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February Ascension Energies – Looking Back

February Ascension Energies by Jamye Price

January Review

The Year of Amplification (according to Areon, the Lyran Council of Time) is flowing along. This lunar eclipse on 1/31 is a powerhouse. It seems the eclipse energies have been impacting us early! I have felt the intensity of it since about mid-January.

January’s energy of Heart Amplification stirred up a lot of healing. 2017 had the effect of much collective movement, which had the effect of personal change. The two are always inter-related. 2018 will call you more to your inner realm to use your power more directly in your life.

Follow Your Heart

Boundaries, personal will and creative focus, relaxing and nurturing yourself in healthy ways—these themes may come up repeatedly in 2018 depending on what applies to you. It is a year where there is less collective focus, more personal focus. This is, of course, what creates the collective experience.

In essence, it is a year where you enact the new desires and focuses the collective movement of 2017 stirred within you.

January asked you, what does your heart want? 2018 asks you to live it.

The universe—our living, responsive universe—is shaping you and you are shaping it. January’s intensity, whether it has felt wonderful or challenging to you, is a reminder to focus on your heart. You are worth the effort of healing, you are worth the joy of dreaming a new you. A new Earth. This brings us to February Energies…

February Energies – Looking Back

This was a curious topic for the Monthly Energies. Wallowing in the past doesn’t seem helpful. What about the power of the present moment? Being in the Now? Focusing on the positive? Areon is nothing if not consistent—still it is about our empowerment!

Heal the Past

The current energies strongly support letting go of the challenges from the past and enhancing the positives of the past. The two are always reflexive energies. If you release a challenge, you activate it’s opposite. If you enhance a positive, you release any discordant vibrational information.

Duality isn’t just a limitation to be moved beyond, it is an engine of Life’s continuance. On this path of Ascension, we are learning to use it in a powerful and helpful way as we integrate it into connection, thereby expanding our potential. Evolution speeds.

February is often a month of much movement. This month has a partial solar eclipse and Valentine’s Day (a total eclipse of the heart?), so there is a lot of movement to stir your thoughts and emotions.

Enhance the Present

When you use these energies to observe with detached compassion, you actually get into a healthy habit of “speaking to the moment.”

Looking Back is a wonderful utilization of your beautiful mind flow. The linearity of the mind uses known information to categorize, analyzes and assess (among other things) so that you are safe in the moment.

The mind is survival-based when it works alone, it is based in thriving when it follows the impulses of the heart, your connection and compassion.

In February, you are supported in using your beautiful mind to empower your compassionate heart.

This is natural to you, as Love is your core. There is a simple exercise in the monthly video to amplify this. There is a difference between wallowing in the past, and observing it to empower your present—just as there are those that only want to complain rather than release and redefine.

You are learning to release the binds of the past that keep you unconsciously interacting from pain, fear, trauma or misunderstanding. You are using the subtle nature of Time to shift your present moment. This also strengthens your empirical understanding of the subtle nature of Time, a 4th dimensional expression.

Form the Future

Your past influences the physical, present moment. When you utilize your subtle bridge (your thoughts and emotions) to redefine your past, you are adjusting your physical present moment, even if it takes Time to manifest. ;o) The future is formed.

In this Year of Amplification, your clarity in the present moment, your empowerment within, and your optimism for the future are powerful catalysts to transform your life. And ultimately the human experience. This is the quantum nature of our holo-fractal universe in action. Within you, of course.

Happy February!

January Ascension Energies – The Year of Amplification

January Ascension Energies by Jamye Price

2017 Review

As we look toward a new yearly cycle, it is helpful to appreciate what we are transitioning from. 2017 was a year that called us to go deeper into our Empowered Sovereignty as an individual, so that our connections with life are stronger and clearer, rather than lacking healthy interactions.

2017 was a year of transformation as change reached a peak of flow. The first 3 quarters of the year were intense and constant changes, with that evening out for those that went with the currents. Internal change was moving to a new level or pushing to a new level.

You’re always worth the effort.

2018 – The Year of Amplification

According to Areon, the Lyran Council of Time—2018 brings more amplification. You’ll see where you are at on an internal level. You’ll be called toward more clarity and Love, with that focus of the new operating system being strong in 2018.

When we respond differently to challenges or creativity, real change is created.

Observe your internal response, your external response and find new solution that is based in Love.

Sometimes that means holding a boundary, saying no, or taking a creative risk. Sometimes the way is not clear as things form in the subtle realm. Sometimes you are to care for yourself before another, sometimes another before yourself.

Always look for new solution based in Love, as the energy is amplifying.

What to Expect in 2018

What does the year of amplification mean? It means we are going to continue to see a lot of change, and even polarization. Yet we will also likely see new connections as Life propels people to clearer identity.

Things will generally feel like they are moving fast, yet the stillness within will be more pointed, for contrast is how we clarify to create. The stillness is the most important connection. It is your internal and eternal connection. Honor it deeply.

Love and Truth will be the currency of creation in 2018. You won’t find it everywhere. You will be called to define it within and live it. Boundaries and discernment will become paramount.

Living as an Empowered Sovereign is important.

January Energies

January brings a typical focus, as Areon focuses the flow toward beginning. The Heart. It is always about connection and power. January reminds us to focus first within our crucible of Love, distill Life with our powerful vibrational identity, then allow creation to follow natural forming.

January will ask you to focus on what is in your control and what is not.

The truly powerful allow those two energies a lovely dance. Individuality and connection flow in and out, harmonizing and transforming, elevating to a new height because of the interaction.

As the heart amplification spins ever faster, we are clarifying our internal vibrational information. All that we interact with gets swept through that tide of Love. It transforms the flow.

In Summary

As we begin a new year, look to how Love is leading you. Are you the most powerful flow in your own life? If not, how can you amplify your Love to honor the sacred gift that you are to Life and let that spiral out into the world?

Look to your heart flow in January, as we Light the way to a new Earth experience.

December Ascension Energies – Renew and Replenish

December Ascension Energies by Jamye Price

November had quite an accelerating feel to it. December will feel similar, though in general these months (I feel this in January as well) have an integration energy to them. There was a lot of change, especially internally, throughout 2017. November focused on a re-emergence, a birthing of the new. This will begin in the subtle first (as always) and start coming into physical form over time.

Renew and Replenish

As the calendar year winds down, December asks us to renew and replenish within. The process of renewal is a blending of letting go and “taking” (action, decision, focus, fuel, etc.). The full flow of give and receive is a necessity in Life.

Each moment may not look exactly equal, but overall we are to blend the dual nature of life, in order to “connect it” and expand beyond it. It is the nature of the physical realm that things seem separate. Connection is the antidote to separation. Not just an opposite word, but the core of Ascension.

Connection is internal as you connect with yourself, amplify Love for yourself, strengthen clarity and decision for yourself. This is always blended with the external because all of these connections create a new perspective and interaction of Love with Life. 

Your renewal creates a strong vehicle of flow in your life. It is an honoring of your sacred needs, just as the flower will take the water and the light it needs to grow. Life is wanting you to take of it. This continues Life.

Your unique perspective is valuable and cherished by Life.

Opposites Are Opportunities for Renewal

Areon gave an interesting exercise for focusing on opposites and finding connection in December’s video. Whenever you are creating change, it can be helpful to find ways of focusing or small actions that don’t have a lot of “gravity” to them.

In connection with the spiral imagery they’ve been focusing on, when that spiral is nearing the center peak that is spinning faster and faster, there is a strong force of gravity pulling you in a direction. That is the time to focus within, because Life is compelling you strongly in a direction. Resistance is futile. ;o)

Where would Life be compelling you? Does Life want you to suffer? You are Life in human form. Life is unconditional, yet in this realm of conditions we have free will to choose our focus.

Choice creates consequence, it is the unconditional reaction of cause and effect. As you choose, you are directing your life and Life responds.

When you are feeling renewed and replenished within, you have the clarity to decide and direct your life. That doesn’t mean you control everything, you feel more fulfilled and capable. 

Renewal is a Process of Growth

Renewal takes some time in the physical realm. As you make the choice to honor your needs, even while balancing your hectic life, you are speaking volumes to Life. You are saying, “I’m commited! I’m valuable! I’m ready and willing to live improvement and support!” 

Small steps create a trajectory of change over time. 

Renewal is what supports the blossoms to spring forth each year. What renews you? Could you let go of some limiting beliefs about yourself or about life? Could you approach something that is challenging you with a renewed sense of appreciation for how Life is compelling you to strengthen, clarify and commit? Could you take an action toward Loving yourself in a way that bolsters your ability to Love others and Life more freely?

Life Loves you unconditionally. You are magnificent, magnetic and majestic. Life is compelling you with deep Love to a greater version of Life. Can you feel the gravity of that? What a fun ride! Mostly. ;o)


As an empowered sovereign, you are becoming your own wellspring of Love rather than needing to control the external realm for your peace. The paradox of Life is that as you support yourself, Life supports you more and more. It gets easier for the tree to take in the water and the light needed for growth. That tree, in turn, supports more life within its strong branches.

The spiral of Life—replenishing the self replenishes Life.

As you are replenished, you have a renewed sense of creativity, connection and passion.

Find some simple things that replenish you that you can choose from in different seasons, moods or needs. Nature, loved ones, meditation, exercise, reading, funny movies, etc. Keep your list of replenishing activities and make some time for yourself.

This will deepen your connection with others, and a deeper connection with others deepens your connection with yourself. Life benefits from your joy. 

Thank You, 2017

As you renew yourself, you are letting go of what doesn’t support your Light-ness of being, and you are finding the connections that support you shining forth. When you replenish yourself, you are replenishing Life.  As you are fulfilled, your connections come from desire rather than desperation. You are more able to assist others to find their renewal and replenishment. This is what amplifies Life into ever greater heights. The spiral is the promise of renewal. Are you ready to amplify the Love in life? It’s you.

November Ascension Energies – The Re-emergence

November Ascension Energies with Jamye Price

I’m shown such a beautiful Ascension energy for November. Areon, the Lyran Council of Time, is calling it The Re-emergence. It has many layers of meaning, but overall it is a unification within each individual and then bonds of Love strengthening, as well as an emerging of the Light of Love from within. The spiral imagery that they’ve been detailing lately in their channelings will explain this further. 

Ascension is Internal First

In this Year of The Empowered Sovereign, there has been a lot of focus on shifting from within and preparing for greater connection outward from empowerment. This is the core of these times of Ascension; we are transitioning from third density to fourth density, which is a greater degree of conscious connection with the non-physical aspect of Life.

Because of the conscious interaction with the non-physical aspects of Life, fourth density has more of a focus on the subtle bridge of communication – the thoughts and emotions. It requires more clarity of intention within interaction.

Fourth density, or fourth and fifth dimensional expression, compels a species toward the inner realm, which is sovereign domain. You can’t control the external realm, but you can control the inner realm of reaction. It takes practice and healing. This is why authenticity and nurturing yourself are important, so you are allowing your inner realm to heal rather than controlling it with avoidance. 

Avoidance Creates an Illusion that Breaks Easily by Jamye Price

Fourth density evolution increases interaction with the invisible realm, and discernment becomes paramount. Hence the importance of empowerment, the inner strength that maintains the self within the connection to the whole.

This flow of empowerment is a natural state of development for a species. They chose RE-emergence because we are infinite beings that have “already been this.” Although with the veil of forgetting that comes with the physical Earth experience, we are remembering it within this context. We are re-learning to let Love reign

November eleven11 Energy

Eleven represents the mastery of duality. It is the reflection reflected, a gateway to triality. This November is embedded in the energy of 10 (2017), a new level begins again and again. Here we spiral with a reflection of grace or fear, knowing unknown transformation is near.

The unknown envelopes, the inner reveals. It coils, uncoils, the excitement swelling. The snake, the sin—deception out or in. The compelling is foretelling wisdom, look for the clues. Life begets Life, giving you unconditional energy to use. What will you choose?

November has a special energy this year. It’s power may be invisible, it may be challenging for some. But for those that surf with passion, that ride will be worth it! For many it will be a fabulous compelling to more Love as we spiral into the new.

(For those of you on my newsletter, I’ll be doing a free activation on 11.11)

The Spiral Emerges

Areon has been channeling about the spiral in many different ways lately because it is a core structure of our experience, and important to this juncture we are at. We live in a spiral galaxy, on a rotating Earth, that spirals along with a sun that holds many planets in rotation. From the core of the proton, to the huge flow of our galaxy and more, we are spiraling.

They have said for a while that we would see more polarization in the world, even within Lightworkers. We are seeing this amplify in so many ways, (August energies has additional information about this) and the spiral is at the core of this.

The spiral creates a separation.

The laboratory apparatus known as a centrifuge is used to separate liquids of different densities, it separates chemical components that aren’t bonded strongly. We are at a time of increased ‘spin’ of the spiral (the tight tip) that rotates so quickly that what is not strong within us, is stirred up and out.

Love is a strong bond. Fear is not.

Fear Knows its Weak by Jamye Price

The spiral also creates a strong bonding of compatible densities.

As Areon speaks of this point of our evolution, we are experiencing a quickening that distills each individual into a stronger, more unified being (or the opposite becomes obvious).

During this time of increased ‘spin,’ (multi-layered meanings in that!) it is important to go inward. As the spiral speeds, physical resistance becomes more difficult—people are getting knocked off the fence.

Going with your flow and strengthening your bonds of Love is more supported in this time.


November will call you to focus your momentum of Love and amplify your energetic flow. The repeating theme of Ascension, spiraling to a new level.

Love is a Passive Force by Jamye Price

Weekly LightBlast: Allowing Love

The spiral gathers resonance and repels weakness into a bond that is more compatible. As a conscious one, you nurture weakness into the strength it is yearning to be

You do this in your own life with your focus and choice. You do this in the subtle realm with your resonance flowing into life and your prayers beckoning the subtle flow of humanity. The passive force, though invisible, is the bond that creates form. November increases this compelling as the spin amplifies to greater heights.

Love or not Love, that’s the work. What’s compelling you. What are you compelling. What are you merging with. What is healthy to separate from. Check out the monthly video for some exercises to work with this, and the Light Language transmission is a powerful support for transformation. 

Have an amazing November – cheers to The Re-emergence of your Mastery!

October Ascension Energies – Creative Flow

October Ascension Energies by Jamye Price

September Review

September was a month of integrating the intensity of the eclipse energies of August. Here in the US, the solar eclipse was palpable. The collective energies here have felt fairly chaotic in general, and as the eclipse passed there was an intense solitude in the energies.

Like all integrations, there is releasing, realizing, readjusting—that was September.

The weather has been intense for quite awhile, yet it seemed to amp up in September with hurricanes, fires, earthquakes and volcano eruptions (potentially). This is indicative of the Ascension changes that are occurring, and why Areon has been focusing so much on the spiral and how that applies into life in so many ways.

Conscious coherence is synchronicity in Action with Jamye PriceWe are at a time of increased “spin” or flow that is intensifying our experience. The antidote to this intensity is to go within, seeking inner peace and clarity, then interacting with Life. Easier said than done sometimes.  

Spin either creates more separation or a more intense bonding, depending on resonance. Love, the binding force of Life, is the core of empowered change.

With Love, all things are possible. We are seeing the effects of the polarization of increased spin. We are being called to focus on Love with ever greater intensity, bringing more of that into the world. Which leads to the October energies. 

October Energies – Creative Flow

October brings us into more action, though as it pertains to your current flow. Recently the focus has been on a deepening connection into the core of the Self and the core of Life. Those two are connected through you, the fractal that is Life/Divinity/God manifest in human form. This is why Areon has been focusing so much on the spiral, it is the core structure of our physical/non-physical experience. It is what connects, moves, continues and creates.

It is your inner realm that is the direct connection to the vastness of Life. Your thoughts and emotions—your subtle bridge—are the communication flow that shifts your experience from just the external. This is important as we become conscious creators and reclaim our inherent divinity on a larger scale.

The compassionate ones becoming the empowered ones is key for Love to flourish.

Continuing the September energies of focusing on whatever authentic emotions and thoughts are arising, October asks us to take that to the next level. When you feel positively, what action does that inspire? When you feel negatively, what transformation does that inspire? What is compelling you toward change? October brings action to your intent.

Creative Inspiration

October is time to ask, what inspires me? What sparks my passion, especially as it pertains to connecting outward? It’s helpful to look at this in a broad sense first, then let any actions stem from your loving intent.

Quite often what happens is we seek change mostly from what is wrong—nothing wrong with that, ;o) sometimes that is how change needs to occur. But when the predominance of change is coming from what is wrong, we end up with challenge compounding.

The “squeaky wheel” approach creates a reaction that isn’t consistently balanced, holistic or improvement based.

What can happen as we respond to life like this, is we look at what inspires us, then look at how that isn’t currently available. And continue to focus there. For instance, one may end up resenting their job, which stunts and stagnates life force. From that depleted place, change either seems impossible, or it is a reaction from fear. It takes effort to honor the frustration, soothe the self, and generate inspiration.

Create Change

The key? Find inspiration where you are. Find it in everything, everywhere, in the positive and the negative. This is polarity integration, the holon becoming whole. It’s in your now moment. The future builds from your current resonance. The past supports or heals from your choices in the present. Let your inspiration motivate you to change something within yourself, within your present moment.  

This focus creates change within. It has the effect of amplifying your creative flow with whatever you are experiencing—challenge or triumph.

It changes you. You change Life.

The divine spark ignites a moment, then a movement, then a monumental change.

In Summary

October is asking you to take the catalyst of August (Igniting Your Soul), and the clarity of September (Focus) and direct your life on a path of progression that creates a new potential for the future. Your current resonance is the perfect platform for change. And change is here ever more intensely. You were born equipped for this. You are remembering it from the human perspective, and creating change with every choice to Love. Love boldly!

Happy October!

September Ascension Energies – Mental Focus

September Ascension Energies by Jamye Price 2017

August Review

I was surprised that August was as smooth as it was energetically. There was plenty of challenge going on in different ways, but the collective energies were a fascinating juxtaposition. The August energies (the electromagnetic influx and response) were ushering in a resonance that had a deep effect on a mental level.

The emotional and physical effect in the immediate may have felt like a back-and-forth of release/resolve repeating. It was stirring up some patterns that needed to be released from the collective through each individual.

Did you notice any ah-ha moments, any changes in your reactions or observations? They may seem minor, but that is what creates the change. Sometimes it’s two steps forward/one step back. Allow the readjustments their time to form.

March Eclipse Ascension Energies by Jamye PriceI saw a lot of excitement, and even some hype, but it’s all part of awakening conscious focus so it all serves a beautiful potential. The energies do their work no matter what, because the Law of Resonance is the core of our experience.

August energies were a wonderful embracing of hope and possibility that we will now express with a greater capability because of our willingness to receive. I saw a lot of loving courage being embodied, some through challenge and some through creative and joyful expression. It’s all perfect on this path of progression. That leads us to September…

The Power of Focus

September ushers in another layer of Mental Focus. The physical experience is linear because that gives us detailed and unique experience. In this current time of Ascension, we are evolving the human experience into conscious focus of the subtle realms. The subtle has always been there and we’ve always interacted with it. Now we are graduating into conscious creative interaction, hence the increased focus on our thoughts and emotions.

There are some important aspects of this to focus on, especially in September. The September energies are anchoring the August energies into practical application of our new resonance that was initiated through the eclipses (and more).

In order to change the human experience, we are learning, “being in the world, but not of it.” What does that really mean? I interpret it as being grounded and aware, while consciously choosing for the self rather than just allowing the world to sweep you along unconsciously.

Biological Focus

Areon has channeled about our evolution in so many ways over the years. As I mentioned in the video, part of their name was developed to represent the mental focus of humanity (the other part about Time). To become a conscious creator with the subtle realm, and to utilize the immense power of the subtle realm that builds worlds, we are decoding the subconscious, the powerful engine of the brain.

This month, as we expand our mental focus, we are opening to a new level of subtle creation. They have consistently spoken about the importance of allowing our desires to flow into the world. Our positive prayers and focus are important subtle information that effects the new generations born into the Earth’s informational field—the connection of the collective.

An important part of accessing our positive potentials is authentic emotions that create a clarity of resonance. Oftentimes, things like our frustrations, hopelessness and insecurities get lost in the ego structure. This isn’t a bad thing, it is a perfect part of our evolution. Change becomes a necessity—either a necessity of experience or desire. It’s all part of the perfection of the progression. 

Authentic Focus

Heart freedom and clarity with Jamye PriceAs we desire change, we put information into the grid systems that surround the Earth—the biosphere of information that is in constant relay with us. We access what we are resonant with; by choice, focus or unconscious data. The more conscious we are, the clearer our resonance and flow.

When we are aware of our authentic feelings, we are resonating more clearly. That awareness is a big part of the work, it begins the transformation process. Allow your authentic thoughts and emotions to flow into your conscious awareness and you begin to transform them. This helps you create a more direct path of progress.

If you find yourself with some undesired authentic responses like hatred or fear, nurture yourself into transformation. It doesn’t define who you are, it is merely a moment of recognition that there is information within your subconscious that you can now choose anew. From that space (an openness to the new to form), you begin to focus on the change.

Open Focus

The path of evolution requires looking beyond what is into what may be. Observing what is remains an important foundation. Being in the present is where the power is as you experience life. To maintain that connection and (as appropriate) observe what may be, you are beginning to connect the present with the future potential, aligning the trajectory of your life in a non-linear connection of Time.

All Potential is Within You Weekly LightBlast Areon Lyran Channeling

This is a key to conscious creating, not just positive thinking, but feeling the potentials of the future within your present clarity. It takes practice, openness and a peace that passes all understanding. Sometimes its two steps forward and one step back, but it’s all part of the perfect progression.

Inner Focus

When I was filming the monthly video, praying mantis came in to teach us. According to Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, it represents the Power of Stillness. It is this powerful stillness that allows us to create with wisdom rather than just effort-filled action. Inspired action becomes swift and meaningful because of the clarity of thought and timing cultivated prior to action.

Stillness and patience go hand and hand. Rather than pushing through things with desperation, inner focus creates a strength and clarity that supports adjusting to the moments that call for action or inaction. It is an openness to potentials that allows the window of opportunity to be clear.

The mantis message also contained a specific message of the power and innocence of youth. Jesus has said, “to enter the kingdom of heaven you must be like a child.” The younger generations are those that come into a resonance of information that is the desires of the previous generations.

As Areon tells it, they are born to manifest those desires through time. They come equipped to handle what is necessary to create improvement. The improvement is unique to the individual as to what they are specifically resonant with actualizing.

Innocence in this sense is not naivete, is the wonderment of possibilities and discovery of life through joy. Joy, a topic we covered in last month’s teleclass, is an important emotion by many different names. It begets an openness to Life because it naturally connects deeply with the moment and the potentials of the future. It has a strength of the past built into it, that all that has come before has not only prepared this moment, but desired this moment, this resolution, this receiving and renewal. A joyful moment allows the perfection of the path to create progress.

September Focus

In September, find some time to allow your thoughts and emotions to connect your present moment to future potentials. The good that you observe, enhance it with gratitude and expansion. The negative or challenges that you observe, transform them with gratitude and expansion into new potentials. Use that beautiful mind to connect with your powerful heart and focus the progress of humanity.

As you focus the future potentials into the present moment, your brain connects with the non-linear and creates linearity. As you consciously connect with the non-linear potentials, you are integrating Time and Space within your present. You have always been a gift to Life. Receive that deeply and give Life the gift of your desires so that manifestation continues through you.

Your prayers, your discoveries, your choices allow Life to change. Through you.

Have a beautiful September!

August Ascension Energies – Ignite Your Soul

August Ascension Energies by Jamye Price

July Review

July had the focus of Integrating Time. It is part of this Year of The Empowered Sovereign as we move into a new spiral of empowerment that supports the Ascension of humanity into a more connected and conscious species. Understanding your power with time is about mastering fourth dimensional expression (a subset of fourth density).

Areon, the Lyran Council of Time, say that time responds to us and through us. There are physical laws and subtle laws that affect us. The physical laws are what we see as the “immutable” effect of time. For example hours/days/seasons – the effect of movement around the sun. Your subtle realm is your inner realm. Your subtle bridge—how you connect directly with the subtle realm—is your thoughts and emotions. Your subtle bridge responds and interacts with the field of life, invisibly creating the future. Because it is subtle, it is mutable, but it cannot be controlled and manipulated like the realm of form.

Your present moment has the past and the future in it, so being fully present and empowered flows your energy strongly into your moment. Things like fear, drama and chaos can take one out of their power, out of their present moment. This is the difference between awake and asleep, empowered or disempowered. When you anchor in your present, you are able to connect more consciously and clearly with your subtle bridge.

The real work is always your inner work. It’s what determines how you utilize and respond to the outer experiences like eclipses, influxes, downloads, gateways…

And we’ve got some doozies coming up. Time to surf!

August Energies

Ignite Your Soul by Jamye PriceAugust is a powerful time each year as the Leo energy blazes us into a fiery new phase. I hope you all have a Leo you love in your life—they are magical. Mostly. Like all signs. ;o) We’ve got some really cool astrology in these times with a black moon in Leo, an eclipse series traipsing across the United States.

The Ascension energies I was shown was shown a light zooming all over the earth and touching down for a second in places, gathering momentum with other lights, splitting off, gathering new momentum. During this vision I heard, “Ignite Your Soul.” This is a time of powerful focus into your energy of what you want to create in your future. 

Areon has been preachin’ for awhile about “get YOUR energy into the world.” You are Life, you have a powerful spark of creation within. Use your focus to pray for humanity’s future, you get a vote! From your desires, your actions will be inspired as you participate with your moments from that clarity of what you want.

August amplifies that.

Animal Assistance

When we were filming the August energies, we had two animal messages. The first was dragonfly. It circled over or near where we were filming the entire time. Dragonfly’s message is “The Power of Light.” “Use the creative imagination as a force within your life. Dragonfly brings the brightness of transformation and the wonder of colorful new vision.”

As I finished the last word of the video, I heard a screech. It was hawk. Hawks don’t screech continuously (except when they’re young), so it was special to hear. Hawk’s message is “Visionary Power and Guardianship.” “It holds the keys to higher levels of consciousness. It awakens our vision and inspires us to a creative life purpose.”

Wow! What a perfect message from the animal kingdom! Both animal messages excerpted from Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.

The “meek inheriting the Earth” (those strong enough within to operate from compassion and balance rather than dominating due to fear) begins in this way. The compassionate ones roar their silent Love into the ethers. They participate in structures that are out of balance in a conscious and balanced way and they change them from within, as well as with their powerful focus of Love. Ignite your soul in August!

Ignite the August Eclipses

March Eclipse Ascension Energies by Jamye PriceEclipses offer us a reset of energy. They are potent focusers of two powerful energies for us, the sun and the moon. The two opposites that lead us through day and night such that we connect with the outer and the inner, honoring the full breadth of the dual engine of life as we create. Eclipses occur in pairs of opposite signs. The lunar eclipse on August 7 is in Aquarius. The solar eclipse on August 21 is in Leo.

I was shown two aspects of the eclipse to share. It bisects the USA in a diagonal line, cutting it in two. Separation is the physical realm. It’s a fact of experiencing this reality, though only part of the story. Separation serves evolution as it gives a new perspective. From a new perspective, you have the option of a new choice. Areon has been saying since mid-2016 that we would start seeing more polarization between people. It’s not brand new, but I’d say we’re seeing more of it.  Sometimes things have to get really obvious and uncomfortable for people to change. (When you pay attention to the subtle clues of life, you don’t always need to learn through obvious extremes)

The eclipse enters the US landmass in Oregon, a state that is currently rather progressive. It exits through South Carolina which has a history of slavery. I was shown “in with the new, out with the old.” Remember, these are generalizations, which can show you a pattern, but it doesn’t just completely apply. It is not to say that Oregon has a perfect history, or the people currently in SC reflect that history (I grew up there and I know many powerful Lightworkers that live there!). Take the overall generalization (or leave it), but don’t read too much into it.

“In with the new, out with the old.” Build the future, learn from the past. Lightworker, what kind of future do you want to see for humanity? All Life being honored equally? Don’t worry about the how or when, focus on it! The how and when as it applies to you will surface in your heart and mind and inspire you into creation.

Do you see a huge clue? In with the new first. Hasn’t this been what we’ve been working on as we learn to use our thoughts and emotions positively? Yes, of course sometimes it’s out with the old first in the physical world. But even that begins with a desire. We recognize our desire for peace, love and abundant flow for All Life, then readjust to create that—getting rid of beliefs, habits and physical things that hold us back from that. 

In with the new. It’s in you. Live it, breathe it into your world. Be it. Renew your focus on what you want to create. Start within. We have more support for this than it seems. The Light Language transmission surprised me with this. Ignite YOUR Soul in August. Spend some time each morning to focus on your desires for the future, yours and humanity’s future. This is your time, Lightworker. Be present and gift the future with your Love.

These are the times we’ve been preparing for. Powerful times, indeed.

July Ascension Energies – Integrating Time

July Ascension Energies with Jamye Price

June Review

June was an interesting one. With the energies, change was in the air, it has been increasing throughout this year. June brought to light what was within. Hopefully, you found yourself observing with a bit more detachment. It’s not always easy. Don’t expect pure detachment, pure immersion or pure separation constantly. This time is about anchoring a new way and it most often comes in waves. Just keep following your compassion and strength to greater focus on Love.

I’m seeing a new level of empowerment integrating that is holding the energetics of wayshowers/anchors/Lightworkers in greater support as humanity opens and awakens. It’s an interesting experience. Keep doing your internal work (May’s energy was also supporting that clarity) as you strengthen your focus to flow more strongly into the world. We are beginning to live more and more of “Being the change we are waiting for.” Keep up the great work!

July Energies

July brings Time into greater focus. We are living an experience with Time. I capitalize it to add emphasis to its greater nature than just the clock, the seasons or even cycles.

The path of Ascension is about coming into more conscious interaction with the subtle realms. This is a natural progression according to Areon. The subtle realms have always been there, we’ve always interacted with them, we’re just becoming more conscious with it rather than just reacting to life.

Time is part of the subtle realms.

Our emotions and thoughts are our “subtle bridge” according to Areon, the Lyran Council of Time. Our thoughts and emotions are subtle, they are how we communicate directly with the subtle realms. We could call them our perceptions, our beliefs, our disposition, our intentions, our inner realm—they form how we make choices to interact with Life.

As we shift our thoughts and emotions into a conscious clarity, we interact with the subtle realms differently. It requires becoming clear within yourself about your perceptions (receiving life) and your intentions (interacting/giving with life) so that you are focusing toward creating what you desire.

To direct focus requires a clarity and strength of intention. That is different than just thinking certain thoughts or suppressing and directing emotions to manipulate your experience. July will bring more of your intention and clarity into focus as we learn to align our relationship with Time.

Integrating Time

Time is a relationship. It is interacting with us rather than just something that is there—much like the Earth. You know in your core, because you are consciously aware, that we have a relationship with a living conscious Earth. The Earth responds to us, we interact with the Earth. It can seem unresponsive to some, as if it’s just dirt we can move, water we can consume; but you know a greater truth. Earth responds to us (and All Life)—we have a relationship.

Time is also a relationship. It is not just something we experience flowing around us, like the past is done, the present is now and the future hasn’t happened yet. That is currently a truth here. But there are some additional subtle truths about Time that can help us shift our conscious relationship with Time into a higher Truth. I talk about two of them in this month’s video (above).

Integrating Time is about moving beyond just the physical confines of Time and into the malleable, subtle nature of Time. We do this through the rules of the subtle realm—resonance. 

You must become a new resonance.

Integrating Time is about changing your relationship with Time so that you are relating to it differently. The peace that passes all understanding is becoming clearer! Rather than reacting to what is, you remain more genuinely peaceful, knowing all is well. That keeps your energy field (your subtle bridge) more open to change, anchoring your new resonance.

Patience by Jamye Price

As you remain more peaceful, patient and grounded, you’re emanating a new intention with Life. It speaks of your strength, clarity and inherent wisdom. It is different than unconscious fear reaction, it is different than unconscious fear inaction; it is a strength of knowing all is well so that your neutrality allows a connection of opposites that create the new. Much like the atomic structure example Areon has used for years, it is the inherent pull of Life toward improvement.

Peace is Patience In Action

Did you experience at least a hint of more neutrality within yourself in June? It is an indicator of “the meek” inheriting the Earth. Meek isn’t weak, it is those that are strong enough within that they are not flailing around out of fear trying to appear strong. Action, yes. But from inspiration rather than fear reaction.

This is where you begin to see your relationship with Time change. Your neutrality opens you to change with more ease and more speed (which is the catch-22 of patience). This is why the inner work is SO important. It’s what truly changes you so that you are becoming a higher and higher frequency (density) beingness. The “I Am Becoming that which I Am Becoming.”  

Animal Support 

When we were filming the Monthly Energies, we had some animal support I’d like to share. Sorry, I was a bit jet-lagged and forgot to cover it on film. I was shown ants first. Ant energy is about patience overall. They remind me of the saying, “Before enlightenment: chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment: chop wood, carry water.” They are meticulous, singularly focused and group focused simultaneously, and careful with all they do. They represent patience.

Patience is foundational for changing your relationship with Time.

Next a bunny came racing through where we were filming. Rabbit energy represents abundance and dealing with fear. They multiply greatly, but they are food for a lot of animals, so they are constantly aware of their surroundings. With this, I was shown that we have a natural response that alerts us to danger, but we are also supported for survival which we can empower into thriving. This bunny message was also shown to me as not responding with fear when it’s not necessary. Many are fearful right now when it’s not actually serving improvement.

Finally, I was shown doves. It was a specific pattern of two doves where one was always following the other. There was a time that only one was visible and I wondered why the pattern changed. Then the second one came in behind it again. I was reminded of the parable of the footprints on the sand. We are always supported for our growth. At times that support is obvious, at other times it seems like it’s not there because our pain is so dominant. But it’s there. Just giving us the support in a different way through that challenging time.

Strengthen Your Inner Realm for Expansion Areon Channeling by Jamye Price

Life is always supporting you for your thriving. Your work is to find the patience (ant) to keep building within the rules of this dimensional expression, for that is how you move beyond it. Don’t let fear overtake you, you are supported for abundance (bunny). “Behind” you is the loving support that brings peace (dove), first within you, then within your interactions, then within the human experience. It doesn’t happen overnight. Back to patience. That fear response can flush out those that have been hiding, whether out of fear or out of deception. But you are supported, by a loving peace that knows your infinite worth and capability.

The Year of The Empowered Sovereign

As you are Integrating Time, you are discovering your innate divinity—that you always had the keys of the kingdom within you. This is what this inner clarity and strength is about. It is abou8t [sic] recognizing your Empowered Sovereignty—that royal blood runs through the veins of All Life, no matter what some have tried to distort with privileged ability and dominance. Even water, flowing through the veins of Earth, is a sacred gift of Life.

Integrating Time is you, becoming a new relationship with Life. It is you, holding within you the wisdom of experience from the past. It is you, becoming the infinite potentials of the future. It is you, with the courage and power of your present moment, allowing your free will to anchor a new resonance of your sacred flow with Life.

As that deluge of Love emanates from you, the world becomes nourished with Divine Love. It no longer just follows behind, supporting you; it is you. Your actions, inactions and reactions become saturated with empowering Love, as your Divine Will creates the future of humanity. Not through the old lessons of privileged dominance, but through the laws of nature.

As you connect the rules of the subtle and physical realms, you are integrating beyond duality. This changes the human experience from the separation that fear creates into the connection and thriving that Love nourishes. Are you nourishing yourself? Are honoring your needs? Are you focusing your inner realms into authentic empowerment and creation?

This is your Time.

You are Divine. You are Sacred. It’s Time to let that Truth flow into all you do and nourish a new Loving, empowered experience anchoring in this world. Thank you for the brilliant Light you are! Happy July! 

You’re a firework! :o)

June Ascension Energies

June Ascension Energies by Jamye Price

May Review

Perhaps you experienced some emotional ups & downs in May, or were touched by the emotions of those around you. Irritation, perceptual insights, communication glitches, glimpses of bliss, frustration and excitement may have been part of the roller coaster ride of May. April, May and June Energies are connected in a metaphor of the inhale (April), pause (May) and exhale (June). How could a pause have felt so chaotic?!

Humanity is learning to progress more with ease rather than chaos.

May had some indicators of that flow of ease or chaos. The ascension symptoms were interesting as well. Vision blurring and clearing, changing sleep patterns (perhaps a little less fatigue by the end of the month?) and a need for change may have felt like an emotional push rather than just a thought. May was asking us to let the “breath of Life” flow easily, poignantly, and consciously at times.  

Areon, the Lyran Council of Time,  has been saying since last year that we may start to see an increase in polarization in some people, even Lightworkers. Then there was a lot of information around these times being what we have been preparing for. This has refined into a focus on the power of our prayer—our awareness and communication with the subtle realms. For a few months now they’ve been speaking about how the meek are inheriting the Earth—that the inherently loving, compassionate ones are coming into their time of action, the first action always being internal.

May amplified the focus of the internal, the space within, the pause as the inhale permeates, then exhales to renew the cycle. The overarching energy was a pause to focus on your internal motivations that are leading your life. May was asking you to slow down into a moment(s) of rest within the chaos, to allow that pause its ability to replenish and fuel you for the next up or down. ;o)


June Energies – Beacon of Change 

Like the exhale, June is a month that brings change. The internal change leads to the external change, which leads to the next internal change. The circle completes only to continue again. The spiral of Life. Go with the flow, yet consciously direct as appropriate to work with the compelling forces of Life. When the spiral is at a wide spin, it is dispersed, easy flow. When the spiral is at a point, that flow is fast and you feel an intense centrifugal force acting on you. To strain against it would entail a lot of effort. That is a time to focus within and go with the flow, for change is close. 

In the worldstage, expect change. In the innerworld stage, direct change.

Bring your focus into the loving potentials which change challenges each being to embody. What is a challenge to you? We all have them.

May asked you to nurture those “challenges” with a deep abiding Love that inspires change from desire rather than chaos. What you discover as you focus on empowering your inner realm, is that what was challenging before is now just change. Like the artist facing a blank canvas, that “challenge” is exciting. 


Becoming Change

What does it take for the meek to inherit the Earth? It takes a different approach than control and domination, because that begets separation and repression. It’s what humanity has mostly been leading life with, it’s what you’ve been healing and changing through your spiritual work. On a logical level we recognize that the bullies and despots are afraid of change and afraid of themselves. If they felt safe, they wouldn’t feel a need to control others into repression. 

The meek are those that Love so deeply, that they interact first from a silence that assesses a situation as to its resonance of Love. From that connection with Love, they choose interactions that have the potential to create a mutually beneficial, win/win scenario. The meek are the empaths, the sensitives, the compassionate ones—it doesn’t matter their job or relationship, they approach it all with a responsibility to something outside of the self while supporting the self to thrive.

Focus on Your Inner Potentials by Jamye Price

This often requires a relearning of healthy boundaries. Who’s going to embody and teach that? The meek, those strong enough to Love. They are so powerful that they embody a sensitivity and compassion that compels progress for All Life. As the empaths teach what healthy boundaries are, everyone readjusts into understanding (over time).

It often requires learning to give AND receive, rather than allowing the lesson of imbalanced sacrifice to continue to teach the reflection of winners or losers. Compromise and giving won’t go away, in fact they will enhance and empower as humanity begins operating from the courage of compassion rather than the contraction into fear that suppression creates. 


Being Change is Believing Change

To go with the flow of June, direct your inner change with the compelling forces of life. Is it a dispersed and dreamy moment, asking you to feel into the broad connection of life, the vast potentials? Is it a  moment of fast movement flowing and impressing change upon you such that resistance is a wasted effort? Focus within and embrace the contraction into courage as you replenish for the inevitable expansion. 

The exhale is asking you to let go of that which is no longer serving you.

June’s focus is served by releasing that which no longer serves your highest good. What is blocking you from easing into expansion and change? You can ask yourself some simple questions to align your inner realm with the future new you.

Ask yourself: What do I believe about myself that is not serving my highest good?

What new (inhale) belief am I ready to be? What new foundation would I like to build upon? How can I nurture/nourish/relax (the energy of May) this change into being?

Ask yourself: What do I believe about another/a situation/or life that is not serving my highest good?

What new belief am I ready to embody?

As you reshape your vibrational resonance, you are speaking the language of the subtle realms. Synchronicities align, ideas flow in, action flows easier. You begin consciously utilizing the huge, invisible engine of Life that builds worlds atom by atom. You can’t force the invisible realm. You can’t manipulate it, scare it, or deceive it into being. You become the change you are wanting to see in the world. As you resonate with that, you magnetize it to you. It anchors on Earth. The meek inherit the Earth. Those bold enough to Love in the face of the unknown become the conduits of Love’s grace nourishing Life.


In Summary

June is all about change. The external change will begin to reveal itself as the inner has been pushed and pulled into a new shape by the centripetal force of Love and empathic courage. Movement is the name of the game as you begin to deeply understand the power of standing up and standing for Love. June will show you the release that brings change as the power of your Love is released into the world.

Shine bright, dear Lightworker. You are the future of Love. Love will continue to nurture you into greater empowerment as the future yearns to embrace you. In the solstice month, embrace your day of longest light opening you to the dreamy expanse, or the shortest day contracting you into preparation for great expansion. The two opposites meet in the middle. Your heart. Earth is moved. 

Happy June!

May Ascension Energies

May Ascension Energies by Jamye Price

As I sat to read the energy of May, it was clear that the energy of April (and June) are very inter-related. They are always connected, of course; it’s not like energy starts on the first of a month—but these months are part of a larger process that is bigger than it can seem.

This time of Ascension is about us evolving into a more consciously connected species. Connected within the self, with the Earth, Earthly life, the cosmos, and the subtle realm. It is a natural process of evolution in which what has always been becomes known, understood and utilized. It requires moving past some comfort zones, reworking some patterns of interaction, and tuning into an internal connection that changes the future.

The energy of April refined that internal focus. It had the energy of Anchoring New Creation, such that past patterns aren’t repeating with a new façade. This entails the inner/subtle realm changing so that a creation is different at the core. Of course, it’s all about changing you. You are the new creation. May is that stillpoint of connection as you sustain your energy to change. June will be an external catalyst that focuses you from chaos to creation. More on that in the Light Language video (above), and much more next month. 


External Tension Creates Inner Focus

The external experience is one that creates internal tension. That is the nature of change—the desire to grow, connect, feel and enjoy. “Tension” in and of itself is not a bad thing. The “tension” of wanting to be mobile creates a desire for a child to walk. The “tension” of wanting to express creates art. It can be a joyful process. 

The phenomenon that we have been experiencing is that fear has dominated humanity to such a degree that the tension of change (growth and connection) created a lack of empathy, or a lack of connection in order to accelerate growth. As a Lightworker, you are naturally empathic, desiring a deep connection with Life and for all Life to thrive.

What we are being called to now is to look past the obvious and into the potentials. As we connect with a loving potential, we are evolving into a greater state of connection. As we connect with a fearful potential, we are reinforcing a lack of capability. To evolve into that greater state of connection, reinforce capability. Inner strength. Inner fortitude and Love.

April offered some unique tensions that stretched that growth. On a collective level, it is changing. Sometimes it looks like a protest, sometimes it looks like a charity foundation, but it’s changing continually. How do you sustain that momentum? May will help show the way…


Sustaining Focus

The energy of May is shown to me as the space between, the stillpoint of connection, the sustaining energy. I was shown the energy of May as being the center point between the inhale and exhale, as you honor the moment of inaction that feeds the system. It is this stillpoint that provides the connection between what was and what will be. It is your present moment, the power point of your inner realm that supports your connection with the outer realm.

Life on Earth Shapes Your Interactions by Jamye Price

Weekly LightBlast: Find Your Truth


The space between is the moment where you hear the whisper of Love, All is Well, and Life continues onward. Do you feel comfortable in that moment? For it is that comfort that allows the sustaining energy to flow. How do you create the comfort of All is Well? You create from peace rather than fear. You own your inner realm and support that beautiful flow.


Inner Strength

May has the energy of taking life in and letting it fuel you, letting it sustain you. It is asking you to breathe deeply of Life and let that energy circulate through you, imprint it with your energy, and release it back into the collective. What is within you? I noticed recently that I had thoughts repeating that were ridiculous. They weren’t based in reality, the now moment, or the Love I want to live. I stopped, focused and shifted my thoughts.

When thoughts are on repeat, it’s asking you to look deeper. If it’s just mind chatter, you’ll focus away from it with some easy effort toward a more productive focus. Otherwise, look a little deeper at what your inner realm is repeating to you because it’s asking you to heal. Thoughts of fear, anger, hatred, confusion, etc.? It’s just coming up for release, so find a healthy healing focus. Let it out. Own your inner realm. May will ask you, what are you feeding yourself with that whisper within?


Sustaining Your Power

The sustaining energy of May fuels you to keep your focus to take action in the “future” (a moment, a year from now?). It is about inner focus on the self, what you have taken in, what you are sustaining within, and what you are preparing to express out. It is a month of preparation energy, as you prepare your inner realm for the future creation that will form. It is the moment of connection.

Focusing on the self in this instance is about empowering your self as part of the whole. This is a big issue that we are bringing a lot of energy of resolution (re-soul-ution) to as we amplify the energy of Love into the human experience. Yep. It begins within.

We are resolving past the pain of not feeling worthy into the strength of knowing we were born worthy and we deserve a joyful life experience.

We are evolving into the strength of dealing with what is, and focusing toward the potentials of what will be, even as we are deeply rooted into the full experience of the present. The present moment, the space between past and future, is the power point. Again, you


Sustaining Focus with Intent

In May, state the energy that you are sustaining within so that you can focus on your new creation. “I want…” from an inner perspective. What do you want within? Rather than something physical, it will be internal. So rather than “I want a relationship” inner focus is, “I want deep connection.” “I want peace.” “I want to flow Love.” “I want to share joy.”

Lightworkers are generally the sensitives that give and give and give. That actually isn’t going to change drastically, because it is the core of who you are. What is changing is the imbalance of that. Are you giving to your detriment or the detriment of another? Are you truly helping in a moment? Is this moment preparing a healthy future potential?

Love Transforms the World by Jamye Price

Weekly LightBlast: Compelling Life to Form


Each moment isn’t a measure of equal give/receive. But we are in a time of learning to receive deeply and give from a wellspring of Life flowing. To do that, your inner realm is cultivated into a nourishing garden that sustains with delight. That is your inner realm. In a moment of darkness it supports growth, in a moment of lightness it encourages growth. What do you want within, creative being?



In May, we are called to maintain a powerful inner realm that sustains life beautifully. With each breath in, you are taking Life into your being. Are you strong enough to hold your own vibrational intent? In this year of The Empowered Sovereign, it is a powerful time of refining your inner kingdom into a flourishing creative space that realigns your life with Love. It is who you are. We are learning the “how” in this configuration, with the experiences that harvest wisdom.

Focus within, support yourself to thrive, and emanate Love out more and more. You already deserve that loving life. 

I hope you have a nourishing May!

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