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August Lightworker Energies – 2015

The Energies of August

July Review

July had a lot of focus around heart/mind coherence. As we unite these two powerful aspects, we become connective, wise, discerning, focused and able to choose and participate with life more fully.

Participation is a big theme this year. As you participate in your life more fully, you are strengthening your clarity, force and connection. What I mean by ‘force’ is your power to flow. Kind of like how a stage actor will strengthen their voice so that they can project loud enough to be heard throughout the theater.

You need that same flow in your own life. Project your energy into it! Wise yet fearless creative flow. When you feel a path of flow opening, know that you can swim that current. (Or wisely wear some floaties!) J

uly had some emotional intensity to it. Especially toward the end of the month, there was some raw and/or inflamed emotions. As the heart opens, you release vibrational data that is not resonant with your soul path of Ascension into a higher state of consciousness. You also must strengthen emotionally so that you are strong enough to maintain your authentic vibration rather than getting thrown off balance when viewing something challenging.

When you are strong, that is when true compassion is available. Viewing another in a state of weakness (the active force that is visible), while knowing their strength that has the potential to emerge (the passive force that builds true change in the invisible). Are you viewing yourself with compassion?

Some may have also noticed some sensations and changes with the brain. For many months now, those on a path of self-development have been collectively moving into more of an active alpha wave (~8 to 15 Hz) brain state.

Generally once you start taking action or talking, you are in a beta wave brain state (~12 to 35 Hz). We are blending access into the active awareness and the meditative connection. A very cool upgrade! Sometimes these brain changes have caused a need for more sleep, disrupted sleep, a need for more food (proteins and/or carbohydrates), mental fuzziness, more daydreaming.  All good stuff ultimately, as we will integrate into a higher functionality as the heart and mind unify into greater coherence.

August Energies – Hear Me Roar!

I was shown one vision: a human throat but with a lion roaring out of it! Lions don’t just walk around roaring for no reason. They roar to establish their territory. They roar to warn. They also roar to call in reinforcements, if they have established them. When a lion roars, the power is felt and they don’t do it lightly. Are you roaring in your own life? In a moment of creation, it looks like powerful flow. YES! In a moment of mundane it looks like appreciation. Thank you.

This vision for August energies has a lot to do with boundaries. Are yours helping you to connect with your pride, emanate your truth, and say ‘yes’ to what you want, sometimes by saying ‘no’ to what you don’t want?Healthy boundaries protect in a way that still keeps you open and interacting with life, but in safe and supportive ways. It isn’t always pleasant holding healthy boundaries. When you first establish a new boundary, it is like building a muscle. It takes some effort at first, but it gets easier as you increase your strength. And there are benefits beyond just a stronger muscle. Your hormones, endurance, metabolism and many more systems are positively affected as you strengthen a muscle. It’s the same with boundaries. You may say YES! to sharing your art in a gallery, but it will have a greater potential than just who sees it in the gallery and purchases a painting. It can enhance your creative flow, improve self-perception, open you to collaborations, help you focus to a better schedule, and more.

You may so NO! to a bad relationship. Instead of that being a track to loneliness, it is actually a powerful vibrational emanation that can establish a boundary of respect, honesty, clear communication, and deeper connection in all of your relationships. Why do I say that ‘it can’ instead of ‘it does?’ You are a powerful co-creator of your life. When you make a choice, you must continue your effort in the direction of improvement. You don’t get stuck on what amount of art sales equals success/failure. You don’t get stuck on not having a date for a while. If you keep spinning in a circle of worry, doubt and resentment, you don’t spiral out into a new expansion. You must keep focusing your effort toward improvement (which sometimes looks like rest). Improvement may not be obvious in the moment, and it takes patience as the new ‘muscle’ is built. Sometimes improvement is tears releasing. Sometimes improvement is laughing with a friend or watching a funny movie. Sometimes improvement is a new action step. Improvement is the active/passive force meeting from many different angles (ha! I typo’d angels there! ;o)

Areon has channeled that our boundaries mimic the atomic structure (as does life in general). Boundaries are 99% ‘space’ (invisible/subconscious) and 1% matter (action). 99% of your boundaries are your vibrational emanation and 1% requires your active choice in the moment. But when you are in the midst of creating or strengthening a boundary, it feels like the reverse! Remember that with some effort of choosing a healthy boundary, support may be invisible in the moment, but it is there. Know that your choice to say YES! to yourself, is a choice of saying YES! to improvement. Know that you are in a continual process of improvement that sometimes may feel like the safety of a cocoon or the effort to push out of the cocoon so you can fly free. This is your time of expression! Throat Chakra Energy The throat is the chakra of manifestation. What you begin as creation within, manifests through the throat. A sculptor that works with his or her hands is utilizing throat chakra energy. It is not just the words we say aloud or don’t say, that is only part of the throat chakra energy. It is the result of your internal choice. Are you choosing a YES! for yourself? It changes your world.

In this Year of Creativity – participate! Participate in your life – choose! Life wants you to choose. Life wants you to thrive. You are life! Get in the mud of your life and make pies. Get in the clouds of your life and float. Get in the deep waters within and be still enough to hear what your heart has to say. Does it tell you it’s afraid? It’s lonely? It’s longing? Then choose! Choose to take a risk on courageously reaching out to life and participating! When you meet a challenge, roar your courage into the action of Love! It’s a verb! Participate with it! August Summary This will be a month of movement. I feel like there is still a bit of ‘burning off’ of energies that will begin to smooth out in September – and be SO beneficial for what September offers. The energies are building into a beautiful culmination point that never ends, it just keeps improving. That is the natural pull of Life. You are on a path that is worth letting your ‘roar’ of Love be heard! That vibration penetrates your world and your life changes. You are so worth it!

Happy August!

July Lightworker Energies – 2015

The Energies of July

June Review

June was a fast paced month with a focus on dealing with change. Whether you were feeling frenetic with the pace or a sense of freedom, time kept moving you toward more creative abilities and participation with life. Have you noticed the pace of change? Time seems to be moving faster than ever. June kept us on our toes as we found life calling us into great participation with it. Have you noticed that meditation is shorter and more potent? Have you noticed your manifestations speeding up? If not, deepen your focus and start with simple things that have no emotional charge and look for synchronicity. Clear the heart for more access to Love. July will be supporting this.

For some, I noticed a theme of anger, rage and hatred releasing in June, especially around family. These are emotions that those on a spiritual path often don’t like to deal with. They aren’t comfortable to feel or receive, that is why it is best to move through them in the healthiest way possible. These emotions can get stuffed deep and even covered with more comfortable things like martyrdom, judgment, avoidance, etc. This creates an addictive effect as one continues to suppress and avoid.

Not everyone has the same path, pace or need to process in the same way. For those that were clearing these energies, it may have processed as they slept, either in dreams or just in less rejuvenative sleep. Others had a harder time concentrating or meditating.  Others had it in their experience and were learning boundaries. If you were experiencing this, you are clearing your vibration for greater freedom. Without the past silently creating discord within you, you are free in the present moment. This is the power of forgiveness. It frees you. Thank you for all that you are doing!

July Energies

Heart/Mind balance is moving to a new level! This is a core aspect of Ascension. It is natural for our bio-mechanism to evolve into greater coherence in our subtle expression.  As our subtle expression of feelings and thoughts become more coherent, we are amplifying our electromagnetic force.

Esoterically, the heart is connective, vast, timeless and KnowsLove. The mind delineates, as does time; it is a vehicle of refinement in physical form. It takes the vast information and deals with what the conscious mind can access. This is why it is important to stay open-minded, so your unconscious can relay information to the conscious mind more easily. To have the heart and mind in coherence means that the Loving information of the heart is leading the mind to create through a foundation of connection and co-operation. Nature shows us how powerful that is for thriving.

In June, some were clearing out emotions that were blocking them from a greater access to Love. In July, I feel a focus around letting go of control and emphasizing the deep knowing of the power of Love to heal and create something magical that we couldn’t have imagined was possible. Letting go of control is a mixed bag, it’s not all bad. For instance, controlling your negative thought chatter, healthy eating and exercise habits, or anger processing are a few examples of things that are benefited by control. Any of them could also be imbalanced, like avoiding reality and only thinking positive thoughts or controlling your anger to the point that it just gets stuffed inside and you do not hold healthy boundaries. Balance is key, nothing is just bad on Earth. It is all an experience that has a potential benefit that must be found. Heart/mind coherence allows new information to surface.

July feels as if it is moving us more toward mind connection with ease and the potentials of the future. That is easy when things are good. It is a different feeling in the midst of chaos. Whichever you are experiencing in a moment, keep a little detached observance of how you are reacting, the motivations of anyone involved, the fears that are surfacing and seek a focus on an empowering, though unknown, outcome. It’s important to do this when things are easy so you become accustomed to what it feels like to observe. It’s not as easy and doesn’t feel as good in challenge, so practice when things aren’t so charged.


Things are moving so fast! I hope the improvement is becoming apparent to you. You can’t just watch the news and see it, but sometimes the clues are in there. July is an exciting building of personal empowerment and the improvement of the bio-mechanism that is inherently divine. As we each become personally empowered, responsible, focused, peaceful, joyful and embrace human life, the world really begins to change. July will support you into more peace, even as things are moving quickly. That requires a strength from within that isn’t just dependent on good circumstances, but it does create good circumstances over time. July will call you to more focus on the beautiful potentials of life. Focusing some Love within will help you amplify your potentials. Loving yourself increases your flow of Love so that life is manifesting powerfully through you. Your Love flow changes the world.

Have an amazing July!

June Lightworker Energies – 2015

May Review
It has been such a whirlwind lately.  I hope you are patting yourself on the back for all that you’ve been through. Sometimes it’s a little nebulous as to what you’ve ‘gained’ from these intense shifts we’ve experienced lately. It can even get frustrating if you’re feeling that you’re not receiving something beneficial for the endurance.

Sometimes patience and trust are the hardest workout! If you’re finding impatience and frustration with the timing, do the exercises recommended in last month’s newsletter.  You have to get that fire energy of impatience and fear (not trusting) out of your system and processed into a healthy flow.

In May many had big shifts coming to a place of more relief. Remember that sometimes progress is fleeting at first; you get a glimpse of peace, then it may go away, but eventually you regain it for longer periods of time and more frequently until it becomes your new frequency baseline.

This is the way of Ascension: improvement, integration, understanding, application.  Rinse and repeat. Worth the workout. Life begins to get more magical, peaceful and Loving. Your peace emanates. You’ll be surprised at who emulates your lead. Sometimes you don’t see it immediately, sometimes they tell you later how you effected them. But do it for yourself, to experience your peace and know that it benefits All Life as well.

June Energies
Let’s dive right into it! I heard two words when I sat to meditate on the energies of June. Frenetic and Freedom. Expect a fast-paced month, but that doesn’t mean you have to be frenetic!

Frenetic energy is ungrounded, chaotic, unfocused. Frenetic energy can pull you off balance and focus if you allow it. Have you ever been around someone that is like that? You usually feel drained afterwards. Paramedics are often an example of calm in the midst of chaos. They maintain a detached and focused state in order to help those that are in a dramatic situation and unable to help themselves. If they allow the frenetic energy to pull them off balance, there is no one that can help the situation.

So whether it is you pulling yourself off balance or someone else’s frenetic energy pulling at you, maintain or regain your detached focus and find your balance. Maybe it is frenetic worry, avoidance until deadlines are pressed or just a vague sense of uneasiness, find some relief. Ground yourself, meditate, take a walk in nature, do the breathing exercises in this month’s video. Don’t let yourself stay off balance for long. You’re worth the effort.

Now let’s talk about freedom.  Woohoo! We’re going to be set free! Well, that’s not the way of it, is it? Not because the governments are evil, but because your freedom is within you and your work is to cultivate it. Woohoo! You can set yourself free! That is good news! Not always easy though, so have hope and carry on! It does get easier!

Freedom denotes an unconditionality, yet we live in a conditional reality. So you are not free to do anything you want, whenever, wherever; you are free within yourself to feel, perceive and choose how you interact with life. The unconditionality of freedom resides in the subtle realms of your inner world. With that, your experience becomes one of freedom and you find your circumstances beginning to match it. It is a shift in perspective first, then a shift in feeling, then a shift in experience. 

It is uncanny how experiences that felt so restrictive can change, and it is the magical, peaceful and Loving ‘reward’ we spoke about earlier. But it isn’t a system of punishment and reward, it’s a system of creation. Create your inner world and your outer world begins to match it. Patience and trust are important because we have a time lag between inner desire and manifestation. Are you creating or reacting? The difference is in how you ‘c’ it. Creating begins with your vision.  With reacting, your vision is not leading your experience. Do you see new opportunity and potential for improvement in your experiences? If so, you are free within, your vision is not limited by your circumstances.

Freedom is the ability to deal with the conditions of reality with more peace, more acceptance, more interest, and more choice. It doesn’t feel like, ‘I hate this experience, I want another one!’ It feels like ‘This is interesting, it has transpired from past information, now I prefer…’  That is the peace that encompasses all understanding; you understand the current circumstance is undesirable, but you also understand the future is malleable to your focus. In this way, you don’t have as much resistance to the present moment because it is just a manifestation from the past calling you to new choice for the future. 

You have to be honest with your emotional flow, because if you’re having an experience you hate, it’s healthier to actually heal it rather than to stuff it deep within. Allow yourself to hate it until you release/transform the fire energy into the passion to create something new.  See/’c’ the positive potential in there? Any anger, frustration, rage, or similar pain can transform into the passion to create. You just need to see that potential and focus it into form (those May energies are building to our freedom!) That is the positive of the negative – everything has two energies in a world of duality conditions.  You move past them when you connect the two through experience.  Freedom! That you could have an undesirable experience and create from it?  You’re free!

Freedom is an internal experience of being well with your experiences and maintaining an open energy field that is well-connected to your subtle self.  The exercises for relieving frenetic energy actually help you align with your internal freedom. As you are feeling free within, you are interacting with others and with life from a balanced, peaceful, empowered state. It changes your work environment, it changes your home environment, it changes any environment you are in. It’s actually all about you feeling better, and as you feel better you impact life with that vibration.

June will be a fast-paced month after quite a while of intensity. Relax into life more, breathe easily with life. Your relaxation isn’t laziness, it is such power that life is interesting and responsive to you, for you are empowered within. Your inner world is the one thing that you actually control in this beautiful conditional world. Feed your inner body well and it responds just as when you feed your physical body well.

Cultivating your inner freedom is synomous with inner peace, inner Love, inner creativity, inner wonderment, inner Love for humanity and Life on Earth. It is the action of being the change you want to see in the world.  That is your Light work. In the month of the longest day of light of the year, shine your Light brightly! Just as those in the southern hemisphere are having the day of the deepest cleansing of the inner depths! What a great balance these conditions of duality have to offer us! Have a great solstice and a wonder-filled June! 

May Lightworker Energies – 2015

April Review

April had the energy of ‘the strength to create.’  It felt more like ‘the strength to get through the day!’  Has fatigue ever been so prevalent?!  It wasn’t easy to get extra sleep and it didn’t matter anyway!  It was a profound month of physical inner change.  I was shown that the fatigue was due to brain adjustments that are creating better access to a waking meditative state.  We will have more ease accessing an Alpha state in general, and for many even a Theta state.  These are brain waves that are much more in tune with the frequency of a creative, Loving, calm state.  It is a subtle shift, but over the course of time you may begin to notice more calm.  If you are already noticing more calm, lucky you!  Many are still experiencing a LOT of shift and movement from the eclipse/equinox/Pluto-Uranus-Square catalyst.

April also brought some deep release, especially around shame.  Just like the brainwave adjustments, these shifts can sometimes seem subtle at first.  However, another side effect of so much release of discordant vibration is a new track of creation in your life.  So it may have also seemed like things that were moving forward either stalled or became unclear.  At first this can be pretty frustrating, but ultimately it becomes more beneficial.  You’ll readjust to a new path of creation that is better aligned with your new, freer energy.  The April challenges and benefits feed right into the energy of May.

May Energies – Choice and Focus

May and June both are going to call you to more focus.  Focus is an important one.  The brain changes and the deep release of April provide us with more availability of our focus.  I’m excited to see these brain changes.   That focused, calmer, waking meditative state can help you begin taking more empowered action in life – choice.

Choice is both internal and external action. As you begin creating more of your reality rather than reacting, it anchors Loving Light here on Earth for others to observe and choose as well.  The exponential effects, the fractal expansion, are a natural part of the system of Life.  As you choose, life changes.  First subtly, then you get clues of impending manifestation. Change keeps building momentum and manifests.  And the cycle continues.

Creation always begins internally.  What does that look like in your life?  First, it requires relaxing into your present moment (not as easy lately). As you become well with what-is, your energy field opens and connects in a way that gives you access to helpful thoughts, feelings and synchronicities that begin to build a new future.  Relaxing into the moment is a matter of focusing yourself away from any fear, impatience, resentment or any other challenging vibration that is inhibiting you from peace.  Once you can focus yourself into a better feeling state of being, you now have access to new choice that wasn’t available from a chaotic vibration.   This was the beauty of releasing shame in April (or anytime!); you are shifting away from a harmful vibration running in the background – like a virus that slows down your computer.

What if You Can’t Focus?

Choice always begins within.  You choose to focus in a direction, you choose to shift your thoughts, you choose to find a new perspective.  If you find that you can not focus no matter how you try, then there is an internal vibration that is inhibiting your easier flow.  Practice mediating more – short meditations are fine.  You need to exercise the mental focus muscle.

Also, do you have some go-tos for healthy release of emotions?  The same thing won’t always work, so have some backups.  Need to release some anger, frustration, resentment or some other fiery emotion?  Get moving!  Exercise, dance, play fast music, yell at a wall (then apologize!).  Feeling sorrow, depression or unworthiness?  Play sad music, watch a sad movie, soak in a salt bath, walk out in nature, especially by water.  Get the water moving.  Don’t keep it in and let it stagnate or saturate.  Free yourself!  Sometimes after you release these emotions you feel immediately better.  Sometimes you feel better the next day.  Sometimes you have to repeat the exercise and repeat again and again.  If you find yourself feeling resentful that you’ve already done it and you’re not completely blissful and fulfilled in life, that’s fire energy of impatience.  Get moving again, and you’re probably ready for some more tears.

Not feeling any of these?  Maybe you’re feeling great?  Yay!  Relax, play and focus!  Choice and focus are a natural creative progression in this state.

Lightworkers (which can be anyone, we all have the ability) are here to ‘work’ in the realm of ‘Light,’ which is merely subtle energy.  Humanity has a long history of some working in those subtle realms and everyone else either not knowing about it or being suppressed from it.  That time is over.  Now we are relearning to control our own minds and connect them with our hearts.  That takes a level of awareness as to the intention behind all things.  It’s not always obvious or easy, but it’s so worthwhile to cultivate that skill.  May will be pressing you to observe the true intent behind your own motivations and others.  When you find a motivation you don’t like, forgive and focus toward one that is a win/win.  When you find a motivation you do like, focus toward the win/win.  That empowers and connects humanity, starting with you.  What an amazing time we are living in!

In summary

May is preparing us for an empowerment that creates meaningful change on Earth.  Sometimes life is challenging, yet ultimately we are to be moving in a direction that no longer creates battle consciousness with Life.  Relax into your moment.  Forgive easily and hold boundaries wisely.  Perceive and focus in a compassionate way that exemplifies choice that empowers all involved, including yourself.  Speak and think words of Love to yourself and others, even if the truth hurts at first as a wound is dressed for healing.  Be realistic with life on Earth, and open the gateway to a new experience of Love on Earth.  Transmit that possibility through the gleam in your eyes, the gateway to your soul.  Shine brightly, even in a glance.  May your focus and choice shift your internal Love into an external evolution of Life.   That is the power of a true spiritual warrior.  We’ll talk more about that in June. Happy May!

April Lightworker Energies – 2015

April Energies – The Strength to Create March Review

Woohoo!  That was an intense and valuable swirl of energy in March!  The final of seven squares of Pluto/Uranus was followed by a solar eclipse in the final degree of the final sign of the zodiac on the Equinox!  Bam!  Finally!  ;o)  With the lunar eclipse in Libra on April 4 (4/4 in an 8 year!) we are still in a phase of great change, and of course eclipses are still working with us beyond the initial alignment.  A few days after the Equinox power portal I felt a sense of relief, as if much had been released and a new empowerment was born.  With any upshift in empowerment comes a greater flow of Love, so it is getting exciting!

March was a month of physical Ascension symptoms for many – throat, (major throat chakra release in March!)  lungs, ears, (OMG – the ears!)  lower back and neck were the common ones was I was hearing.  These intense astrological energies squeeze out imbalanced vibration and the magnetic resonance of the planetary alignments will emphasize certain energies, so if you have a weak link in a physical, emotional or mental area that corresponds, you will notice the effects.  March was a great catalyst!

April Energies

April feels ever so slightly less intense.  Is that good news?  ;o)  This is an 8 year (2+0+1+5=8), so movement and momentum will be par for the course.  We are adjusting to continual upshifts in energy, which is more alignment, more empowerment, more creativity, more understanding, more intuition, more excitement, more releasing, and more!  April starts with a lunar eclipse in Libra.  Libra is all about balance, which is a core energy of Ascension in this experience of Polarity Integration.

Polarity Integration is about moving beyond the confines of duality into a whole being of balance.  As we embrace the challenges as opportunities, we are beginning that integration process.  It’s not a science of exact steps that apply to every situation.  This is why individual empowerment is so important.  Each person needs to be able to discern what choices/consequences apply to each situation.  That takes practice, it takes Trust in Life and the Self, and it requires the release of fears and trauma that keep one choosing based on desperation (or any degree of such).

Spreading Your Wings to Fly

There are two dominant energies that I am feeling in April.  First, I was shown an image of energy flowing out from the heart and throat area in a swoop that looked like wings.  I was then given the phrase “The strength to create” by Areon.  This is exciting and it feels directly related to all that we released and conquered internally in March to reach a new level of empowerment.

Creating applies to everything in life, you are creating relationships, money flow, internal peace, businesses, the future – most importantly, you are creating you.  And you, Divinity in form, effect all that you encounter.  The imagery, looking like wings spreading out, is indicative of our work of becoming Light enough to fly (yay for releasing!) and courageous enough to leave the safety of the nest.

Sometimes it’s easy to miss the things that are weighing you down.  It can seem like it’s better to focus away from them.  There is a time for that, and you’ll know it because you’re able to focus away and see or feel progress.  There is also a time to deal with the anger, resentment and shame that is clogging your flow of Love, excitement with Life, Joy to soar higher and higher.  There are two ways this avoidance occurs.  One is polarizing to trying to pretend nothing is wrong, everything is love and sequestering yourself off from life except in your controlled environments.  The other is focusing on what is wrong and pretending like you are powerless to change anything.  These are themes that have been coming up more this year because it is a year of creative flow.  In order to have powerful creative flow, you must own your creative responsibility.  Observe, choose and take action (sometimes action is resting or waiting for the appropriate timing).

Releasing Shame

The second energetic theme of April is Releasing Shame.  There is little that is more separative than shame.  It is something that a person holds within, hides within, and deteriorates around.  That’s a bit dramatic, but ultimately, shame is a destructive force.  Shame keeps us from fully loving the Self and connecting with others and life.

Shame can be such a strong word that many will feel that it doesn’t apply.  This is because shame is hidden within, often even from the Self.  The ways that it manifests will differ for an individual.  Sometimes it looks like lashing out in anger, other times it looks like too timid to speak.  Sometimes it looks like promiscuity or serial dating as bouncing from partner to partner keeps one from dealing with the depth of intimacy (with the self and another).  Sometimes it looks like giving and giving to another (to mask internal feelings), other times it looks like taking and taking.  Sometimes it looks like working out to the extreme or anorexia/bulimia, to over eating to the point of obesity.  There are so many more examples.  And of course all of these examples are things that some will have in balance, without the force of shame, so you must look within and observe yourself with detachment and Love.  Yours need not be that strong, but it is worth your freedom to release any resonance you can uncover with great Love.

Shame is a deep one for humanity.  The ultimate separator.  Shame and avoidance often go hand in hand.  For one that has shame, the self-worth is depleted in ways that are not always obvious.  In this month’s video, there is an exercise that is designed to help you release shame (it merely requires your intent) without wallowing in the negative.  There is no need to quagmire yourself to release.  Yet without honest self-observance, the human mind will distract and avoid, then end up confused when relationships, abundance and peace aren’t working out. Please pray for humanity to release shame with grace and ease, as it is an energy that is surfacing for many at this time.

While shame is a great disconnector, Love is the greatest connector there is.  As you Love into any inkling of shame within, you’ll discover that it was a gift of support from a Universe of Love that wants you thriving.  Feel gratitude for yourself that you had the courage to look, discover and transmute through Love.  Feel gratitude for the energy of shame that showed you how you can disconnect and reconnect with a greater power and determination.  You so deserve it.  You are a blessing to this world and you have so much Love to share.  The Light Language in the monthly video is probably one of the strongest I’ve experienced on the videos.  They are often gentler to be of more benefit to many.  This one is helping to deal with the release of shame and the anchoring of the strength to create, so you can also watch/listen to it repeatedly until you feel you’re done with it.  Your Higher Self activates the encodements for your best release and activation. I

n Summary

April will still have a bit of intensity to it, but as you approach that from the excitement of a fast moving roller coaster, you may enjoy it!  Sometimes you’re climbing up the hill (taking the high road?!) for the great whoosh of thrill and fast movement (manifestation!).  Only to climb another hill later.  Woohoo!  We know how this goes!  Enjoy each step of the process, for it is you that you are creating.  And this world is so benefitted by every act of healing you do within, and every act of Love you flow externally.  April may call you to both.  I honor your power and service to Light and Life.  Create miracles this month!

March Lightworker Energies – 2015

March Energies – A New Strength

February had quite a flow to it.  Though it was presented as ‘momentum flow,’ it sometimes felt like a deluge!  Or sludge.  ;o)  Depending on how the momentum was flowing.  Momentum is gained when forces are working in your favor, so when you go with the natural flow of things, it benefits you.  That isn’t always easy because the natural way of change is a new direction, so you must slow, shift and build momentum in a new direction.  The momentum of manifestation is invisible at first, so you must focus, trust and allow new information.   So even momentum isn’t always an even keel of flow – and that is a beautiful thing in many instances.  Rest and play are important parts of the human experience.  Have you been doing enough of that?  I haven’t. :o)

In this Year of Creativity, these first months have had a lot of emphasis on the mental aspects of creating, where we begin to form in the subtle realms.  Why not the heart, you ask?  The heart is extremely powerful and important in creativity!  It is your most powerful electromagnetic emanation and you would benefit from letting your Love and passion flow freely! The mind is your mechanism of focus and focus directs form.  What is felt in the heart becomes focused in the mind.   The perspectives that are spinning in your head create a vibrational flow that also emanates out, so it is important to harness and direct your thoughts, which absolutely must include your feelings.  They are like two sides of one coin.

I mentioned that the February energies also supported the release of grief (anyone have lung issues in Feb?). Also, it stimulated the release of family karma that had been dormant for a while.  I saw a lot of anger and blame issues rising to the surface for healing.  It never announces itself as coming up for release, it just comes into your experience.  It surfaces along with feelings of frustration, resentment or perhaps even feelings of failure that you are not a perfect lightworker loving unconditionally and sacrificing endlessly.  It’s so important to be authentic with your feelings and to make choices that are healthy win/win solutions for all involved.  A healthy win/win doesn’t always feel like a delightful moment (but sometimes it does – so go for it and find out!).  Like building a muscle, it takes effort to build new, healthy boundaries and yet the efforts result in more ease in the future.  Your authenticity with feeling the anger, fear, etc. helps it resolve rather than remain.  You can release and resolve in healthy ways that don’t cause more harm for anyone.  The release of the grief and dealing with the anger lead us to March energies…

A New Strength

The astrology in March is daunting.  We have a lot of Mars movement and energy in March.  We have the seventh and final of the Pluto/Uranus squares.  We have an eclipse on the equinox.  A month of change indeed!  The energy of 7 is a bit like a square itself.  Seven is the energy of the past meeting the present and a change of direction.  It results in wisdom when utilized to your benefit.  As you resolve grief, anger and blame, you find a new strength within.  Is that drama from the past holding you down or building your strength (like a muscle)?  It is the strong that create real, lasting change here on Earth.  Are you strong enough to choose to say no to something that is harmful for you?  Are you strong enough to say yes to something that scares you, but is really safe (like being creative or loving another)?  Are you strong enough to love yourself so much that you are feeling blessed by being alive and overflowing that Love to all you meet?

March is a month of finding a new strength to embody empowered Love.  Empowered Love will say no to another when saying yes is a continuance of disempowered, depleting dependency.  Are you ‘helping’ someone through guilt, obligation or a fear of saying no?  When you cut the cord from an energy vampire, they usually aren’t happy at first.  But it’s the only way for both of you to have an opportunity for personal strength.  You don’t get to decide if they acquire it or not.

Sometimes its not so ‘offensive’ as an energy vampire.  Through love you unconsciously agree to help others, especially as your past lives as a shaman become accessible, which is occurring naturally through the Ascension of humanity.  In times past a shaman relieved the suffering of the tribe by taking on the energy of another and processing it for them through their own body/experience.  While of course this wasn’t the only thing a shaman did, it was a necessary step given the evolution and vibration of humanity in general.  We’ve evolved beyond that.  I remember doing energy healing sessions in the mid 2000’s and noticing that the physical healings were not sticking like they used to!  When I asked my Guides why the issues were coming back, I was told that humanity had moved to another level of personal responsibility and that empowerment had to be part of every session.

March feels a bit like a new level of empowerment, and it is framed through a new strength.  During the Light Language transmission for the month, I sensed a loving and strong Divine Masculine energy.  As we each embody a balanced Divine Masculine and Feminine energy, we are becoming whole and powerful.  The kind of wholeness that doesn’t need to separate from others and the kind of power that doesn’t need to suppress another or the self.  In the channeled Weekly Lightblast, you’ll see it start with a big dose of Self Love – what Areon calls your most powerful flow of creativity.  We often don’t realize how we aren’t loving the self.  We may rationalize (rational lies) how we are striving for improvement, teaching ourselves not to repeat past mistakes or protecting the self by not allowing complacency.  The truth of Self Love is an ease, peace and creativity that creates a grand momentum in Life!

Ride the Waves

March has quite a potential for change and is; as Life always is, calling you to a new level – a new strength.  Observe the internal momentum of your thoughts and feelings and shift your focus to the direction of more positive flow.  Time to rest or play?  Make the effort to find a new perspective and go with that flow.  You have a grand opportunity for change and an even grander opportunity to focus your natural faculties (thoughts and feelings) into a new creation.  A new you.  A new experience of Life.  A new vibration rippling out and waking others up as well.  It’s time!

February Lightworker Energies -2015

February Energies

February has some interesting energy.  I read 2015 as the Year of Creativity.  There is a momentum of movement to 2015 that is inherent in the energy of 8 (2+0+1+5=8).  In many ways the energy has started the year with a feeling of excited anticipation.  We are in the midst of some intense astrology build-up, yet there is a positivity in February that is fascinating.  We are in a Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, which started out surprisingly intense.  We have an eclipse coming up in March with the equinox and the final (can you believe it?!) Uranus/Pluto square.  Woohoo!  Get ready for a ride! Astrology is about balancing to the push/pull (the duality engine) that is calling you to your empowerment.  This is why it always speaks to the positive and negative possibilities of any alignment, or the change that can result because of it.  As you move into a more balanced, empowered state (Ascension); astrology has less of a push/pull on you.  It has more of a flow, just as a seed sprouts best in certain conditions.  This brings us into the energies of February… Momentum Flow

In this Year of Creativity, January was shown to me as energy flowing from the right and left brain down to the throat.  February is shown to me as momentum flow, ultimately a continuation of the January energy in many ways.  The energy of February is pointing to the mental aspect of creation. (Maybe they said ‘Mo-mental flow? ;o) As we begin a creation, it is in subtle form – thought and feeling to our senses.  Then as we participate with the creation; thinking and feeling it more, choosing and taking action toward the creation – it eventually manifests.  Simple.  We get it.  Mostly.  We get stuck in the physical sometimes, like not recognizing the unconscious internal opposition, or not focusing on positive, open-ended thoughts that open the energy field to new information when needed.  Continued practice of focus and empowering the self through win/win choices is worth the effort!

The bio-mechanism is a brilliant creation machine.  When we are aligned with the flow of creation, the energy field is open, flowing, inspired, vital.  When we are opposing the flow of creation, there is friction, restriction, fatigue.  I’ve said before that Life is fail-safed for creation, for your thriving.  Friction, restriction, fatigue and all other manner of non-creation flow create a desire for change.  And the circle continues.  Or the double circle? 888 Recently I was thinking about something in my life that I wanted to change – just observing with detachment in this particular case.  Areon said to me, “Sometimes you have to experience it to understand it.  We call it ‘scraping.’” I was shown a vision of touching something and then continuing to move on, just as you would if you were scraping up against something.  From a soul perspective, you jumped into this experience with excitement and a knowing of its temporary, illusory nature.  From a human perspective, scraping hurts!  But think about when you ‘scrape’ something.  There is movement, friction, acute awareness and a readjusting of trajectory.  It’s a catalyst for your attention, understanding and choice.  Lightworkers are helpers by nature.  The challenges that you have experienced have expanded your compassion, your empathy and your strength.  February is offering a new perspective on all that you have experienced so that it becomes your strength creating a powerful new you!

Physical Symptoms

The astrology, your intent for improvement, your desire for this world to change – it’s a catalyst!  Because of this, we are bringing to the surface much that is not in alignment with the intent for improvement.  Sometimes physical symptoms are shown to you in your body, sometimes your experiences.  The physical symptoms I’ve seen arising lately are family issues that have been dormant for quite awhile, grief, and shoulder/upper back issues.  Perhaps many are ready to take the weight of the family karma off their shoulders? (See the monthly video about Bodhisattva vows) There is a time for assistance and there is a time to stop enabling disempowerment (also assistance!).  You decide what applies to you as each experience is different.  A lot is releasing and activating so that you can create a new you.  Take the leap that the release is offering.  Your choice is the ultimate catalyst.  Choose Love!  Love yourself, love life, love the process!  It’s time to enjoy the ride! In Summary

February energy is continuing a focus on your mental flow and how you are working with your creations or against them.  It’s important to notice the details in your life, as Life is always speaking to you.  It’s valuable to not only notice what you’re feeling, but to focus your thoughts toward things that open your energy field to your higher self, inspire you and fuel your creativity and zest for life.  Any kind of friction is an opportunity to notice and change direction in what ever way is beneficial for you – generally an internal shift is the first direction!  It’s time for Love to become the dominant vibration in your Life.  Let that momentum flow! Have an awesome February!

January Lightworker Energies 2015

I am very excited about 2015!  I feel that it is smoother than recent years and there is a lot of momentum.  My Guides are calling it the Year of Creativity.   2+0+1+5 is an 8 year.  8 has the energy of momentum, movement, manifestation, cycles becoming clearer and perhaps culminating into form.  The 8 represents the spiral visible from the side, marking the event horizon – what is before, during and after.

It is the way of energy, always moving.  We see part of the yin/yang within the 8, the curving, magnetic nature of Life as it shapes direction; infinite movement and connection.  The 8 has the nurturing curves of the feminine nature of Life – the bonding, the cohesive, the community.  During the Light Language transmission for the month, I was shown cycles culminating.  This time marks the Iron Age coming to an end.

Humanity is ascending into a more balanced feminine cycle, where each being is honoring their inherent balance of masculine and feminine energy.

The Year of Creativity will have your feminine influence upon it; your nurturance, your connecting, your shaping of the direction of Life.  We are moving from control and conquering into cooperation.  There will still be negativity being exposed and even continued around the world, but the shift is occurring.  It just doesn’t all happen at once.  Creativity is change, and this year of infinite movement and connection is relying on your creativity for its momentum to change.  This leads us to the energy of January. Creation Begins

Desire is the fire that leads humanity.  This is exemplified in the 8.  What has come before creates desire, whether that is something negative or positive.  This desire is where the new creation begins.  Desire is first mingled with any positive or negative emotion, depending on the individual experience.  Yet creative potential offers resolution and integration of the two into new creation.  When it is a feeling, we tend to categorize positive as good and negative as bad.  Yet both create.  When it is a battery, we categorize positive and negative as two opposites that merely create power.  As you begin to perceive the negatives in your life as fuel for creation, you are realizing (realigning) your own power.  This is the peace that passes all understanding as you are not thrown off balance by challenges.  They merely propel you into creativity.

Thoughts and emotions create so powerfully because they are in the subtle realm of desire.  It is the most malleable aspect of creation.  As I tuned into the energy of January, I was shown energy flow from both sides of the head; conceptual right brain and logical, detailed left brain – into the throat.  Throat energy is more than just the word, though the word is more direct and focused thought/feeling energy.  Throat energy is manifestation.  It is action.  A sculptor using her hands is utilizing throat energy.

The energy of January is a focus on the beginning point of creation, the malleable foundation.  What are you thinking and feeling about Life, yourself and others?  What are you choosing to bring into the denser form of word?  What actions are you taking to manifest your desires?  Sometimes it is time for action, sometimes it is time to allow a path to be created.  Spend some time reviewing these questions and observe what you want to change and enhance in your powerful mental and emotional realm. In Summary

This is going to be a powerful and awesome year!  Not every moment will be blissful.  Not every experience will be easy.  But it can all be progress, improvement and beneficial.  You choose.  In your internal world, where your first action begins, you are the only one responsible for the experience.  In the external world, you co-create with the collective of Life, the connection.  The infinity symbol becomes the Mobius, where the inner and the outer meet – your entanglement with Life.  You are powerful, though much of that is invisible until you create it into form.  Prove to yourself this month that you can find a powerful new perspective that changes your thoughts and feelings.  This is the momentum beginning.  It’s in you.

Have an amazing 2015!

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