Shiva Channelings

When Jamye Met Shiva


Shiva Channeled through Jamye PriceIn 2005 I merged with Shiva while I was channeling healing energy. Merging is different than channeling energy and information.  I don’t merge often.  Channeling energy or information is a feeling of being in my body and experiencing from a detached perspective as I use my physical instrument to convey information.  Merging is a more full body experience of sharing consciousness and physicality as I experience from another perspective, while still remaining conscious. (more…)

The Momentum of Release


Shiva Channeled through Jamye PriceThe subject of release is one with many layers that could be spoken of in many conversations and still not come to a close. You are in a constant state of release, like the breath in and the breath out. It is the release that brings forth the new. It is the movement forward caused by the release. Desire and release seem to be opposite, but in reality they work in concert with one another. It is the desire that pulls you forward; it is the release that propels you forward. One without the other and your momentum ceases. (more…)

Perspective of Endings


Shiva Channeled through Jamye PriceThis time of rapid movement brings into a focal point your endings and your beginnings. This topic we have covered before. Your endings and your beginnings are not so succinct, they cross-over, they draw out, they intermingle with one another. Yet you appreciate endings and you appreciate beginnings, so you find a way to bring them to a focal point for your own understanding and your own continued movement forward. There are endings that you look forward to, that you pray for, there are endings that you try to avoid. There are endings that bring you ease and endings that bring you fear. All of these bring you growth. All endings bring you growth. This is a constant in your life, growth. Growth involves change, for in stepping to a new level, you must leave another level behind. In order to grow sometimes you must become so uncomfortable in your skin that you would shed it. Sometimes you must observe the growth of others, sometimes you must reflect upon your past, sometimes you use the engine of comparison to propel you. This can benefit you if you keep your perspective of love clear. (more…)

Heart/Mind Balance

Heart Mind Balance Shiva by Jamye Price

Let us first talk of labels, categories. This is what your mind does when it controls your heart; labels, categorizes, organizes. In balance, all of these are powerful enhancers.

Too little of these functions and the heart can not magnetize its needs and desires, too much of these functions and the heart does not have a voice and therefore the needs and desires of your true beingness are not manifested.

Therefore we balance the feeling place with the thinking place, the action place with the reaction place, the yin with the yang, the masculine with the feminine. It is a human pursuit, a valiant pursuit and one that at this time and this place presents an unprecedented opportunity within humanity’s conscious memory.

The thinking and the feeling are not able to be separated, though humans try in so many different and creative ways. It is common in this time and place to honor only that which can be grasped by the mind, “proved” as it would be accepted; though that in itself means nothing except for the value that you give it.

It is common to attempt to command the feelings, conquer the feelings, disempower the feelings. This leads to action action action, and yang becomes out of balance, masculine becomes out of balance, no matter what the sex of the body. Remember we speak of yang out of balance, not to denigrate yang itself.

To discover, to discern, to define is human.

Action, yang and masculinity, is human. This is perfect as it is. But one must discover with the entirety of their being or lack the perspective needed to perceive the wholeness. Without the interaction of the entire being, heart and mind, yin and yang, the soul will react to the partial vibration of that which you have offered. Just as the taste reacts to a partially cooked meat, so the soul reacts to a partially accepted vibration.

The heart is the transducer of the soul, therefore, action must originate from the ‘heart vibration’ to connect with the source of all that you are. When the heart is allowed to express and reveal the full vibration to the mind so the action can begin, the interweaving of the two will be markedly inspiring, joyful, dynamic, easy and yes, even logical, but not as you have been abused by that word.

Then the labels and categories and organization of the mind will encompass the full information of the experience and the interaction will proceed with grace and ease. In the energy of all that you encompass within your individuality (which includes all levels of you, mother, daughter, woman, American, metaphysician, etc.) you hold all that you have ever experienced, as well as all the potentials of what you will be within this physical vibration.

The Heart and Soul by Jamye Price

This is an oversimplification of the interaction of your energy field that is so vast and so intertwined that the thought can be overwhelming. Suffice to know that you are the master of your field, and within that weave of connection, resides the power to loom your own fabric across all time and all space.

You are expanding exponentially within these times; a quickening that calls forth the removal of the discordant in order to assist your highest potential.

From our perspective, this control factor, the mind-lead factor slows your progress greatly. But like the human with a problem with food, the solution cannot be to abolish it from your life, but to integrate a balance within the interaction of it. Accept the beauty of the mind and disallow the control that it wields to stifle your full expression.

Note the placement of the expression vibration, the throat chakra, the voice between the heart and mind. Very cleverly placed. Notice the placement of the perception center. The third eye. Shining forth from the center of the mind. Not merely a coincidence.

Look to your extrasensory perception and notice the correlation of your physical expression. Look to your physical to correspond to your spiritual. There is no organ in your body that is untouched by the action of the heart. It is the heart that feeds the brain the nutrients that it needs through the interaction with the blood.

Much importance is placed upon the ‘seeing.’ In balance, yes a beautiful gift. Who would choose blindness when the full scope of experience is fuller? But clairvoyance alone would leave the mind to its own devices to interpret a picture with no understanding of the feelings and expression of that which it contains.

Again, the importance of allowing the heart, the feeling center to interpret becomes paramount in these times. We will trace a simplified version of energy as it interacts with your highly capable processors of energy, your senses. They are so intertwined that to separate them is impossible, but we will try in order to engage and satisfy your mind.

A crossing with a person that makes you feel angry results in many feelings, but your mind takes over and assesses the situation as ‘wrong’ thereby categorizing you as ‘victim.’ Powerless, a receiver of bad things happening to you. You process information so quickly and on so many levels, that most are undetectable to you.

That one experience will imprint information regarding smell, location, how your body is feeling, standing or moving, the location, the season, the sounds, the memories that it relates to come into process such as ‘my father made me feel this way,’ it is all processed and assembled by the physical body, including the mind.

As you experience, you imprint the physical space, the grid systems within, on and around the Earth.

It is far reaching. Do not panic. All is as it should be and it operates in perfection. Now bring the heart into the equation and view it from a feeling point and you will realize that you have felt these feelings before and though it may not be socially acceptable, we assure you that you drew it to you. Not because you deserve punishment, as you are a blessed GodBeing.

You drew it to you as a gift, a gift of healing, offering your soul experience and freedom. After all, that is why you are here. To experience. To offer Your gift – your soul experience. That is the freedom.

The Power of Forgiveness

Power of Forgiveness Shiva Channeling by Jamye Price

Forgiveness is the key to your freedom.

Freedom is an important aspect of your power. When you are free, you do not live your life by consequence, you do not make your decisions by others needs. For as others needs press upon you, you take their freedom from them.

Counter-intuitive? Yes. Well thought out? Yes. That you would experience confusion around this subject of your power – well thought out. For as you become free, truly free, those around you will begin to resonate. You will entrain others.

It is a multilayered process, for in your circumstances you will find your areas of constriction and non-freedom tied into each other. You will find others’ needs pressing upon you ever so loudly, sharply, heavily.

But Shiva, there are needs that must be met — parents with a child… how do you meet these needs from a place of freedom?

Freedom does not release you from all human experiences, freedom changes the energy of that experience.

The parent that feeds, clothes, shelters, loves the child from a space of freedom brings that child their own freedom much more quickly, much more expansively. A parent that feeds, clothes, shelters and loves her child from a place of fear, brings that child to fear ever so much more.

Imagine your need to eat surrounded by fear. This is what many experience. Imagine looking at the future of life and seeing fear. This is what you may experience when you are loved from a place of fear. So it is that when you are loved from a place of freedom, you do learn that (freedom).

How is it that you love from freedom? You know who you are (Divine, powerful).

Recognize that true love only ever comes from freedom. Any other conditions, and it is not true love—it is need, it is control, it is manipulation, it is obligation. This you do to yourself, you do to others, and others do to you. In order for you to feel good, certain circumstances must be presented. This is a condition that you put on your love, on your experience.

The energy of forgiveness brings forth a release of conditions within your energy field. The energy of forgiveness brings forth a release of expectation. The energy of forgiveness brings the release of the wound. When you release the wound, there is no scarring remaining.

The energy of forgiveness feeds you with power. It feeds you with power. How is this so, you say? As you release through forgiveness, you become stronger than that which you held. As you release that which you held, you become free. Power does not exist without freedom.

Fearless Freedom

Fearless Freedom Shiva Channeling by Jamye Price

To understand emotion is to understand time. For emotion and time are hand in hand in their function. As you utilize emotion you are marking points in time. As you utilize time you are marking points in emotion.

When you experience emotion in your physical existence, your energetic body relays information, tracking emotional marker points from the experience that your soul-stream has throughout all time. Your soul stream interweaves with many others, it is not constant. It changes, expands and refines.

You are you, and you are all. Therefore from all experience throughout time you use emotion to relate different experiences to one another. This is why the clearing of fear has become so important at this time. The clearing of fear is imperative to moving forward into empowerment. (more…)

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