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June Ascension Energies – 2016

June Ascension Energies by Jamye Price


May Review

May had a lot of movement to it. It felt fast-paced for so much retrograde energy! This “Year of Clarity” is definitely distilling out discordant energies and refining positive patterns to amplify them.

May’s energy of focus on Action and Interaction brought clarity to relationships, boundaries, and throat chakra energy. The throat chakra is transforming and May enhanced that energy. The chakras shifting into a more complete spherical spin indicates a change in our interaction, so it is perfect that these energies were supporting such shift. For many of you, it may have been unnoticeable. Others may have had a dry cough, more throat clearing than usual, or sore throat symptoms, even if they were sporadic.

Heart Energies by Jamye PriceAlso in May, you might have noticed more push/pull with collective energy, especially those of you in the United States. There was a lot of fear and anger being stirred up. Without watching much news throughout the month, I would awaken realizing I had been processing those emotions during the night and I would have inklings of Donald Trump. Other times, the emotions would surge during the day. At first it feels just like any other emotion of yours. Then, with a little observance, you realize that it’s not. At these times, just observe and allow, which is a loving and empowered state of being, as it will flow without having to do anything to change it. 

I spoke to another friend about the collective emotions and she was having a similar experience. She had asked not to participate in the collective energies and got denied (by her Higher Self). Sometimes you are able to disconnect, other times your Bodhisattva energy steps in and runs the show. We are a connected species. The Earth experience is a balance of sovereignty and connection, something these times of Ascension are bringing into focus. You are never asked to do more than you can handle. You are always guided by your Higher Self for your greatest benefit and that of the collective, a balance of sharing.

June Energies – Your Divine Blueprint 

For two months I have been getting the energy of “reset” for June. That is unusual. I don’t often get information that far ahead. As the time grew closer I realized I didn’t know exactly what that meant. Was I suddenly going to have to start channeling about the currency reset?! A few days later I received a channeling from Areon, the Lyran Council of Time, that June is offering us unprecedented support for change. That we have a great potential to create a lot of internal change in June and create greater alignment, a reset, with our Divine Blueprint in this physical expression.

It is the core of what Ascension is about. You always were, are, and always will be a perfect being of divinity. Yet what we are doing is integrating that into this particular physical expression. We are remembering our divinity from this perspective. We are integrating our non-physical aspects into our physical experience. The shift is exciting, sometimes frustrating, yet always worth it! The energy of May was helping us to begin this process in a very focused way.

When I was meditating, I was also given a simple exercise from Areon to help utilize the energy of change. During a short daily meditation, set the intent to receive the support of change. There are many ways to do this with a simple statement:

“I am open to beneficial change.”

“I reset into my Divine Blueprint.”

“I release all that is not serving my highest good. I integrate all I need to embody my Divine Blueprint.”

Or find a simple statement that works for you. I started doing this each day around the end of May and I noticed more ease with the current energies. I also noticed a fairly consistent tingling in the area of the pineal gland. You may notice different things, or even nothing at all. Yet your intention is a powerful catalyst, so go with your flow!


I have been seeing 555 a LOT lately! Just a reminder that change is in the air. I’ve also been seeing numbers line up, like 123 345 456 789… Change is always good, even if it doesn’t seem like it in the moment. Already June is feeling smoother than May, so I’m excited about the change that is opening us to a greater alignment with our Divine Blueprint, our core truth!

Quantum Change for Ascension by Jamye Price

What does it mean to reset back to your Divine Blueprint?

The process of Ascension is about becoming more whole from this physical expression. It is integrating what is already there, but not as obvious at first glance. It’s a remembering of your divinity to anchor your full capacity.

The human biomechanism is a perfect machine for this environment and this time. The evolution of it is fascinating. Even I as wrote Opening to Light Language, it was becoming clearer to me how we are evolving into natural gifts of our multidimensional nature. Over these last 12 years of focusing intently on Ascension, I’ve watched Light Language evolve, I’ve seen different chakra systems evolve, intuition opening up, channeling becoming easier. It also brings the glorious need of clear discernment, personal empowerment, and responsibility. Our evolution is a beautiful thing!

All of these gifts and more are about integrating more of what we always have been. As we begin to make subtle changes, life on Earth changes: like more peace, forgiving easily, focusing on solutions rather than problems, looking beyond the obvious, trusting ourselves, embracing diversity, releasing control of the uncontrollable, and much more. This changes our neural patterns and our behavioral patterns. As an interconnected species, change then ripples out.

The Power of the Word

Power of Word by Jamye PriceOne of the specific energies that came through with the Light Language this month is the return of “the power of the word.” As you watch/listen to the Light Language, notice what you are sensing for yourself. What I was shown is that part of what we are resetting is connection in with the clarity and power of our word.

It is very helpful to observe what you are saying and being clear and positive with your words. However, don’t overlook your authentic emotions, thoughts, and perceptions in the process. It is far more valuable to be authentic, say something negative, recognize it and truly shift it from within, rather than avoid it and just temper your speech to be pleasant words. 

In this sense, “word” is a broader meaning than just words that you speak. It ultimately means the clarity of your intent. Bringing idea into form, honoring your “word.” Word is direction, it directs energy into focus. It only has value if your words match your intent. Resonance will be coming up a lot in June LightBlasts, so there will be additional information around recognizing the clarity of your vibrational resonance and directing your energy. Remember that play, joy, and appreciation are powerful directing of your energy, too!


In June, ride the waves of support for change and allow the tide to move you into greater alignment with the truth of your Divine Blueprint. Change comes in many forms at different times in life. On the path of Ascension, the powerful quantum changes are internal first—how do you perceive yourself, others, life, love, forgiveness, saying yes, saying no, being creative, honoring uniqueness, seeing invisible connection, and more.

These internal changes create a new resonance of you. You are changing yourself from within. That changes the core of the human experience on Earth. Your change matters. It literally creates matter! In this month of June, catch the waves of change and enjoy the ride!

May Ascension Energies – 2016

May Ascension Energies 2016 by Jamye Price

April Review

April Calm and Clarity of Being and Doing by Jamye PriceApril was about going within and working your foundation of beingness within the action-oriented physical world. It offered you some clarity between the external and its loudness, with your internal focus of peace and stability amidst change.

Patience is a great complement to peace and stability, though a calm feeling wasn’t as easy to access in April for many. That impatient Aries energy often wants to jump immediately! Though in April, your leap of faith was best served by building a bridge of connection between your heart and mind as you learn to perceive your opportunities with the grace of loving wisdom.  


May Energies

April was the perfect storm leading into May. You were likely stirred into something—desiring more peace in the world, more satisfaction in your job and relationships, more creative control in your life, or less Trump in the news…

May has the energy of action.

When I sat to get the energies for April, I was (unusually so) also given the word “action” for May and “reset” for June. As I prepared for the May monthly energies video, I was also told, “relationships and family.” So essentially May is focused on action and interaction (relationship). The self, the inner world—interacting with Life. What a wonderful progression and April has stirred some courage to change.


A.C.T.I.O.N.—Allowing Creation To Inform Our Now

Areon, the Lyran Council of Time, often focuses on how your first action is internal. As you experience your life, information flows into you. You have emotional, mental, and even physical response. Your emotional and mental responses are subtle information that show you your authentic perceptions and beliefs about your experiences. As you allow that information into your awareness, you have the ability to make informed choice. What you choose is internal and subtle in that moment. It speaks directly to the quantum realms, informing form. Staying present, authentic, courageous, and peaceful are helpful to shifting or amplifying your future creations.

Your inner actions create beneficial interactions by Jamye Price

Observation and listening are powerful forms of meditation. They help you to receive information that may not be obvious, or even information that may be calling for your Love to form a new future.

For example, listening to one that is opposite of you may help you to understand something you were resisting. It may call you to focus your attention in a direction so that the future is effected by more Love and less greed, deception, and suppression. Your focused awareness, your Love flow, is important. We usually don’t get to see immediate results. Patience again.

Your first internal actions are shifting you into a detached compassion that is able to perceive beyond the obvious.

This is the peace that passes all understanding. With practice you will become less reactive, less afraid and more courageous, creative, and wise. Detached compassion is an open state that knows all is well. From this point of connection, you are able to touch new solution with your vibration. This will inspire physical action that is based in Love.


Relationship and Family

Your interactions are such a great motivator of movement! Every single experience is calling you to more empowerment, more Love. This creates more freedom from needing to control circumstances for a feeling of safety. Those that love you, like family, can not help but reflect your positives and negatives so that you can integrate into an empowered sovereign that connects boldly with Life.

This month, as May prompts you to spring into action, observe your authentic thoughts and feelings with your relationships. Seek to hold healthy boundaries that serve your growth and sharing. They may change over time, but honor your needs in the moment and continue to grow beyond them as appropriate. For example, at one time you may need to hold a boundary with someone and say no. At another time, you may be benefited by stretching yourself into interaction. Family is wonderful barometer of your peace and strength.

“If you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your family.” —Ram Dass

Family is often how we learn much of our perceptions and beliefs. When a child is young, the subconscious is highly programmable as they are most often in a receptive brain wave state. They also “speak” emotions rather than words, so they are highly susceptible to the emotions of their caregivers and family members.  

Subconscious Programming RemovalAs an adult, these unconscious programs are mixing with your logical decisions. This is why it is important to honor your authentic, immediate thoughts and feelings. It’s easy if you’re feeling good. Celebrate that! However, if you hate someone, let that just be information that is a vehicle of discovery for you. As you discover what and why you hate them, you will transform that emotion into the wisdom of understanding. You will discover you felt a boundary of power or safety being pushed. That discovery pulls unconscious (subconscious) information into the conscious and you can now progressively heal that fear. You then discover that you appreciate that person helping you grow. 

Many suppress their challenging emotions because they don’t know that the emotions heal, they just know it hurts. They haven’t felt that freedom from fear, that freedom of knowing how strong they are, that freedom of being able to interact with Life, change, and create. Here we come full circle to the energies of May.

Your inner actions create beneficial interactions.

Your interactions have a ripple effect that create inspired actions.

Your actions speak volumes to your future.



In May, we are asked to make bold inner choices and interact with Life from empowered Love. With so many planets retrograde, the energy of action likely isn’t as much “full steam ahead,” as much as it is connect your head with your heart and interact from there. As you observe your interactions, look within and allow the reflection to inform your choices and then external actions. It is a perfect time to choose to Love yourself. From there, you grow into such a Love for Life that challenges become fuel for your creative flow. Yes, you may!

April Ascension Energies – 2016

April Ascension Energies by Jamye Price

March Review


March Eclipse Ascension Energies by Jamye PriceThe eclipse energy in March brought some intense internal shifts. Eclipses herald a resetting of energy. This series was with Pisces and Libra, offering us a deep connection with the depths of the mysterious (Pisces), and a balance of duality, equality, relationship, and connection (Libra). A few days before the second eclipse, I was shown a vision of “humanity vomiting.”

This vision indicated that many would be releasing toxic emotions and energy, perhaps with a fast, unexpected, or violent eruption. Your prayers are powerful, please keep praying for those that are experiencing great loss or pain during these times, like the bombing in Belgium.

When I mentioned this vision in my weekly email, I heard back from multiple people of their experiences with those energies, and some even felt some nausea that had no rhyme or reason as to a physical cause. I also experienced a few hours of mild nausea from time to time.

These changes of Ascension that we are going through as a species are sometimes subtle, sometimes uncomfortable, and sometimes exciting.

The visions and the psychic senses can be fascinating. The feeling of connection with angels or our galactic heritage can be thrilling. This is a vital aspect of recognizing our broader, invisible connection with Life.

With all of it, the internal work of balancing the self, shifting relationships, transforming fears, and releasing 3D control is part of the path. Love is an empowered state, and sometimes that means saying no, not getting what you want, or being uncomfortable and yet also safe. It takes practice and participation. It takes reminding yourself through the challenges and the triumphs that all is well, and improving.

March was great exercise and some strong astrological assistance for change.


April Energies


April Calm and Clarity of Being and Doing by Jamye PriceApril feels a little calmer in comparison to March. There is a focus on the inner world—inner peace, balance, and stillness. Don’t expect that the outer world will calm down. I do feel that the external drama level may increase in some ways, which is normal as you disengage from drama. When you as an empath, a healer, a Lightworker, a sensitive being—start holding your power instead of letting others feed off of it in unhealthy ways, others typically react. It’s all unconscious, but generally they will get louder, more insistent, or act out—wanting to keep their disempowered dependency on your energy. As you hold your power, not letting unhealthy leaks in your energy field remain, you are shifting your creative energy in your life, and that ripples out to humanity and life on Earth.

This focus on the inner world in April will generally have more of a mental feel to it.

What are you noticing, what are you observing, what is the quiet voice within telling you? Look for the subtle changes that have occurred. For instance, maybe you have a challenging person in your life. Notice how reactive or non-reactive you are to them. Compare it to a year ago. Observe. Mark your progress. Stay open to change and improvement without as much resistance. Don’t judge yourself if you are still feeling negative, appreciate the awareness and keep easing yourself into more empowered healing.

April focuses the integration of the recent eclipses—heart/mind balance.

It will be a time of noticing some subtle nuances that are a turning point for you. It will offer you the opportunity to integrate powerful usage of the heart/mind complex as you embrace the functionality of the brain and expand into greater connection as a whole being. This is “Being the Change.” It is often simpler than it seems, and yet it is not what we are taught, so it can be confusing. “Doing” isn’t the wrong opposite of “being,” we are evolving into conscious participation with Life, “being” as we are “doing.”

There is a balance of action, which is physically focused, and also a balance of surrendering to the unknown, which is non-physically focused. Since humanity has been physically focused, we are accustomed to controlling our experiences. Now we are learning to control our inner world, observe the inner and the outer, and co-create with Life.

This is necessary for our growth into becoming more creative in our life, and April will offer great refinement of your state of “being.” It is a vibrational skill that results in greater coherence, harmonizing the electromagnetic power of your heart/mind. As you connect your heart/mind complex—your thoughts and feelings, you are having a greater electromagnetic effect in your life and for humanity. Ascension is all about becoming more conscious, as it is our conscious awareness that brings great change. It’s a powerful time!




Heart Mind Coherence and Clarity by Jamye PriceIn April, look within and hold your power of coherent, harmonized flow of empowered Love. Become clearer about the Self and others, so that you are honoring the duality of the physical experience and truly integrating it with the vast, infinite, non-physical you. The energy of April will help you understand how you can “be” (a peaceful, empowered state), even while you are “doing.”

You are meant to take action and participate with Life. In order to be more effective with your actions and inactions—your conscious awareness, your connection with the subtle realms—must come from a true resonance of Loving empowerment. We can do be this!

April is leading to some interesting changes for May and June. Check out the video for a preview.

Whether it is spring or autumn for you—have an amazing April!



March Ascension Energies – 2016

March Ascension Energy by Jamye Price

February Review

February had a fast pace to it, with an odd feeling of stillness mixed within it. This is a perfect setup for getting used to change and being peaceful, even while you are within action. That is the difference between doing and being—when you are conscious, even as you are doing something, you are connected and in a state of “being.”

February felt like a lot going on under the hood that wasn’t as obvious. This is the change within the subtle aspects of self that are helping to shift you into wholeness with the internal and external.

February’s energy of Conscious Coherence is prepping us for more unification of the heart and mind, a unified energy field, the being and doing—harmonizing the human self with the higher self. February was great preparation for the energies of March…

March Energies

March Eclipses Bring Mental and Emotional Balance by Jamye PriceOverall the energy of March is about Mental Clarity. Areon is calling 2016 the Year of Clarity. In January we focused on opening and clearing the heart. February brought an overview of becoming more conscious and unified from within. In March, there will be more energy around perceptions, perspectives, how we are shaping our experience with our minds, and how we can open the mind so that it follows the heart.

We have eclipses in March (Pisces and Libra), so the water and air signs will be bringing emphasis to the emotions and thoughts. Eclipses offering a reset of energy, a potential for a new path. Observe how your thoughts are stirring emotion. When you have a negative emotional charge on something, that is indicating that you have a resonant energy within you, a resistance, or a past trauma that is calling for resolution. When you feel balanced emotionally, you have a strong internal foundation of Love presiding. Love allows. Love understands. Love sees potential. Love will say no when that best serves evolution.  

Set an intention to work with the eclipses to reset your mental and emotional balance for your highest good. You are a powerful being. As you are balanced emotionally, open mentally, and consciously interacting with Life, change happens. This year is about refining your energetic nature so that you are a powerful force in your life, offering hope, possibility and new potential to anchor here on Earth. It’s why you came from the stars!

Mental Clarity

A powerful side effect of this month can be more trust in yourself and in the flow of life. We’ve learned enough about thinking positively to know that it is important, but it needs to be grounded in reality to serve you here. If positive thinking is an avoidance pattern or a punishment pattern (i.e. “my life isn’t perfect, so I failed at thinking positively enough” etc.), then it is not helping you. When you deal with reality and have a powerful flow of Love that supports your capability, you are a powerful electromagnetic force of new creation forming in the subtle realms, then forming in the physical realm. First you’ll notice synchronicities occurring. Take note of them because they indicate that you are aligning and they help you experience more trust in life and trust in yourself.

Observing your thoughts and feelings is necessary for clarifying how you can allow more Love to flow within you. Forgive easily. Practice finding new perspectives that you believe, even if you don’t have all the answers as to “how.” Use your imagination and combine it with your feelings (imagine yourself happy and feel it – even though you’re imagining and not figuring out “how”) so that you are blending your heart/mind interaction. As you practice these, you are bringing unconscious information into your awareness, you are releasing discordant vibration, and you are amplifying your vibration of Love. It’s more powerful than you often get to see in the moment. (Yay synchronicity!)

March Summary

Time Marches On by Jamye PriceThis is a powerful time to observe your thoughts and feelings. Use that eclipse energy to reset yourself into a new balance of all is well and all is changing. Don’t be concerned when you encounter a negative thought or feeling within yourself. Be courageous enough to transform it into a strength that is emerging from a vulnerability. You are harmonizing yourself into a powerful flow of new energy. Change is inevitable, and Life is supporting your growth. Time Marches on!

February Ascension Energies – 2016

Conscious Coherence Ascension Energies with Jamye Price

Woohoo! The energies this year feel like they are moving fast! While I feel February as a little smoother than January (Whoa that Mercury retrograde felt stronger than most!), I still feel a fast-paced month—even with the leap year dragging it out for one more day.

Overall in February there is a lot of movement in the throat chakra. I was shown a vortex of energy moving up from the torso and out the throat. I began noticing a lot of throat chakra clearing in January, so expect more calling toward expressing yourself and aligning with what you want to manifest. Watch the video version HERE

Conscious Coherence

Expressing yourself is more than just words, though your verbal expression is important. The path of Ascension is one of personal empowerment so that unity consciousness can anchor on Earth. Your personal empowerment begins with healthy boundaries so that you are holding your power and being responsible for creating your experience. Previously humanity has mainly responded to outside circumstances as we were not taught the power of our intent and our ability to consciously synchronize with resonant experiences.

Conscious coherence is synchronicity in Action with Jamye PriceAlso in February, we are beginning more focus on developing a new relationship with time. This is also a natural part of Ascension, because Ascension is a vibrational elevation into more conscious interaction with the subtle realms. One aspect of that is time. As we begin to shift our relationship with time, we are becoming more creative and less reactive. This means more patience, more allowing, and ultimately, more peace. It can be a bit challenging to learn to access peace in fast-paced flow, but it is well worth the effort.

Your Powerful Love

This Year of Clarity is going to bring areas of refinement into view that assist your co-creative experience with Life. As we learn that it isn’t about control or just “getting what we want,” it is an adjustment. We have to shift how we feel about patience (it’s not punishment! ;o), as well as how we prioritize our own feelings and focus. Areon channels over and over that it is time to get more of your Loving energy into this world—that is what improves it. Watch a little news occasionally and send some Love, compassion and a new perception of potentials that a challenge can bring. Love yourself more, forgive easily, hold healthy boundaries and say no with loving empowerment, even if it is wisely silent or loud in a moment.

Embrace Love in its Many Varied Forms by Jamye Price

Love is a varied experience that encompasses all of life.

As you embrace more life with Love (from a distance if need be), even those experiences that don’t seem to offer Love, you are anchoring more Love into the human experience.

It is a really exciting time! Since December of 2013, the balance of Loving Light tipped into critical mass. As a Lightworker, you are consciously focusing on creating in the subtle realms and shifting your life from within first (working in the invisible realm) and emanating that out into your life (form builds from the subtle). How is your patience? Are you seeing that life is responding to you in different ways as you enhance your internal foundation of Love? That pesky Law of Resonance keeps moving you toward more clarity. Isn’t it a fun ride?!

Happy February!

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January Ascension Energies – 2016

Monthly Energies by Jamye Price 2016

2015 Review

2015 was an interesting year. It had the energy of 8, so the flow kept things swirling! There was a lot of change in 2015, and I hope you are becoming accustomed to the pace of it in your life. There is time to rest, time to play, time to work—maybe not always in that order! It is important to keep up with your inner peace throughout. That allows you to adjust to the flow of change without too much emotionality throwing you off balance. It has required diligent focus on the inner world and choosing boldly.

In 2015 we went through so much change in the subtle realms that our energy field went through a really powerful upgrade. See the November video for details of how the throat chakra is changing into more holistic flow. Change always occurs in the subtle realm first, it is where form is built atom by atom. Last year there was a lot of intense astrological and cosmological assistance, but it is always you doing the actual changing and upgrading your energy field.

Ascension is a personal and a collective experience, like all of life on Earth at this time. 2015 showed you clearly where your boiling point/freezing point/transformation point was. Often, things that had been working before, stopped being viable in 2015, as we were required to create a better foundation of self to be able to adapt more readily in the future. Get ready for an easier year in 2016! Watch the video version here.

Creating a New Self

Creating a new self with Jamye PriceAreon, the Lyran Council of Time that I channel, was calling 2015 the Year of Creativity. The overarching energy of the year was bringing us to a new level of creativity. There was focus on relaxing into life more (allowing) and emanating your energy into your life more (directing). They spoke a lot of becoming aware of what is within your mental and emotional energy, what you are taking into yourself as you interact with life, and making conscious choice of what world you want to create (what energy/information you emanate out). Things that seem so simple, but take some focus and effort to implement on a consistent and clear basis. The invisible isn’t as obvious!

Ultimately, 2015 was about creating a new self. One who is empowered within, loving, and bold.  One who is making choices energetically that are putting actual new information into the biosphere of Earth. That is a nebulous experience at times. It can mean dealing with some things that got stuffed within or avoided. It can mean coming to terms with having to forgive, ease your perspectives, or stand up for yourself and hold a healthy boundary. The year brought a lot of great clearing and strengthening for the Lightworkers to shine brighter into the dark systems here on Earth. Thank you for your service!

2016 – The Year of Clarity

Get ready to shine even brighter! As we have become more aware of the impact of what we are emanating and receiving, we will be offered more opportunities to choose and emanate accordingly in 2016. It will be a year of more fruitful action, because 2015 was about building (and rebuilding) a strong foundation of self. This corresponds to how our energy field is shifting as we upgrade and activate the throat chakra more. The throat chakra is more than just the words you say or don’t say, it is the expressing of the Self into Life. It is the chakra of manifestation.

Speak with Clarity

“Word” in a figurative sense is directed information. It is not as literal as some take it. While the words you say are important, they are not nearly as important as the vast amount of information you are emanating into the field. Life is responding to your overall vibration, not just your words. Spend some time focusing on what you are silently speaking volumes of to Life. One of the easiest ways to do this is to look at your initial reactions. It is not a bad thing to feel a negative emotion. It will not automatically bring more of that into your life. It is not a testament of how unevolved you are.

It is a quality of an empowered being that is authentic, courageous, and strong enough to use any less-than-loving information to transform the Self and life on Earth. Let yourself recognize a negative emotion if you feel it. It is just information. Now that you have the awareness, you can make informed decision of a new perspective you would prefer.Speak with Clarity by Jamye Price

Speak with clarity to yourself, listen with compassion to yourself. Then decide what next steps you can take first on an energetic/subtle level. That means how will you shift your mental and emotional perceptions and experiences first? That is the “Light” work, you’re working with information on the quantum level (light) where the big leaps are!

Completion and New Beginnings

2016 will feel like more completion energy (it is a 9 year!) whereas 2015 seemed to stall action and completion a little more than usual (building patience—fun!). In general it will feel like a more directed path for many, but remember, that requires knowing when to rest, slow, stop, wait, change direction, forge ahead… Change will be consistent in life, so your adaptability is an important part of Ascension.

Look at what is motivating your choices (that vast information you are emanating) and you will understand better what is manifesting in your life. Choose your endings and beginnings by the clues that life is giving you.  Neutralize your emotions in the moment, and emanate some Light into your future desires. You are a powerful creator and as you clarify your Light, it shines more distinctly into life, changing it. It requires some patience (thank you, 2015!) to build for the long term.

Discernment is Good Judgment

Speak with clarity by Jamye Price2016 will offer you clearer information on your Truth, and those around you. This calls you to clearer discernment of what you are sensing. It is often uncomfortable to recognize negative patterns in someone else or yourself. But it is a necessary part of empowerment. It is also uncomfortable when you recognize them but feel unable to change them. Use your discernment. The negative aspects of judgment (discernment) are when it becomes a mechanism to suppress or control. When it is an avenue of choice for the self, you are utilizing a powerful and necessary vehicle of life on Earth.

Politicians are great exercise for this. Have a Lightworkout and exercise your muscles of how tolerant you are for liars, manipulators, and finding a perspective of potential shift within it all. Invigorating! I joke, but this is actual Lightwork! You came here to change THIS world. Love is the thing that truly does that. It calls for some of your Light shining into the systems of this world in the way that is most appropriate for you. Can you do that without feeling the need to control or suppress something? The unconditional patience to allow while implementing the conditional choice of the physical realm is an advanced skill. It takes practice.

2015 had a lot of focus on building a strong, sovereign you. 2016 will bring a little more focus on you within the collective. So it might call you to come out of your shell more. It might task you to discern for yourself, choose for yourself, and interact for the whole. This is the duality engine of life on Earth. We are integrating opposites, embracing life, learning to become inclusive rather than exclusive. That is Love. Love supports sovereignty within the conditions of this reality and Love is how you expand beyond these conditions from within them.

In 2016, the rules of the game are becoming clearer, and that is when the game gets more fun. We’re moving into a time of interactive creativity. Don’t be afraid to Love your politicians into being on the winning team of Love! ;o)

January Energy – Freedom

Heart freedom and clarity with Jamye PriceHow to start this year of clarity? THE HEART! It is the engine of connection with Life. It is the core of your connection with God. It is how we empathize, desire improvement, and create something new. Your valuable brain/mind doesn’t deal with the new (only the knew!), it deals with data that it can categorize and analyze—it separates. When it is following the heart, the mind has the clarity of connection, joy, and potential. When you combine your two most powerful electromagnetic fields (heart/brain), you become a stronger, clearer signal into Life—speaking volumes of Love. When your heart/mind complex is working well together you are the unified whole, sovereign integral that you are meant to be. You have access to the broad perspective of the heart and the specific implementation of the mind.

In January, look to the information of the heart to begin your most important steps to clarity. How are feeling, perceiving, or reacting? Hear your initial reactions—whether thoughts or emotions—clearly and compassionately, so that you are open to transforming them (creating!). When the mind leads, or we could just as easily call this “imbalanced ego,” there is more of a potential to create from separation. That results in avoidance, control issues, or eruptions rather than shifting through the path of least resistance (the path that water naturally flows). January will have a strong pull to freedom. This begins with your heart.

Hear your heart clearly with Jamye Price

When your heart is free to feel and transform, you feel safe connecting with Life. No Lightworker guilt that a negative moment is a wrong moment. No worry that you will get stuck in the negativity. Use the systems of Life to move and transform the energy: get in water, dance or exercise, sing, cry, watch a funny movie, talk to a supportive friend, get out in nature, love on some animals. Find some ways you can honor your feelings and keep moving through them. What you will find is more Loving perceptions, more natural Loving reactions, more Love for your self, others, and the systems of earthly life. This gives you more ability to focus your Love into areas calling for transformation. You are ready! The world is ready!

PS – You may want to join me for the monthly energies teleclass – Heart Clarity. More info HERE!


Thank you 2015—what a great year of creating a more empowered Self! Now we are moving forward with more clarity to manifest in 2016! Spend some time observing how you have become more empowered over the last year. Then spend a little time dreaming into the new year. It can be easy to overlook the subtle changes because they aren’t as parade-worthy. But if everyone could see what the effect one little shift of forgiveness or hope has on life, there would be more consistent compassion. Be that beacon. It’s why you came here. Because you knew that you could Love this world into the new. (see what I did there?! ;o) These are amazing times, and the world is ready for amazing you! Happy 2016!

December Lightworker Energies – 2015

As 2015 winds to a close, look back at how you’ve changed. Sometimes those changes aren’t obvious, but they are exactly what these times are about: looking beyond the obvious into the subtle realms that are the basis of the future forming. Have you forgiven, made new choices that entail sharing your truth more, loving more, holding healthy boundaries more, recognizing your glorious worth more, saying yes to yourself, to life, and to a new Earth building? These are the deep inner changes that create a new reality. It has been quite a year!

October, November and December are months of preparation and integration. Especially in October, there was a lot of release. November saw many an empath moving past old pain and into new strength. Wow! December feels a little quieter than the two, but just as powerful. As our animal teacher will foretell…

Expect more throat clearing (ears/nose/throat) in December as the energy field adjusts to a new amplification of heart and throat chakra integration (watch the November video for a detailed explanation of our energy field changes!). December will still have some focus on boundaries (yay – family!) and expressing yourself. It is a moment by moment experience that sometimes means speaking up or saying nothing.

The energy of Self Love is at the forefront in December. For the second year in a row, Mother Mary has come forth as I was doing the Light Language for the month. Her unconditional, nurturing Love is a beacon of how to Love the Self. All those erroneous teachings that say it is selfish to love yourself were designed to keep us in separation and shame. When you truly Love yourself, you are so fulfilled and whole that the world is viewed from Love. You see the beauty in others, you see the potential in others, and you see the potential and progress within you and around you that you can support into growth. It changes the world from deep within. Mother Mary’s rose-colored glasses don’t avoid, they just soften the glare.

Preparing for 2016

Grasshopper Energy is quantum leaps forward!When I was out filming the December energies, I asked to be shown an animal teacher in a very specific way if there was to be one for the month. I received that message clearly. But then in addition, the animal crawled onto my hand! December’s animal teacher is grasshopper. Though things may seem like they aren’t moving forward right now – get ready for a quantum leap!

Areon is calling 2016 The Year of Clarity (2013 – Release; 2014 – Personal Empowerment; 2015 – Creativity). As I have noticed with how they label a year, it is a building of a foundation and they all flow together. Since their information is mainly focused on the mental and emotional aspects of Ascension, it correlates with how to enhance your inner perspective to create your new life. The grasshopper is a fabulous harbinger of the energy of 2016. Clarity is powerful directive focus that enhances creativity. You know when to move forward, when to wait, when to use current information, when to seek new information, when to stop, when to shift direction, when to start anew. In essence, you have a trust for yourself, and a trust for life. Powerful times, indeed!

In Summary

Take some time to rest and enjoy in December as you prepare for a new year. Rather than push to create life, watch for the energies to indicate an opportunity or a necessity. Get used to working with life and allowing your desires to lead rather than fears. It is a subtle change for many, because our fears are often not as obvious or logical as we would presume. Look within for ease, and then follow yourself boldly. When it’s time to leap, you’ll know. Those leaps should feel like a YES to yourself and a YES to Life.

November Lightworker Energies – 2015

October Review

Wow! It is getting interesting! October had a lot of release coming up. We are responding to the major influxes of Light in September through the eclipse series, the equinox, the Higher Self anchoring that occurred, and our continued focus on improvement. Yay!

October, November, and December are months of preparation. That means something different for each person, but in general it means you will continue to release, and you will continue to anchor more of your unique, Loving energy here on Earth. You may receive new insights and inspiration for your life. What is your path(s) of passion/your natural talents? How do you want to share that? What risks are you willing to take (aack! Show your Light! ;o) What do you need to shift to accommodate your changes?

Mostly, life is smaller, incremental changes. Your work is to observe how Life is speaking to you through doors opening or closing, or a compelling in a direction. There is never a mistake. Just a path that is appropriate in a moment. That could change, as change is constant. So relax into the unfolding and enjoy it—even as you stretch in an uncomfortable, but worthwhile, direction.

The Collective Energy Field is Changing!

Ascension is a natural process of evolution. The compelling force of Love magnetizes evolution toward improvement, connection, and empowerment. Humanity is moving from mainly interacting through the physical realm (3D), which correlates with the first 3 chakras; into connecting through the invisible realm of Love (the 4th chakra). Empowerment is a vital aspect of Love, connection and evolution.

We have been undergoing a shift in the interaction of the heart and throat—so we are doing some great work, Lightworkers! The heart chakra shift occurred in the mid-2000s, around 2006 or so. I was doing some energy healing on myself and was interrupted by some Guides telling me that humanity’s heart chakra was beginning to move in a different direction. My hand began circling out away from my chest. They said we were moving into more interaction with the heart chakra. Within a few months, 2 healers told me the same thing, though I hadn’t mentioned that experience to anyone. Validation! (This is explained in more detail on the November monthly video)

That process of the heart chakra shifting brought about much change. It meant emotions were releasing, resolving and compelling us toward more empowerment. It doesn’t happen overnight, but the entire journey is worthwhile. It is a natural functionality of the Earth experience that we each progress on our own timeline and a collective timeline. I know that paradox is a bit mind-boggling, but essentially it boils down to ‘perfect timing.’

In 2015 I kept seeing an energy flow around the throat when I would sit to receive the monthly energies. In mid-October it finally became clear that the throat chakra is going through a shift that is congruent with the heart chakra shift of the mid 2000s. We are becoming more interactive with the chakra of destiny, manifestation and expression. This is why speaking your truth and boundaries have been up so much lately, especially in October. Courage is growing and Love is evolving! Thank you for your profound contribution to the emergence of humanity. It’s the everyday things that make the real difference—how you show up in your own life. It’s where the real change occurs.

November Energies

A bit of a break! Wooohoo! November feels easier than these past few months, though I realize that is a relative term!

November feels more like a fluid energy, especially with the mental body. That means for those of you that are more relaxed mentally, you’ll see increased support with new perceptions (how you receive and perceive life around you), new perspectives (how you emanate your thoughts and desires out into the world), and enhanced support with releasing negative mental chatter. Mental resistance is a big one, because the valuable ego goes there first when it’s out of balance (in fear).

The ego is just a mechanism of understanding life on the physical plane. It helps you understand your unique identity as you build the empowerment to make your own choices and interact with the collective of Life. The ego focuses on survival, so it works to keep you safe. However, when it’s imbalanced, those safety mechanisms look like perpetrator/victim in everyday life.

As you release your fears, you are balancing your ego. Life becomes easier to manage because you are empowered and adaptable to the constant change of life rather than fearful or resistant of it. No judgment there, resistance is a survival mechanism, too. Soothe yourself (your ego) into wisdom choices of change. When I notice illogical fears coming up (you’re still going to have that logical/innate survival mechanism of actual danger), I first thank my ego for doing such a wonderful job of keeping me alive. As I am honoring my illogical fear, I am beginning the transformation process from fear into excitement of the unknown. Fear and excitement are merely a perception shift apart.

You’re going to notice in the LightBlasts that there is a lot of focus on perceiving things differently. This is a vital aspect of creating something new. This is why there is so much teaching about creating with your thoughts. You are emanating electromagnetic information into Life constantly. The Law of Resonance responds and responds and responds. Are you paying attention to it? It’s working for you. Life wants you to thrive—you are Life. You are interacting with it at all times. Take the reins, Sovereign being!

November is calling you to imagine the future into form. Right now, it’s fluid. As you go with the flow and paddle your boat, the ride becomes really fun! It is the only way to ride the rapids, you actively move through them. There will be times of floating downstream, too. It’s all good.

In Summary

Remember that November also has some preparation energy to it, so don’t be surprised if you are releasing, getting new ideas that are beginning to form, or even taking actions that are building something for the future. As you open to more mental fluidity, you are open to the forming of new choices. Relax into change more. Appreciate more. Your focus has helped humanity and you open to some wonderful new energy. Life is so worth the effort!

October Lightworker Energies – 2015

September Review

Wow! Pretty awesome. Pretty intense. Whew! I read the overall September energy as Higher Self Overlay, which is ultimately a natural process throughout Ascension, as you release density/trauma and open to the flow of Life. But in September there was a collective surge of anchoring the higher-frequency Self in the physical realm for those that are ready. Yay Lightworkers! September had a lot of astrological significance and energy that was hard to miss! The integration of them will occur over time, and Areon says the next three months (through the end of the year) will have the energy of preparation to them.

October Energy

October will be somewhat of a response to the powerful energy of September. October has the energy ofrelease, and there is still some energy around speaking your truth (which isn’t always in words – sometimes it’s action) which will also continue working with boundaries. Those have been fun, huh?!

Heart/Mind Resonance

There has been an energetic resonance between the head, throat and heart that has been building throughout the past few months. When energy flows strongly in a certain area, it creates (induces) an electromagnetic current, with magnetics being a powerful core of our existence, form and flow. This energetic resonance is a response to greater usage of the heart/mind and it is having an effect on the throat—a chakra that humanity would benefit by healing.  As a forerunner in heart/mind connection, you are shifting the energy flow of your energetic system and creating a resonant dynamic in the head and heart. It is fascinating to watch on an intuitive level.

Remember that authenticity is a vital part of your experience. Your inner strength allows you to operate powerfully in this world. Spiritual opening is a wonderful, loving experience. There is an integration phase because contacting a higher frequency (Love) begins to release things that aren’t resonant in order to raise your foundational vibration. Many get overwhelmed with the pain of the Earth experience and can’t handle the energetic interaction. They don’t continue to move forward because they can’t let go of an internal vibration (like forgiving someone or standing up for yourself), or they won’t interact with life because they don’t think they can handle the pain.

As you allow the heart and mind to work together, you can connect, understand, and choose. Connect, understand, and choose. Be patient with yourself as you strengthen your boundaries. They build like a muscle does—with some effort of pushing past a comfort zone (which does not have to be a bad experience!). It is time for Lightworkers to become the dominant force in their lives. Put your intention into your life and be patient as Life responds through the building of form.

Throat Response

The throat chakra is where energy manifests into the physical realm. Remember, it’s not just about words, as a sculptor that is creating a sculpture with their hands is using throat chakra energy. Humanity as a whole has not been taught to be authentic with their words. They have not always been taught to be considerate with their words either. What you say has an impact. It is part of creating form.

Clarity of the heart/mind does not mean that every thought is a pleasant thought, or every word is a word that others want to hear. It means every word is an authentic and loving word. Speaking your truth begins with being truthful within. As you honor authentic thoughts and emotions within, you actually start the process of healing automatically. Your work is to allowhealthy flow of authenticity and to seek new perspective and strength of connection with Life.

Love is Your Power

During the Light Language portion of the monthly video, I was hearing the translation that we are anchoring more of our True Power (LOVE). This is such a foundational necessity and it requires balance, strength and the ability to deal with life on Earth. There are certain things in this realm that many have a hard time dealing with—like death, loss, rejection, to name a few. The more you Love yourself, the more you Love life, others, change and the unknown. We are really at an exciting time where Love is becoming much more prevalent on Earth. It takes strong people that are able to handle adversity with a strength and a compassion in order to see and create a new path.

There is a lot of change going on beneath the obvious in politics, finances and much more. It takes time to build. Hold your focus, honor your passions and be the force of change in your own life that ripples out and let’s others surf your wave. Love is a passive force that begins building in the subtle realm through magnetic resonance. You are magnificent. Compel new form in your life and this world. It is the power of your Love.

Just before I started the Light Language, I looked up and saw a vulture flying right over me. I knew it was significant, and I even knew I was going to have an animal message for us this month. During the Light Language video, we were visited by two butterflies (you can see them on the video) which signify transformation. We also had the energy of blue jays with their powerful voice (you can hear them squawking, they aren’t shy). They represent power and expression. These are powerful indicators, so I figured they were the animal message that I knew was coming. And they are. But I had forgotten about the vulture.

As soon as I got home I sat at my desk and there was a turkey vulture rising higher with the thermals right outside of my window. I got the message! The vulture represents resurrection, death and rebirth. I recommend reading the full description in Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, but essentially it is a bird that represents great courage and strength. When I was reading the full description, there is even an indicator of a three-month time frame of change. That matches what I was feeling about October, November and December. Prepare for an awesome 2016! Woohoo! A new you!

October Summary

As you continue to allow the powerful eclipses and recent energies to release through October, you are continuing to integrate more of your Higher Self into the physical experience. This will call you to more creative responsibility, so you may notice things manifesting more quickly, resolving, and change occurring. Be patient with this new foundation of creativity that is anchoring in your life. Your internal authenticity and peace will lead you well. Your heart/mind balance is calling you to hold a space for new creation. Connect, understand, and choose—Love! Love is your True Power, and it takes True Power to wield it! :o) Love powerfully! Have an awesome October!

September Lightworker Energies – 2015

September 2015 Newsletter

August Review How were your boundaries in August? Did you let your energy ROAR into your life and begin to build new form, though perhaps still invisible? I could feel the energies beginning to smooth in comparison to the previous months. It has been a beautifully intense year! For those of you that have been on an awakening path for many years, you are likely used to this intensity and feel comfortable in your ability to ride through it. Change is a constant through life, and the Ascension process is one of physical, mental and emotional evolution, creating a more spiritual flow in life.

August helped us anchor the courage to create from our individual will with the benefit of the collective in mind and heart. It is anchoring a new level of creating with ‘word.’ Thus the vision of the lion and the throat that I saw for August.

Word is merely a direction of energy. It brings idea into denser form and begins building form from idea. It is less dense than action, which is the next step after ‘word.’ Word does not always mean that you must speak something, it means that you begin the pre-action step of deciding a direction. Word begins to shape your idea into a direct plan. It is like a declaration of direction. It is important for creation, for it leads to action, which is participation in this realm of form.

Holding boundaries was prevalent in August, for saying no is just as valuable as saying yes as you declare the direction of your life. We are growing stronger as we hold healthy boundaries that proclaim our Love into our own lives. That Love is then able (hmmm, I just typo’d abel there) to flourish. It’s time to Love boldly!

September Energies

Woohoo! For September, I was shown a Higher Self integration happening, especially effecting the throat and heart chakra energies. To see it collectively for Lightworkers is big news! As with all collective readings, it doesn’t pertain to everyone in the exact same way, it does mean that a large proportion of people will be having this experience.

Of course your Higher Self is you in subtle form, the you that is not bound by spacetime. The vision of the Higher Self overlay is indicating a new level of integration into a higher frequency. Yay! It means there has been some great release, understanding and choices that have opened you to a new level of creative responsibility. Yes, more creative responsibility. Ugh! The catch! ;o)

It does mean that you are more responsible for holding to your integrity, choosing Love, and expressing Love. This means more responsibility for what you are creating. I experienced a few lessons with this through August – how about you? When the first one occurred, I sat to meditate on it. I was told that I wasn’t maintaining my focus of what I wanted to create clearly enough. This is absolutely not about controlling life. I was not told that I should have micro-managed more! I was told that I wasn’t focusing my intent into my experiences. Sometimes we forget, or we don’t feel that we have the capability or the right to flow our intent into something.

Your intent is your broad overview of what you want to create, it is your motivation that leads your choices of thought, word and deed. As humans we get confused with intent because we have been living in an epoch of domination-over longer than our history can even agree upon. It is the equivalent of someone flowing their energy outward so strongly onto others that the others are not able to flow. We see this as people use anger, manipulation or withholding love to dominate.  As Lightworkers, we get confused with intent because we are often so sensitive to suppression that we hesitate to flow outward because we are so aware of the pain that ‘aggressive’ outflow can cause. Essentially, we are learning that Love does not overpower, it offers choice.

Always, this must come with a willingness to be open to whatever occurs. We are learning that flowing Love doesn’t mean there is no challenge. It doesn’t mean we are going to experience utopian bliss because we only think Love. We are living in the world of form. We are meant to CREATE Love. That requires a direction of focused intent – then thought, word and deed that is in accordance with that creative intention.

The Higher Self overlay of September indicates that we have done enough of that work to create it. But like any creation on Earth, it also requires the action to sustain it. Just as the action of the inhale and exhale create sustainment of your physical body, you must take the necessary actions to sustain your Love.

Hold healthy boundaries – say yes or say no in accordance with Love as determined by you in your moment.

Flow your intent – say a prayer for some of the broad things you want to experience with a situation and follow that up with your actions.

Maintain your F.O.C.U.S. (Forced Outlook Creating Unlimited Success) – find a perception of benefit in every experience. Be open to Life as it fulfills you, strengthens you, and keeps you desiring inevitable improvement.


The energies of September are bringing some great change! You have created this Higher Self integration by raising your vibrational foundation. Life then responds to support your change. We have an eclipse series in September that offers a big change of direction as eclipses bring ‘reset’ energy. Your ROAR from August is a proclamation of your power and courage to create a new Earth. Let your Love be the dominant force in your life. Love boldy. Others will make their own choice. Don’t let their choice overpower yours. Choose for yourself and flow it out for others to see if they have the eyes to see it. The time of hiding your Light is complete. Exhale. Life sustains. Breathe it in. Happy September!

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