clarity, this simple yet profound methodology helps you release confusion and overwhelm. You’ll enhance your understanding of the energies around you and determine what to do about them easily.

Bonus 3 – Empath Survival Kit

This bonus—available when you complete the online class—gives you clear, simple and profound techniques to improve in just minutes a day (even if you feel too squirrely to meditate).

Your Empath Survival Kit gives you healing tools to:

  • Enhance your Power to Transform Life
  • Continually Build Healthier Boundaries using a universal power flow
  • Heal Naturally into More Progress
  • Amplify your Freedom to Shine your Loving and Creative Light!

Your Empath Survival Kit will offer you ongoing support and transformation to keep you on your path of progress. Yes, it takes a little effort—but it’s fun! And most importantly – you’re worth it!

The world needs empowered sensitives and empaths leading their lives with Love! That is what truly changes the world. Are you ready?

I want you to know…

moneyback-guarenteeI’ve been teaching this class for years, so I’ve distilled it down to an effective, easy and powerful system.

However, this is not a magic fix. It takes some time. It takes some effort from you to participate with the class and stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone (discomfort zone?) so that you are making new choices.

But you’re not alone!

I am going to do A LOT of healing work to help you release loads of old trauma and pain. But it doesn’t (it can’t!) stop there. This isn’t a band-aid solution, it’s a progression of deep change—together we can make it easier and even fun!

I’m going teach you to work with your boundaries effectively so you can handle your life more easily, and nurture yourself through your continual transformation.

I’m going to give you powerful (yet simple) tools to transform your life, so your unique light can shine boldly and brightly into your life. This is what really changes the world—it’s you!

Because your participation is imperative, I want to work with those that are willing to do the work necessary to change. As an empath, I know you’re sensitive to what works for you. To help you decide, try my course for 7 days. If you’re not satisfied, send me your completed exercises from the first module to show me you tried. If you decide the class is not for you, we’ll refund your money.

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