Crystalline Soul Healing FAQs

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What is Crystalline Soul Healing®?

Crystalline Soul Healing® is based in an ancient Lyran methodology developed by Jamye Price. It is an advanced process of multi-layered change that supports empowered flow. It is an alchemical healing Template that reprograms the instructions and interactions of your DNA through your Higher Self.

A Crystalline Soul Healing® session can assist you to heal patterns, misinformation and trauma that inhibit your natural, loving communication with Life. It supports your empowerment as you learn to navigate your life with more wisdom and Love.

The Crystalline Soul Healing® Template assists your human self to create change through the natural blending of your physical (human) and non-physical (Higher Self) focus. Your Higher Self is always directing your changes into more empowered, loving flow with Life.

Crystalline Soul Healing® is a modality for the new paradigm of empowerment and healing as humanity evolves into more conscious connection with the subtle realm of creation that manifests the physical world.

Jamye facilitates the flow of the Crystalline Soul Healing® Template as your Higher Self determines what you will release and activate in each session. Your human choice (intention) is an important part of your path of empowerment, yet your Higher Self ultimately determines how your healing will unfold. Jamye also provides any guidance or intuitive information that arises.

Please note, a Crystalline Soul Healing® session does not allow the healer or you to control the healing so that you are only experiencing what your ego wants. No guarantees of a specific healing or result can be made. Your Higher Self, your divinity; is determining your outcome for your highest good.

What can Crystalline Soul Healing® do? Does it work on ``this issue``?

Crystalline Soul Healing® is not limited to only working on certain issues. It can work on physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and situational issues. It works holistically with the core wounding within your energetic information. It is not bound by time or space.

However, it is not a magic pill that fixes everything the way you want it. Crystalline Soul Healing® is an empowerment modality, meaning it always cedes to your Higher Self rather than attempting to control your outcome from limited human knowledge and desire.

Healing always occurs because your intention and the healer’s intention for improvement amplifies the focus and potential of your realignment into greater balance and attunement with your Higher Self. However, the outcome of your healing can not be guaranteed. Your Higher Self, in concert with your human self, determines the timing and flow of the manifestation of your path.

How many sessions do I need?

Healing can be instantaneous, transpire over time, come in layers, or in a different form than you expected. Some people clear quickly, others heal over time. Sometimes you need to experience situations to embody your healing. You may need to make behavioral changes like standing up for yourself, exercising, or more meditation and relaxation time. Other times it may be a path of multiple healers assisting you. There is no “one size fits all” approach.

Follow your intuition of what feels right for you.  Healing always happens and it unfolds perfectly because your Higher Self is guiding your Crystalline Soul Healing® outcome. Jamye’s role is to facilitate the Crystalline Soul Healing® Template for your highest good, and provide any intuitive information that arises.

Can we work on more than one thing in a session?

Your intention is powerful. You can have a list of what you’d like to work on, or you can just allow whatever is for your highest good. Ultimately, what always manifests from a Crystalline Soul Healing® session is for your highest good because your Higher Self is directing your changes.

If you have a list of topics, Jamye will have you go through them so she can attune to what your Higher Self and non-physical Guides are bringing forth as pertinent for the session. She may be giving you information or asking you questions to surface any information into your consciousness.

Crystalline Soul Healing® sessions are to support your path of empowerment. The information that arises will be in alignment with that, so while you are free to ask questions of any nature, Jamye will only utilize her intuition as it pertains to your Ascension.

Can I talk to Jamye briefly to determine if her work is right for me?

Jamye is not available for consultations, nor will she advise anyone that they need a session. In this time of empowerment, you are responsible for following your own intuition as to whether or not a session feels right for you. There is a clear refund policy on your purchase page so you can make a decision with guidelines that are fair to both parties.

Can I learn to do Crystalline Soul Healing®?

Yes, Jamye teaches this unique modality to others. More information HERE.

Is Crystalline Soul Healing® the same as Light Language?

No, they are two completely different modalities, yet they combine well together. Some people only do Crystalline Soul Healing®, other people combine it with Light Language or other complimentary techniques. You can find classes to learn Crystalline Soul Healing® or Light Language HERE.

What is the difference between Crystalline Soul Healing® and the Axiotonal Alignment?

Crystalline Soul Healing® is designed to work with your overall energetic needs in a session, whether you are setting clear intentions of what you want to work on, or just allowing whatever is for your highest good.

In contrast, the Axiotonal Alignment is a one-time activation of your universal meridian system, which is an aspect of your Lightbody. While this does initiate some changes, there is no availability to direct the process toward specific changes.

Does Jamye teach how to do an Axiotonal Alignment?

No, she did not develop this process and does not teach it. She offers the sessions because it is a foundational and transformative process. More information HERE.

Are there any issues Jamye will not work on?

Jamye’s work focuses on empowerment, however energy healing is not appropriate for every person, nor every situation. If you have an emergency, you need to contact the appropriate authorities. If you are suicidal, Jamye is not authorized to help you. Please find help HERE immediately.

Jamye does not provide psychic readings, future predictions or guarantees of an outcome. She will not “read” other people for you. She allows any intuitive information to flow that is appropriate for your empowerment only.

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